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Deep In The Cell Of My Heart I Will Feel So Glad To Go

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Chapter Four

I paced what was left of the floor for at least half an hour. After the first half hour, I climbed back into my bed and tried to go back to sleep. I was too riled up. I closed my eyes and wished for sleep.

And sleep came to me. I woke up some time later when Frank was climbing into his bed. The springs in his mattress were squeaky. I tried to see the time on Frank's night stand but the digital clock was turned so he could see it. I crawled over to his night stand, but my hand got caught in the blanket and I lost my balance. I hit my head on the edge of the wooden bed.

"Ouch!" I tried not to be loud. I lay back on my bed, clutching my forehead. "Why am I so god damn clumsy?" I whispered. "Oh yeah, thats gonna swell...."
"What happened?" I screamed. I thought Frank had fallen asleep. "Shh. My parents are sleeping!"
"Sorry, I just thought you were asleep." I said. "I bumped my head." Frank got out of his bed and turned on his small lamp. It didn't give much light but enough to see.
"Let me see." He knelt beside me and took a look at my head. "You're an idiot." He muttered.
"Well, maybe if you're clock was in a position that everyone could see..." I muttered.
"What? Oh no, I mean what you said to my parents." He said. "You're an idiot, but thanks."
"Oh," I replied. "What happened?"
"We talked." Frank replied. I sat up in the bed, ready to hear a big story. "We talked and I apologised for my behaviour and yours, by the way." I nodded. "And they said they were sorry that they were making it so hard. They also think that going California for a week is a good idea." I smiled.
"I'll call my dad and tell him that I'm bringing a friend." I said. "Right lets sleep." I rubbed my forehead a little and waited for Frank to get into his own bed. "Good night." I said.
"Good night," He said with a smile and he still didn't budge. I turned over and tried to sleep.

Next thing I knew, I was being turned over. Frank was bending closer to my face, he lowered his head a little further and our lips met. He was kissing me. And I was kissing back. I didn't think I would ever kiss Frank but I was. My arms were wrapping around him and he was climbing on top of me. I couldn't believe this.


A week later, Frank and I were in California, lying on the beach, enjoying the sun. Yes we had slept together but we didn't know if we wanted a relationship with each other. I had feelings for someone else and he was in a really bad place. We decided to wait until our heads were a bit clearer.

"You look really hot in that bikini." Frank said. Of course, we had amazing sex at least five times before coming to California and then twice when we arrived.
"Thanks." I replied. Next thing I knew, he was on top of me, pressing something hard on the inside of my thigh. "We're on a frickin' beach Frank." I took off my sunglasses and set them aside. "We could get into a lot of trouble."
"Its nearly the end of the day, no one is around and these swimming shorts don't exactly conceal my..." He trailed off.
"Have a swim." I replied. He pressed harder against my thigh, the tip of his erection touched between my legs. I started to feel myself getting wet. He kissed my neck and down my shoulders. He trailed a finger down my chest, inbetween breasts. I closed my eyes and tried not to moan.
"Think I should go for a swim now?"
"Fuck it." I quickly moved my bikini bottom out of the way and he shifted his shorts down a bit. He pushed into me so hard and so fast that I screamed a little bit each time. I was concentrating so hard on not screaming that I didn't realise how close I was to an orgasm. I met Frank's eyes.
"Don't you dare come without me." He breathed. I nodded but I didn't know if I could stop.

A few more thrusts and we both came. He lay his head on my shoulders for a few minutes. I played, absent mindedly with his thick dark hair. I smiled and patted the back of his head.

"We should get back." I said to him.
"Mhmm..." Frank mumbled. "Ok." He pulled himself out of me and I turned over to get my hand bag. I found some tissues and handed him some. He cleaned himself and then helped to clean me and the towel. We threw the tissues in the trash on our walk back to my dad's house. I felt awkward speaking to my dad for ten minutes, knowing that between my legs needed to be cleansed properly. A few tissues would not suffice.

I went to have a shower and then I set out to make us dinner. Dad wasn't much of a cook, so this past few nights we've been eating out but I didn't really feel like going anywhere right now.

"Whatcha doing?" Frank asked me when he came down the stairs. He had showered too and was wearing a red t-shirt and some khaki shorts.
"I'm trying to figure out what we should make for dinner." I stuck my head in the fridge and found some cheese and some more cheese with goo on top. "We may need to go shopping."
"Why don't we just go out again?" Dad asked. I protested but soon gave in and we all went to a diner. It was a cute little thing and I had a feeling it had been here since the 50's.

We all ordered milkshakes and pancakes. I sat next to my dad and Frank sat across from us. It was quiet in the diner and I felt increasingly uneasy. If I was going to feel like this everytime me and Frank had sex then what was the point in having a relationship with him? This was all becoming clear to me and maybe it was time to stop this stupid thing before escalates.

After we ate our pancakes I suggested to Frank that we take a walk on the beach and watch the sunset. After making sure Dad drove off in the car, I turned to Frank and told him what was on my mind.

"Frank, y'know when we had sex today?"
"Yeah it was great wasn't it?" Frank said. He took my hand and kissed my cheek. "I think we should give the relationship thing a go."
"And I think we should stop this thing right now." It was out of the blue but then so was deciding that he wanted a relationship with me after making it clear that we were only going to remain friends.
"Why?" He looked sad.
"Because I feel uncomfortable after every time we have sex. If we were meant to be in a relationship then I would feel good about it but I don't. I just don't think it would work." I let out a breath slowly. "But don't feel you have to go back to Jersey early. We can still hang out and be friends."
"Ok." He said glumly. "Maybe you're right." He let go of my hand and started walking in the direction of the house. I followed him and we both were silent as the grave.


Gerard's POV

There was a knock at the front door. I was lying in my bed, it was noon on Saturday. IT WAS THE NATURAL ORDER OF THINGS!! The knocking seemed to get louder and I don't think anyone else was home. I said every curse word I could think of as I went to answer the door.

It was Frank. And he didn't look happy.

"I did everything you said I should do and got nothing!" He yelled. I had no idea what he was talking about.
"What did I say you should do?" I asked.
"It was Mikey I talked to..." He mumbled. "Is Mikey home?"
"I don't think he is. Do you want to come in for some coffee? Or Jack Daniels?" I moved so he could get in. He stormed in the house and went straight to the liqour cabinet. "I was kidding about the whiskey."
"You know, Roxy is something else. She's just so fucked up that she can't even think straight!" He put down the bottle he was holding and shut the doors of the cabinet.
"Hang on, where is Roxy? I thought you guys were coming back together."
"Well, she decided to stay in California permanently." Frank sat down in my dad's armchair. I sat down on the couch. She wasn't coming back.
"Frank, tell me everything." I told him.
"Well, before we left Jersey, we decided that we would think about being in a relationship. I sort of had feelings for her but I wasn't sure. But we had sex and my God it was amazing. So we kept doing it. And then after one awesome time on the beach, she decided that she was too uncomfortable and didn't want to try out a relationship. She said that we should try to be friends and hang out but I didn't want that, so I left California early and she told me to tell you guys goodbye, for a while because she was staying with her dad." My mouth was hanging open. They slept together. Multiple times. That means Frank probably gave her multiple orgasms. I tried so hard not to hurt him.

"She's not coming back?" Thats right, Gerard. Concentrate on a different subject. In the same subject.
"Nope." Frank sat back.
"Not ever."
"Never." Frank sighed. "She said she had feelings for someone else, but she wouldn't say who. Said it would be too hard for her to forget about it. She did say that only one other person knew and that they swore to keep it hush. I spent the whole flight trying to figure out who that person might be."
"She's running away to get over who ever she likes." I said, trying to process it. "What about all her stuff? She's got clothes and school work here..."
"She said she would call Mikey about that."

We were never going to see her again. Our little Roxy.


Roxy's POV

I was well aware I was late for work. But it was my birthday, I was allowed to sleep in. And no one had bothered me yet. I turned over with my eyes closed and I heard someone come into my hotel room. I let my hand fall at the side of the bed and picked up my squirt gun. I turned over quickly and squirted, Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tré Cool with water. Or vodka. I forget which. They each had a bucket of water and were about to throw the water over me.

"Gotcha." I said. And then I was suddenly wet.
"But that didn't stop us from getting you!" Billie Joe said and he ran out of the room. I glared at the other two and went after Billie.
"Come back here you son of a bitch!" I chased him to the end of the hall, in my pyjama shorts and wet vest top.
"Thats my mom you're talking about!" Billie yelled. I smiled to myself. This was going to be a great birthday.


After chasing Billie Joe around the hotel, we were hanging out in the lounge. I had showered and opened some presents. I currently wore a Beastie Boys t-shirt that my dad sent me and a pair of old denim shorts that I owned since I was a teenager. I was surprised they still fit.

We were meeting the support band for the American Idiot tour today. The guys refused to tell me who it was. My friends on the backstage crew bus had said it was very weird for the band to want their P.A to meet all the bands, which made me even more curious.

"Can't you at least give me a clue?" I asked them.
"We could but then it would be obvious and the surprise would be pointless." Mike said. Tré was looking out of the window and his eyes lit up.
"There they are." He said. I looked but I could see. There was a crowd of fans blocking the view. I patted my shorts for my cell phone.
"Shit, I left my phone upstairs. I'll be right back." I told them and ran upstairs.

I was a great P.A. I left my cell phone anywhere and I was almost always late with the schedule bringing. I was actually surprised that the record label hadn't fired me already. I found my cell phone in the bottom of my hand bag and there was a reminder, flashing at me, reminding me that we were meeting the support band. Well I hadn't forgotten that, but thanks anyway.

I went downstairs slowly checking schedules along the way. I nearly walked into a few walls but I always looked up at the right times.

As I looked up in the lounge, I saw the band talking to a few men. One of them was tall and blonde, one had crazy curly hair that, one was short and familiar and the last one was tall and skinny. Again, he was familiar. And then it hit me. Billie spotted me and then said some to make them all turned around to look at me. They looked as stunned as I was. I walked over slowly and trying to be professional.

"Roxy?" Mikey said when I came over.
"Oh my God." Frank said.
"Hey long time no see." I said. "Guys, you've got an interview in like half an hour. They sent me a copy of the questions if you want to go over some of them."
"Hold the phone," Mikey said.
"Ok," I showed him my phone. Frank laughed.
"You haven't seen us in like 6 years and all you can say is "long time no see"?" Mikey asked. I didn't know what to say. "How about a hug you idiot?" He asked. I smiled and hugged him tightly. When I went to hug Frank he stopped me.
"What?" I asked him.
"You broke my heart." He said. I looked at the floor. I couldn't think of anything to say.

When I lifted my head, I saw Gerard come in the door. He spotted us and looked dumbstruck.

"Gerard!" I exclaimed and ran to him. I jumped on him, wrapping my legs and arms around him. He was probably even more confused but I didn't care. I just had to hold him. I felt his hands move to my buttocks, holding me up. I clung to him as if I clinging on to him to survive.

"What are you doing here?!" He asked me when he set me down. "I had no idea..."
"What? That I worked for Green Day?" I asked with a grin.
"Exactly! I had no idea." He replied. "Oh my God!" He hugged me again. "You're too skinny!! Don't you guys ever feed this girl?" I heard Billie Joe laugh.
"You work for Green Day?" I heard Frank asked, in disbelief. I broke away from Gerard.
"Come on, Frank. You could at least pretend to be happy to see me." I said to him. The one awesome thing I have aquired over the years: More Balls.
"You know, I had this big speech prepared for when and if I would ever you again, I had decided that I was going to be selfish and hate you but," His face softened. "right now, I'm just so glad to see you!" He pushed Gerard aside and wrapped his arms around me. I wrapped my arms around his waist and tears filled my eyes. I felt him kiss my cheek. I smiled and broke away from him.

"So I take it you guys know each other?" Mike said. I nodded.
"They were my best friends in high school" I replied.
"And you honestly had no idea they would be here today?" Billie asked. I shook my head. "But you listen to them all the time."
"You do?" Mikey asked.
"I do, but I don't keep tabs on you guys. Sure, you're like everywhere but, it would hurt me too much if I watched interviews or read about you, so I avoided it. The music is good enough for me get past, well the past." This was getting awkward.
"I don't care about the past. I'm just so thrilled to see you." Mikey said from behind me.
"Me too." Gerard said. They introduced to me Ray Toro and Bob Bryar. It was like the best birthday present ever.
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