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"Don't 'Hey, Gee' me."....

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Okay, so there's one more chapter after this, so.... THE STORY'S ALMOST DONE!
Just felt the need to share that.
Also, I'm getting the first and second The Umbrella Academy graphic novels from the library this week and I am SO FUCKING EXCITED. I read the first part of Apocolypse Suite, but it was only the app.... :)

Frank's POV
I picked up a piece of paper, and started to write. I put my finished note to Gerard on the table next to him.
I would stay here and wait for him to wake up.

-Three Weeks Later-

Jamia was coming today. She was going to sit with me, and when she finally had enough, she could leave.
I got up to talk to one of Gerard's doctors, leaving Jamia behind.

Jamia's POV
I looked over to the note that Frank had left for Gerard. I took it and threw it into the trash can.
Frankie was mine.

Frank's POV
I walked back into the room. 
"Hey, I said. She nodded. "The doc says he's not gonna wake up for another twelve hours, wanna grab a bite to eat?" I asked.
Her face lit up. "Sure." she said. 
We went to the little diner across the street, and I couldn't help but think that Gerard would wake up while I was gone, and I would miss it.

Gerard's POV
I woke up, not knowing where I was. The last thing I had remembered was going into cardiac arrest in my bedroom. The light was so bright. Was this heaven? No. I was in a hospital room.
I tried to move, but a bunch of cords stopped me from doing so. That meant needles. In my skin. I shivered as I got pissed off, and my heart rate picked up. 
Doctors and nurses rushed in, and checked my vitals. They asked me questions, I answered just fine. Then a doctor said, "Call Mr. Iero. He needs to be here." to a nurse and she shuffled off.
Wait a second- why would he care?! Was he here out of pure guilt, or was he here to torture me?
They all left the room. I sat and waited, staring at the ceiling. I saw people through the little one-way room window. Frank.
He was talking to a nurse. She opened the door, and walked in. She shut it behind her. 
"A Mr. Iero is here. A visitor." she said, a smile plastered to her face.
"Tell him to go away. I'm not taking visitors." She nodded, and went outside to tell him. He shook his head and walked in anyway. 

Frank's POV
"Hey, Gee." I said.
His eyes narrowed. "Don't you 'Hey, Gee' me."
"Sorry." I muttered.
"Get out of here, Frankie. Now."
"But I-" he cut me off.
"Now. If you think I'm going to let you break my heart again, you're sadly mistaken. Get out of my face. I don't want to see you. Ever again. Leave me alone." he said.
I walked out of the room, tears starting to roll down my cheeks.
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