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It's a dream really. You'll probably get pissed off seeing as it has no relevance what so ever, just a filler.

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I really do apologise for the quantity....

...Like last night, they are not like tremors, they are worse than tremors,
they are these terrors. And it's like, it feels like as if somebody
was gripping my throat and squeezing and.....Sometimes I see flames.
And sometimes I see people that I love dying
I can't... I can't ever wake up
Chapter Three

There is nothing. Nothing but flames. They're so close and I can't stand the heat. I try to crawl away but I'm chained to something. Or nothing.
'Bonnie...' something whispered meekly. It sunk into my skull and echoed through the hollowness. The blaze rose as the voice began to cry. 'Bonnie, help!'
Then I realised that it was the strangles sobs of my mother. I tried screaming but only a rasp escaped my dry and cracked lips. The fire grew as if it were at war with the world, making itself as big as possible to defeat us. It was succeeding. The shrieking grew more pain as the fire roared. The heat was unbearable but I couldn't run. No matter how much strength and effort I put into getting out, it wouldn't help. A mixture of anger coursed through my veins, pain and helplessness then took over. I was being forced to listen to my mother die and I couldn't do anything. I couldn't even think about life without my mum, she is my everything. She will always be the most significant thing in my life and I'd give her up for nothing! She was there when I was bullied when I was 7. She was there when Dad was put in jail. She was there for me when I got expelled from school. My life would be nothing without her; she is my best friend, always will be. Suddenly, fire engulfed the nothingness and...

Wind and rain fell against my skin. I began to feel again: I felt a grainy floor beneath me; I heard water, falling, moving, crashing; I saw things. The sky turned grey, the once white clouds joined, covering what might've bee my only escape.
I tried to stand, and it took a while before I could, but I got there eventually. A large body of water occupied the sand. Rocks were formed like walls above me. How had I gotten here? God knows.
'What are you looking around?' Somebody yelled suddenly, which made me jump. I turned around, hoping for the worst. Unfortunately, it was nothing to really fear, just a girl.
'...A-a way out!'
She chuckled and brought her cup to her lips before speaking again. 'Well tough luck. Want some?' She held out the cup, now only a foot or so away from me. Suspicion crept up on me whilst taking a whiff of the cups content. It seemed harmless enough. I took the cup in my own hands and took a swig from the vessel. The drink was tangy and left my throat tingling
'Hey kid, what was that?' I questioned. The mystery girl simply turned to walk away, not answering my question. I looked to the cup and then back at the girl, who was descending fast. Whilst looking between them, I began to feel light headed. Everything began to spin. I couldn't see straight anymore. I could think straight anymore. I collapsed in a heap on the golden grains as my vision turned completely black.

I'm sorry this chapter took so long! I was struggling for ideas and I absolutely HATE writing things like this. And funnily enough, the riots in England spread to my town so I've been watching the news a lot. I'm going to take a little break before writing the 4th chapter, so it'll be a bit of a longer wait that usual.
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