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Chapter Two

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a bit of Gerard'sbackground info:3

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Chapter one;

Gerard’s POV:

I walked out of Borders grinning from ear to ear. I had just found probably the perfect guy to play in our band. I had a feeling that this was going to work well. I felt bad though lying too Frank saying that I had to leave because Mikey needed me at home. It was almost the complete opposite. I turned down a low-lit alley and dodged the small puddles that covered the cobble stone path. I came to a halt when I found my close friend, Bert. I pulled cash out of my back pocket and held it tight in my hand. “100 grams of Xanax and 300 grams of Cocaine, right?” I loved how he got straight to the point with his rough Utah accent. “Yeah, that’s all right.” We smiled at each other in coincidence and we just giggled together. “Okay Gerard, that will be Four Hundred and Fifty dollars.” That is rather cheap for that amount of Crack. “That’s cheaper than normal, isn’t it?” I handed over my bill and took my stock up of my daily dosage. “Do you want me to make the price higher than?” he chuckled, sticking his hands in his jacket pockets. “No thanks, Buddy.” I smiled at him. “Friends benefits ey? I’ll have to talk to you later though Gerard, I need to hunt down some kid who hasn’t paid me yet.” He smiled sheepishly, pulled out his phone, dialled a number, and let it ring. “I’ll talk to you later.” I walked away from Bert and made my way back down the dark alley and in to the town centre.

I picked up my pace as fat rain drops started to splash the ground. I pulled up my hoodie and folded my arms across my small chest. It took me around ten minutes to get home but it felt like forever in the pouring rain. The rain just got heavier and heavier. By the time, I was on my street I was soaked through and I could feel the cold nibbling on my fingers and toes. I walked up the drive and entered the old looking house. “Hey Mikes get me a towel would you?” I asked him. I started to shiver as hot air in the house just made me colder. Mikey came in to the porch and handed me the towel. “Gerard, didn’t you ask me to come up pick you” I gave him a small smile and he threw one straight back at me. “cause we only live a few minutes away from the town centre, there would be no point. Anyway guess what I found today?” I dried myself off and stripped all of my clothes off until I was in just boxers. “What you did find?” he said with a cheesy grin. I ran my fingers through my hair to get it out of my face. “Well, I found two things actually, but, I found a new guitarist AND a band name for the band!” His face lit up as soon as I mentioned new guitarist. “Really?” I nodded and grinned at him. “What do you think of the band name ‘My Chemical Romance’ as a band name?” I grinned at him and he did so back. “that’s perfect.” I made my way up the stairs and in to my room. “hang on Mikey, I’m just going to get changed.” I got in to some jeans and a baggy top. My Brother, Mikey has Asperger Syndrome and schizophrenia. Mom and I have a handful looking after him, but we know that he can’t help it. Most days he isn’t too bad, he normally just mixes up his words when talking or he feels things crawling over him. When he has bad days he throws things across the room if not in perfect position, he bursts out crying for no apparent reason, becomes paranoid or can hit people if he really wants too. I’ve had to look after him since I was at least eight or so. Mikey was born with Asperger Syndrome but when he was ten or so he was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. Ever since I was eight, I was helping him with his conditions. He is seventeen now and I’m nineteen so I’ve been helping him for eleven years. He has had only four or five friends and they all took advantage of him just because he was unique. My friends Ray and Matt aren’t too bothered by him, they enjoy being around him, so Mikey has learnt to trust them.

I ran down the stairs and in to the kitchen to find Mikey stood in front of the kettle making coffee. He had his own of making coffee, it had to be made in a certain order otherwise he will not drink it. The order went cup, coffee, sugar and then water. Always made in that specific order, no exceptions. Things in his room have to be in a specific order as well. If you leave him alone long enough in a messy room he will start to tidy and make sure everything is in its right place. “Gerard, got you coffee.” He handed me a cup of the heavenly drink us Americans call Coffee. I sipped the coffee and I felt the hot liquid burn the insides of my throat. Ah, it felt good. “So what have you been up to today then Mikey?” the sipped his coffee and placed it on the table. “Well, tidy your room. And I made small drawing. I need show to you.” I smiled at him, stood, and beckoned him to do the same. I crashed in to him for a hug and I held him tightly. “Gerard, what you doing?” he giggled and carried on hugging me. I released him and looked me in the eye. “Mikey, I’m incredibly proud of you, you know that right?” he smiled at me and actually looked me in the eyes. “Because you’re the little brother no one else gets and you’re the little brother who has grown up so matter what happened. And you know I will never be mad or angry at you, right?” he nodded at me and hugged me tightly. “Where’s Mom, Mikey?” I released him as I asked him. He just shrugged his shoulders at me, as he normally did. “Do want to watch a movie or something then?” he smiled crazily at me. He was adorable. “As long as me pick the film.” I nodded at him, and he rushed in to the living room, choosing what films too watch. I nipped up to my bedroom and made sure my stash was NOT noticeable in case Mikey decides to clean my room like he did yesterday. I skipped down the stairs and grabbed some snacks from the kitchen. “we watch the Goonies.” Mikey smiled at and made himself comfortable under his blanket. The Goonies was Mikey’s all time favourites, he knows every line from every character and he sits during the whole film quoting each character. It would annoy most people, but to me, I find it cute. I relaxed on to the couch and snuggled next to Mikey under the blanket. I pressed play and grabbed the snacks for us both.
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