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John reveals something to Paul. Inspired by a deviant artist. (WARNING!!! J/P ahead)

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"Paul, could I talk to you for a second?" John called as the younger man walked out of the studio doors. It was another late night at Abbey Road Studios, and the rest of the band members had already packed away their instruments and left. Paul followed his mate's voice to the side of the brick building where John casually leaned on his left side. The wind wisped his long, auburn bangs against his closed eyes and granny glasses as he sucked on his cigarette quietly. Once Paul met with him, John slowly, almost seductively, blew the smoke into his face.
"Jesus, Lennon! Is that what you wanted to tell me?" Paul coughed as he waved the smoke out of his sight. John stood motionless for a moment, then opened his lids to reveal his glassy brown eyes.
"Paul," he began, "'m scared."
"Psh. No yer not."
"I really am, Paul. Do I look scared?"
Paul cupped his chin unsure what to tell his mate.
"Well, what are you scared of, then?"
John hesitated, then flicked the cigarette to the ground.
"If I tell you, promise you won't say anything to the lads?"
"Of course."
Confused, Paul tightened his eyebrows and tugged on his jacket.
"From what? I mean, we've made a million records and toured half the world. You've got a beautiful wife and a handsome boy. Is Cyn seeing another man?"
"What about Jules? Is he okay?"
"He's fine," he sighed as his mate started leaning against the wall, too.
"Who are you afraid of rejection from?" Paul asked raising an eyebrow.
"You, Paulie."
Paul stood up dumbfounded. John's head sunk with embarrassment.
"Why would I reject you? After all, you are me best mate and you know I love you. Always have and always will."
John lifted his head up.
"Will you still love me after I do this?"
And with that said, John leaned closer and kissed his mate's cheek. Paul thought nothing of it until John started planting multiple kisses on both cheeks, his neck, his earlobe, his nose, the corner of his mouth, and finally on his lips. At first, the kiss on his lips was soft like a bird's. But when John introduced his tongue to Paul's, he pushed him and vigorously wiped his mouth.
"Christ! You've been bloody drinking in between breaks, haven't you?" he flinched.
"Only a little," John replied as he grabbed the side of Paul's head and dove in for another kiss on the cheek. This time, he pushed Paul to the wall while Paul tried to think of what to say, if he could say anything at all that is. He worried that if John continued kissing him, someone might see them, or worse, the police would get involved. He had to admit John's kisses weren't any worse than a bird's, but he felt like he shouldn't be doing this. Even if he kind of liked it. He tried shoving John off again, but failed.
"John! Please stop. You're overwhelming me, mate!" he struggled. "W-what about Cynthia?"
"Fuck her," John gasped. "She doesn't need to know." He continued kissing him inching closer to his mouth again.
"But, what about Julian? What would he think if he knew you kissed his uncle?"
"He'll understand when he's older."
Paul paused.
"And, me? What about my feelings, John?" John lifted his head. The two of them were face to face, but John's knee stood in between Paul's shacking legs.
"Paul, ye said ye loved me no matter what. Well, this is how I am, luv! I’m fuckin' crazy for you! From the day we met, I fell in love with ye."
Too shocked to say anything right away, Paul let out a huge breath he had been holding in and thought for a moment while he could.
"I'm sorry, John. It's just that, it's not fair for either of us, y'know? You've got a family, a band, a reputation to keep up. Me, I've got a girlfriend, a career, and a reputation as well. We can't go on like this. Would if someone sees us? Tells on us? Y'know, we could get into serious trouble."
John looked away for a few minutes speechless. His grip loosened a tad, but he didn't completely let go.
John looked at Paul solemnly.
"Does this mean I'm being rejected?"
Paul gazed into his best mate's eyes. He knew he had hurt him and might have ended something beautiful between the two of them. He also knew he couldn't play games with John's heart, or his own. If he said yes, he might lose him and their friendship. If he said no, he might never want to leave those precious brown eyes and luscious lips that he now hungered for. It's just not fair, he thought.
"Paul, I know it's not fair for the both of us, but I can't deny me feelings for ye any longer. I mean, let's face it. Me marriage is coming apart. Cyn and I aren't kids anymore. An', ye bloody well know you and Jane aren't going to walk down the aisle together. Our relationships with our birds are coming to a close. The flames are fucking dying, son."
Paul's composure softened. He knew John was right.
"We need someone new in our lives. Someone we can truly love and know we'll be truly loved back. Someone we can trust until the end of time. You've never trusted in anyone but me. And, I've never trusted anyone like I've trusted you, Macca. You're me best mate," he kissed Paul's left cheek, "me writing partner," then his other cheek, "me companion," his nose, "and me," and, leaning in so his nose brushed the tip of Paul's, "soulmate."
Paul closed his eyes, and John planted one final kiss on the younger man's lips just like he did when he started out. This time, Paul kissed him back. The words John had told him filled his heart with so much love that he didn't care if it was his best mate he was kissing. Actually, he liked that he was kissing his best mate. Who better to kiss than someone who knew him inside and out? It felt like he had been hiding this incredible, unknown feeling in his heart for so long, and John finally found it.
When John backed away, they smiled and wrapped their arms around each other in a warmhearted hug.
"I love you," John smiled at his best mate.
"I love you, too," Paul smiled back with the most love for John he had felt than ever before. They stood for a while, just holding each other. Neither of them talked for there were no words needed to describe how they felt.

(A/N Wasn't sure exactly where this was going when I started this one. :P Lol I actually wrote this based off of a deviant artist's piece waaayyyyyyyy back in the day [I would write for deviantart, but didn't 'ave much luck uploading stories on it. -___-' Alas, I am on ficwad.]. Hope it's not too soon to post another story up! I couldn't wait much longer to get it out to be completely honest. Lol! Feel free to tell me what ye think of it! ^_^)
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