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|{Everybody Hurts|}

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About ten years ago, a young girl named Mizuki faced the Homunculi, without any signs of fear. She couldn't and wouldn't cower under them. She was strong and it was about time she showed them. She ...

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- Mizuki

"What's your name, brat?" he asked, squezzing my arm harder making my bone crack. I didn't recoil or show any signs of being in pain, I was not going to show weakness. I was tired of being looked down on, I was strong. It was about time I showed it. I looked up at him blankly, then, with a glint in my eyes, I replied; "I am not allowed to talk to strangers."

The tall brute shot me a menacing glare, I did not cower. This man wouldn't get the pleasure of seeing me frighten, though I was. The tall brute then scoffed when I showed no reaction, a funny noise that made me giggle, though it was not really a time to be laughing. He rolled his viloet eyes, to me he looked as if he was possessed or something.

"Tell me your name, that's all I want to know, you filthy booger pickin' brat." he growled.

"What's your name?" I countered.

".... William."

"William." I repeated, liking the way it sounded. "My name is... Tatsuki." I answered with a mischevious grin, trying to ignore the pain in my arm, it felt as if it was being burned from the inside and it was going to explode; my arm guts flying all over the place. The thought made me go queasy.

"Hm, nice to meet ya." William muttered, then shot me a psychotic grin. He let go of my arm for a second and I found myself kickin' the tall brute in the shin and running away as fast as my tiny legs could take me. It was my chance to get away, I heard William grunt but didn't hear him come after me. I didn't turn around. I never did.

I ran past the beautiful young woman, the short fat bald man who was still asking if he could eat me, (I shuddered when I glanced over at him) and the soft-spoken lady who watched me with worried orbs. My heart pounded against my rib cage at the sudden adreliene rush, my ears were filled by sudden psychotic laughing. William's voice rang in my ears then.

"You can run all ya want filthy brat, but you can't hide." Then he continued his maniac laughing. I understood that, I had spent my enitre life running away, something I would soon find out. At the moment though, I wasn't scared.

Just disturbed.
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