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Anko has always respected Orochimaru, in a twisted sort of way. When will he return the favor? [OroAn, loli] Done for the Livejournal community "Fic on Demand".

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a Naruto fanfiction by Sir Psycho Sexy

A/N: R for lolicon and not-so-graphic descriptions of oral sex. Also mentions OroSasu (but it's only there a little). Done for the "Fic on Demand" community at Livejournal.

She felt it again, the soreness on the back of her neck, the constant reminder of her past, her oddly idyllic- or so she thought- life with her sensei. She had always done her damnedest to fight back against him, to prove her strength to him.

Of course, if she was a good girl, she would get her reward- perchance his doing some activity that she liked but her sensei wasn't fond of, perchance having her lay down and have his tongue crawl up her five-year-old thigh as she squirmed and giggled a bit due to the tickling sensation. If she was really lucky, her sensei would gently peel back her panties with that very same tongue and play with what was underneath. Anko had no idea that this was remotely sexual until she was older; all she knew as a child was that it felt good, and it was somehow some mystical proof of her usefulness to Orochimaru.

He had quit when she was fifteen or so, about the age when he had placed the seal upon her neck, expecting her to die and be useless to him. But, no, Anko had other plans, and Orochimaru should have known better; even as a small child, she was uppity and had to have her own way. Her strength of body and mind was the most charming part of her personality, but it was something to be contained at all costs after it had been proven too much for Orochimaru to quash entirely.

Orochimaru had his former student backed down into a corner, quivering in pain, but trying with all her might to fight it. She had just seen Uchiha Sasuke receive the very same mark; she felt simultaneously sorry for the boy and jealous of his new position as Orochimaru's new sex toy.

"'ve seen the boy. Jealous, aren't we?" he hissed.

Anko knew it was true; she had wanted that piece of her childhood back. She had always refused to see herself as a victim, because that was what she wanted: to be regarded by her sensei in some fashion, even if it was purely physical. Still she was waiting for another sort of acknowledgement, and right now he was starting to piss her off. "Shut up."

Anko struggled to her feet. No longer was she going to be a nice, juicy rat to be dangled in front of a poisonous snake, even though she was addicted to the warmth and safety inside its belly. She let her flying snake jutsu loose, along with a backup shuriken disguised as one of the snakes.

Unsurprisingly, Orochimaru stretched his body out as one would stretch a piece of chewing gum to effortlessly dodge her attacks. Before she prepared the second volley, he said: "I must say, you are a very resilient pet."

Anko smiled very faintly, knowing that her sensei had finally acknowledged her verbally after all this time, as she gave chase to him into the Forest of Death to see if his words were really true, or just something uttered with a forked tongue.

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