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ficwad deleted the whole first chapter ¬¬

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FUCKING ficwad deleted the whole first chapter and it was really long. basically what happens is mikey and jake meet when mikey moves school but doesn't move house. mikey's dad beats him. lily is jake's mom and alison is his sister. and mikey just got a call from the parent-place and found out that his real dad is pete wentz. fuck you ficwad.

We pelted back to the car to drive home. Jake got in and we sped back to his house, babbling all the way about how we were going to meet Fall Out Boy and how I had a real dad for once. Even if we'd never met before. Tumbling out the car and falling in the front door, Jake ran over to his mom and waved the paper in her face yelling fragments of the story. She started telling him to calm down, just basically adding to the noise he was making. Then Ali came in and started yelling stuff too. No one was listening, they were all just making dull noise.
'Shut up everyone!' I shouted making them all fall silent and stare at me. I was pretty jumpy and I don't like yelling. 'This is what's happened: I found out my father wasn't my real dad, and we just got back from the place where they tell you the names of your real parents. Now we found out who it is, but it's someone famous.' I explained calmly. Jakey was smiling at me looking kind of proud.
'Wow. Jesus who is it? Ooh is it Billie Joe Armstrong? I LOVE him!' Ali squealed after a couple of moments of silence. Lily shoved past her two kids and came to hug me.
'Oh you poor thing! Imagine finding out your dad isn't really your dad! Are you okay, precious?' she sang in her motherly, sing-song voice. I nodded and she sat me down on the sofa with her hand on my forehead. Jakey told Ali it was Pete while Lily was pouring over me, and Ali sat next to me taking my hand.
'Can I meet him?' I laughed at that. I don't know why, it was just funny to me.
''After i've met him, babe!' I said laughing and she hit my shoulder playfully and gave me a look. Lily came over with a mug of tea and Jakey asked her to sit down.
'Listen mom, I know Mikey wants to go meet him, and I want to go with him. Can I?'
She opened her mouth to say something [probably in protest] but closed it and sighed. She tilted her head a little and looked at me.
'I knew you'd be the one to take my baby away from me.' she said in a different voice. It was strong yet sad, like she knew her boy was all grown up. Jake smiled at his mom and hugged her tightly, nearly lifting her off the ground. I smiled too, I felt sorry for her a bit, but i'm sure she knew it had to happen one day. I stood up and she took me in her warm, comforting arms. She let me go and Held me by my shoulders while looking me up and down. She hugged me again and whispered, 'You take care of him. And make sure he takes care of you.' I really did love that woman, she was so... motherly. Like protective and friendly to everyone, but would kill anyone in a heartbeat if they upset one of her babies. I totally admired that.
Jake ran upstairs to his room, stopping halfway to make sure I was behind him, and started to pack. I felt now was the best time to tell him something i'd been hiding in the back of my mind.
'What if he doesn't want me?' I said just loud enough so he'd hear me. He stopped suddenly and turned around to face me.
'Baby, you are the most special person i've ever met. I can't imagine a single person who wouldn't take you in as their own in two seconds. Especially Pete Wentz, I mean he seems like a cool guy, right?' I nodded trying to fight back the tears I felt coming. He walked over and tilted my chin up for me to look at him. I didn't, but I felt him staring at me. I tear ran down my face, and he wiped it away with his thumb. 'Baby please don't worry. I'm going to be with you the whole time. I know he'll love you as much as I do.' he sighed. 'I know what you've been through, but I don't know how much. It's perfectly fine not to feel wanted, but just know that no matter what - i'll always love you more than anyone else on this earth.' I smiled and looked up at him. His worried face smiled too and I moved into his muscular chest, breathing in his smell and just savouring the warmth. He hummed a Fall Out Boy song and I listened to the vibrations in his chest. We swayed slightly and I just got lost in the moment. I knew he'd never love me much as I love him, though. He'd saved me from my shit life and given me a whole new one with his family. I loved him so much it was unbelievable. We stood in that embrace for what felt like two seconds but must have been half an hour because Lily burst in and looked worried.
'Mom...' groaned Jakey.
'Oh shut up darling.' she said, making me giggle. 'Have you called Pete yet? Just to let him know that he's got a son, you know.' I shook my head and she handed me the phone. She lingered for a second, but Jakey made a gesture and she rolled her eyes and left.
'Do you still have that piece of paper?' he fumbled over himself, feeling in all his pockets. He finally pulled it out, all crumpled, and handed it too me. I dialled the number and Jakey went downstairs to do something, giving me privacy. I listened to the dial tone for what felt like an age. Just before the last ring, I heard a very out of breath voice answer.
'Huh! Made it! Hello?' I was almost too nervous to say anything.
'Um hi. You don't know me, my name's Mikey. I just found out the other day that... you're, well... my dad.'
'Wh-what? I don't have a son. I mean it would be great if I did, but I don't remember having one...'
'Well you and my mom got together a long time ago. She had me, then married my father. Well, my fake father. And I only found out the other day that he was fake, and we took the sheet with my real dad's details on it and... well it led me to you.' there were a couple of moments of silence. 'Look, I completely understand if you don't want to hear from me ever again, I mean, it could be a scam. It isn't but you don't know that.'
'Mikey, I would love to meet you. I've always wanted a kid to grow up in my image. I mean, if you turned out exactly like me, then I wouldn't be happy, but you get what I mean, right?' I giggled and he gasped a little. 'So um how old are you?'
'I'm 17 and two months.'
'Aww you're still a kid. Thank fuck, I still have chance with you!' I felt so happy that he actually wanted me. It was unbelievable to me. 'So I can fly you out here. Is there anyone you want to bring? Say mom or your girlfriend or something?' I froze.
'Actually, mom died when I was 15. The bastard I called father killed her.'
'Shit. I'm so sorry I didn't find you sooner.' he paused. '...Did he ever hurt you?'
'It's okay. You didn't know about me. And yeah he was... not a good man.' I heard him sigh and mutter 'fuck' under his breath.
'Well is there anyone you want to bring? Please let me, it would be my pleasure.'
'Yeah, um, thanks, uh, if it's okay, I have a perfect boyfriend who I love very much.' I heard him go 'aww' down the phone now.
'That's so sweet! I can't wait to meet you two! I'll book it right now! How's this Saturday for you?'
'But today's Tuesday.' I said incredulously at him actually following through with the meeting up thing.
'Sooner?' he said hopefully. 'How about I get you out here tomorrow lunch time?'
'Jeez yeah that would be amazing! Fuck thank you! I never thought you'd actually want to meet me.'
'What kind of heartless bastard wou-' he broke off and cleared his throat. 'So, um, get packing and i'll arrange everything. Can I call you at this number to tell you the time of the flight in a bit?' I had started to cry now, I was so happy. I know it sounds stupid but I was about to have a dad for the first time in my life.
'Yeah. Thanks.' I choked out and sniffled a little bit.
'Aw please don't you'll make me...' he said and went all high on the 'me' at the end.
'I'm not!' I insisted through a high pitched whine. We laughed and he said goodbye and he'll talk to me in five minutes.
I hung up after saying bye and shouted Jakey's name. I heard feet pound up the stairs followed by 'be careful's from Lily. He burst in and hugged me.
'What did he say?' He asked frantically, his chin hitting my head as he spoke.
'He's calling back in five minutes to give us the time of the flight we're going on to meet him tomorrow.'
'HOLY SHIT!' he yelled and picked me up in a hug. He kissed me and we started full on making out. He kicked the door shut and we moved over to the bed. The lights were on and I asked him to put them out.
'Why? I want to see you, baby.' he said and kissed me again.
'Please?' I said knowing that always got to him. He groaned and got up to flick them off. I'd sat up and he lay me back down again. He pulled my shirt off over my head and threw it to the floor. I moved my hands up his chest and he pulled his shirt off too. I reached down to his jeans belt buckle and undid it quickly. He did the same for me and we were both just in our boxers. I could feel his erection against the inside of my thigh, rubbing up and down through the fabric. He pulled my waistband down and stroked it a couple of times before moving to between my legs and putting his mouth down over my dick. It was like it was my first time again. I know it wasn't, but it was my first time with someone I was in love with, so I guess that counts for something. I was in such pleasure from the way he worked his tongue around me. Just when I was about to come, he came back up to my mouth and grinned at my heaving chest. He leaned down and kissed my worst scars. It was sweet, like him saying he accepted I was that way. Like all torn up. Then he reached over to the bedside table and pulled out a bottle of something. I recognised it as lube.
'You had that?' I panted.
'No,' he laughed 'It was awkward as fuck when Ali gave it to me telling me i'd need it.' We laughed and he squeezed some into his hand. He rubbed it over two fingers and pushed them inside me. I gasped as he curled them and then pulled them out. I watched him bathed in street-light orange as he rubbed some over the top of his fully erect member. He wiped his hand and intertwined his fingers with mine. He leant down so his face was close to mine. I could feel his breath on my face, all warm and wet.
'You ready?' I nodded slowly and he pushed a bit in. I moaned and he put more and more in until I thought I couldn't take it. He pulled out to his tip and thrust in again. He went at a slow rhythm, making me ride out the pleasure until the last second. He was panting as hard as I was, and we were both sweating. He put his hand to my throat and choked me a little. It's embarrassing to say, but I have a weird thing for getting choked. Not to the point of actually choking, but just enough to show control over me. Like he was making me his. I moaned his name, making him pick up his pace. Every time I said his name, he got more turned on.
'Oh fuck Jakey, right there' I moaned and he was slapping his hips against mine hard. It was amazing. I'd never felt anything like it even after the hundred's i'd fucked. But I wasn't fucking Jake, we were having sex because we loved eachother. That made it SO much better. After a few more pushes, he came inside of me, his whole body tensing and shuddering with every wave that rushed over him. I came just after, spilling all over my stomach. We rode it out together then just relaxed. He panted heavily and so did I. Once his breathing was kind of normal again after about 5 minutes, he went down and licked my cum up like a dog. He came up to kiss me and I tasted myself on his tongue. I didn't mind though. I fell asleep in his arms and we drifted off straight away.
The next day, we woke up an hour late for school, but then remembered what was happening today. I was going to meet not only Pete Wentz, but my dad. I looked at the clock and groaned as I got up. I felt Jakey's hands around my chest trying to pull me back down, murmuring 'No 5 more minutes - it's sunday.' I giggled a little, which made him smile, and kissed his lips. He pulled me close so our still naked bodies were touching, and Lily walked in. It was Jake's turn to groan now.
'Come on boys, remember what's happening today! Come on, the flight leaves in five hours! How long did he say you were staying for? Oh yes, a week. Ok then let's get ourselves up!' Luckily it was dark in the room due to Jake's thick curtains, so I don't think she saw we were naked, sweaty, hugging, and there was a bottle of lube by the bed. If she did, that was a very calm mental-collapse.
'Baby we need to get up. We're meeting Pete today!' I whined trying to get out of his grip... and failing. I finally got free and walked around the room, getting my clothes together. I'd gone back on Monday before school for some clothes, so I packed those but it would never last me a week. I decided to brave the house and go back for more clothes. I walked over to Jakey's sleeping body and kissed his head. Just as I went to open the door, I heard him mumble something.
'You're not going back there without me.'
'Well get your beautiful ass up then.' I said back. He grudgingly got out out of bed and chucked on some trousers and a t-shirt.
'Let's go, baby.' he said and opened the door for me. We rounded the corner to my house and Jake stopped walking.
'Your's is the murder house, isn't it?'
'That house where that woman got murdered by her husband and then no one believed it was a murder. The neighbours said they heard screams of a little boy coming from that house at night.' I looked at him. He looked back. We didn't say anything and kept on walking. I opened the door as quietly as I possibly could. I walked in and saw him asleep on the couch. I quietly went upstairs and motioned for Jake to follow. Once we were up there, I grabbed my best clothes [jeans and tees] and reached under my pillow. I always slept with that note under my pillow, as well as a photo of me and her together at someone's fourth birthday or something. It was the only photo I had of us together, so I treasured it. I put them into the bag i'd got from the barely working dresser, and I turned to Jake.
'You lived here?' I nodded and didn't look away from him. 'And that guy downstairs is the one who...' he trailed off. I just looked at him. I didn't know what to say, and I didn't know what I wanted him to say.
'Let's go.' I said and went to open the door. The door swung open and there stood all 16 stone of muscle that was, father.
'You haven't been home, you little faggot. Been fucking your boyfriend too much? Came back because you miss my cock?' he laughed maniacally.
'I'm going somewhere for a week. Might be longer.'
'The fuck you are. You're going to stay here and suck me off til i'm dry you disgusting homo.' I could only imagine what was going through Jakey's head. At that moment, I had no idea what to do. Then father gave us a break. He walked out the room and towards the stairs. Jake gave me a look then went running after him. Throwing all his weight against him, father went flying down the stairs. A series of earth-shattering cracks could be heard along the way, his head bent at an odd angle when he hit the bottom with a loud thud. I was still stood in the doorway of my room and Jakey was stood at the top of the staircase looking down after him.
'Well that's done with.' I ran over to him and hugged him. 'I told you i'd always protect you, baby.' he said with tears in his eyes into my hair. I kissed him and went back to grab my bag. We left holding hands, stepping over his corpse at the bottom of the stairs. Walking home, we were silent. We both knew he'd just killed someone, but we also knew that he deserved it more than most people on this planet. I just couldn't figure out what emotion I was feeling. I settled on happy when we got back to welcoming arms and an excited Lily talking to me about meeting my dad. Me and Jakey went back up to his room and got the last of our stuff together. We were just talking generally when the phone rang. He answered it and turned to me.
'Oh hi! Yeah that's me! Yeah he's here too... Ah that sucks. But the main thing is you two. That's great, i'll see you then. Do you want to talk to him now? Sure. It's great to talk to you too. Yeah me too. Cya!' Jake handed it too me and smiled.
'Hello?' I said into the receiver.
'Hey Mikey! It's Pete. Look I have some bad news, Jake can't come because it was so last minute, but the important thing is us two meeting and i'll fly him out the next day. It'll be good to have some alone time right?'
'Oh no that's fine. Yeah that'll be cool. Oh Jake's mouthing at me that it's better this way because he doesn't want to be third wheel-ish. Yeah he is. Yeah he is. I totally do.... Of course! Wow that'll be awesome! Cool. I'll see you soon. Bye.'
I hung up and Jakey kissed me. He lay me back on the bed and moved his hands over me. I was getting into it and moved my hands down to his belt. Then Ali burst in saying something about getting autographs and walked all the way in, not looking up from her CDs once to see what we were about to do. We both stayed in those positions and watched her, waiting for her to look up and realise what she nearly walked in on. But she didn't. She didn't look up once. Just carried on talking and walked out.
'You know, I could have been actually inside you and she wouldn't have noticed.' I laughed and kissed him again. He put his hand down into the front of my trousers and started to move over my dick. I was hard already just from him being on top of me. He jerked me off inside my pants and pulled my top up before I came so he could lick it up. It was surprisingly well thought about. Once I was clean and taken care of, he just looked at my stomach. He stroked one of the scars with his thumb and I cringed. He looked up.
'Why do you like looking? It's so disgusting...' I said.
'Baby, no part of you is anywhere near disgusting.' he replied coming up from his knees to sit next to me on the end of the bed. 'These are battle scars, a battle you won today by getting him out of your life.' He picked up my top again to look and stroked his hand over the one I got when I was thrown into some broken glass at age seven. I remembered how I got every single one. Every one had a terrible little story behind it. He leant down and kissed the one that ran across my belly button. Lily burst in talking about long distance calls and when she saw us just kind of pulled a deer-in-the-headlights look.
'Relax mom, I was just looking at his scars.' she sighed and said,
'That's what I thought you were doing. Right Mikey, you're going to have to leave soon if you're going to make it.' I looked at the clock on the bedside table.
'Crap you're right.' I said and started to get my shit together.
Jakey parked up and we went inside the airport. It was really sad saying goodbye to Lily and Ali. They were like my family, even after this short time. We were both checked by security, then went to look for the one that was mine. Apparently I got first class or something. We said goodbye and we both cried a bit when I had to leave him. Going through extra security and stuff was terrible. I had people asking me why I was upset and old women trying to comfort me like a child. It's not like I didn't enjoy the attention, but it was just so horrible being away from my baby. I knew it was only for one night, but it was still too long. I got into a second waiting room, with a lot less people in it and a couple of security guards. Then I was shown to a bus with a couple of other really royal looking people. Cool. We got off the bus and got shown to the plane. We were shown to a jet. A real fucking jet. I nearly died. It was so awesome i've never been on a jet before in my life and I never thought I would. It was only a small one so I realised there really wasn't much room on there for another person. I slept for most of the journey. I think it was a twelve hour journey in a plane, but in a jet it was only like seven or something. I honestly thought going from England to America would have been faster because we both speak the same language. I thought the countries were right next to eachother. Exactly why I failed geography...
When we arrived, I was pretty fucking scared. I was left in a massive airport by myself to look for some sort of terminal. I don't know. I was shown off the plane and into a really nice room and told to wait. Thank god I don't have to go off on my own... I thought. I stood despite there being four armchairs and two sofas in the room.I was too nervous to relax. I heard the door open behind me and spun around. There stood Pete Wentz, in all his glory. He grinned and walked over. I smiled too and turned to face him. I was about eight inches shorter than him, so I had to look up a bit.
'Hi. Jesus it's so amazing to meet you. You're just like I imagined you.' he said softly. I hugged him and he hugged back. I pulled away and looked at him. I was amazed by how similar we looked.
'Fuck. Dude you're... here.' I didn't really know what to say. 'I've really wanted to meet you ever since I was tiny. I knew I wasn't related to my father. I looked nothing like him.' he smiled showing some teeth and told me to turn around. I spun round and he grinned.
'You know you look just like me when I was your age. We are so related. High five!' I slapped his hand and he led me out to the car.
After we got by the initial awkwardness, we just talked like we were best friends. It's weird, the only other person I had such ease talking to was Jakey. Me and Pete really got on - we liked the same music, clothes stores, movies, foods, everything basically. We talked and laughed the whole car trip back and then inside his house. It was amazing. There was a long white hallway with dirty hand-prints all over it [i'm glad that was there before I did it] and then a room full of storage stuff of one side and a bathroom on the other. We went to sit on the sofa and Pete ordered a pizza. I put my feet up and rested my head on my knee. When he walked past me I realised we were wearing the same stripy black and white socks. He laughed and we started kicking eachother. He showed me the rest of the house, complete with five huge bedrooms each with their own full bathroom, two games rooms, an indoor and outdoor pool and jacuzzi, and a recording studio. I was absoloutely out of it.
'Does all that really fit under this roof?' I laughed half seriously.
'Yeah, it's home. I used to say all it was missing was a family. Now I kind of have one.' he said shyly and smiled at me. I smiled back and hugged him again. He was muscular under his shirt, I could tell because Jakey's chest feels the same. His chin fit neatly on the top of my head.
'Jeez how many muscles do you have?' I asked. He stood back and held up his shirt revealing the same colour skin as me, only with a six pack instead of scars.
'Now show me yours!' he cheered.
'Yeah I am so not doing that.' I said.
'Ahh why not?'
'I just have a couple of really gross scars.' I half lied. They were gross, but there was a lot more than a couple. He slowly walked up to me and said softly,
'You're my son. Nothing you can show me can make me love you any less.' and started to pull my shirt up.
'Come on...' I said but it was too late. He'd seen it.
'Mikey it's not that bad. How did you do it?' he cooed.
'I'll give you a hint, someone did it to me.' He looked up at my eyes and dropped my shirt.
'Shit i'm sorry. But honestly it's not that bad. Everyone had scars somewhere.'
'Yeah but how many are from the person you believe to be your father cutting the date into you after he fucks you.' I asked a little more harshly than I meant to. 'Sorry. I just ge-'
'Shhh it's okay don't apologise. I can't imagine what you've been through.' My eyes started to water when he said the next part. 'I'm your real dad and I love you even though i've only just met you. You're the most special thing in the world to me right now. I'll never let anything or anyone hurt you ever again.'
'Ah fuck it...' I said as I started to full on cry. He laughed softly and took me in his strong arms, letting me ruin his shirt. After I was done, he went to change just as the pizza arrived. I got it and he shouted there was some money on the counter. I got it while setting the pizza down and handed it to the girl.
'Um hi.' she said.
'Hi. You ok?' I said thinking there was something wrong.
'Nope.' she said sweetly.
'Uhhh okay then. Do you know Pete?'
'I guess not then...' I hadn't been hit on for a while so i'd forgotten what it looks like. Pete stood behind me and asked if she got the money. I said yeah and he went to eat.
'So it was nice meeting you.' I said after figuring out what she was doing.
'Wait um are you with anyone?' she said quickly.
'Yeah. His name's Jake.' she relaxed her shoulders and turned on her heel and walked away. I shut the door and grabbed a slice before sitting down on the plushy sofa. I dropped half a ton of tomato sauce down my shirt by the time I was done. I only realised when I was eating my last bit and Pete was laughing at me.
'What?' I said with a mouth full of cheese and pepperoni. I looked down and sighed.
'Ah great.'
'It's all round your face, too.' Pete laughed.
'It's round yours you know!' I giggled. He stopped laughing and looked at me with a tilted head.
'You know you have the most childish and innocent laugh i've ever heard.' he said quietly.
'That's what Jake says. I don't know how, i'm hardly innocent.' He chuckled a little and wiped my face with a napkin. 'I'm not a baby'
'Are you sure? It seems like you never got to live your childhood.' he cleaned my face and then poked my nose. I smiled and went to change my shirt.
'Don't eat that.' I said pointing at my slice with a bite taken out of it as I stepped over his legs which were now up on the table. I came back in my one with a bow tie and flower drawn onto it that I liked to wear under blazers. Made me look posh. Kind of.
'Okay so, what movie do you want to watch? I've got basically all of them.' I laughed and stood up to look over the massive walls full of DVDs. I decided on one of my favourites: Beetljuice. It was a classic Tim Burton.
'Excellent choice! Tim Burton is my idol.'
'I know you've told me already.'
'But did I show you my tattoos?' he said with a creepy half smile. I laughed and got excited. Jake hadn't seen it I don't think, but I had a tattoo along the bottom of my stomach of just a pattern, and I'd had my mom's name done on my shoulder blade. Pete had already thrown off his hoodie earlier so he just put his arm under the dim light coming from a lamp in the kitchen behind us. I looked all the artwork, it was really cool. He had all sorts down his right arm, my particular favourite being a Jack Skellington tattoo from the movie Nightmare Before Christmas, his all time favourite film ever. I looked over the rest while he explained them to me. Then he showed me his neck and stomach ones. They were pretty cool too.
'So have you got any ink?' he asked. I lifted my shirt to show my stomach one and said I had one on my back that said 'Shauna Olivia Johnson'. I explained it was my mom and he nodded. I always thought that getting a tattoo of someone's name on your body is the ultimate expression of love because you knew it was true if you got their name permanently on your skin. That's why when he pointed to his clear skin over his heart and said that's where my name was going, I started tearing up again. He hugged me to his bare chest and it was kind of comforting. I breathed in and he smelt like sweat and some kind of chocolatey aftershave or something. The phone ringing made us both jump and we laughed as he reached over to answer it.
'Hello? Hey Trick! No he's right here! Hang on let me take this in the other room.' he excused himself saying they needed to talk business and walked down the hall to his bedroom. I decided to follow him. I stood outside the open door and listened.
'He is the coolest kid ever. Seriously I love him already more than anything else. I'm gonna ask if he and his boyfriend want to live here. Oh yeah he's gay. He couldn't there was a fucking mix up. Yeah okay. No I talked to him though, seems just as awesome as Mikey. Come over tomorrow, we're having father-son time. Around one. Well that's when I wake up, deal with it! Alright talk to you later...' I padded back to the sofa and sat down in the same spot, trying desperately to hide the massive grin that had spread across my face. He came back and plonked down next to me.
'Is it ok if Trick, Andy and Joe come by tomorrow? They really want to meet you.' he asked.
'Holy hell i'm gonna meet Fall Out Boy!?' he laughed and sat up straight. I leant over to him and snuggled into his chest. We watched the movie and we both fell asleep on the couch.
The next morning, I woke up with a stiff neck. I lay on my front and stretched. I was listening to the background music of the title screen to The Nightmare Before Christmas when I thought something was missing. Pete! I sat bolt upright and looked around. There was no one here. I decided not to panic and to just go get dressed. As I approached the bedroom where my bag was, I came across the site of Fall Out Boy all sat cross legged on the bed listening to Pete talk about me. No one had seen me so I decided to listen for a bit.
'And then I showed him my tattoos and he showed me his.'
'Awesome what does he have?' said an unfamiliar voice. I recognised it as Patrick though, his voice was pretty distinct. Plus i'd been listening to it morning, noon and night for the past god-only-knows-how-many years.
'He has a really rad pattern along his like lower stomach, and he has his mom's name on hie back.'
'Ah that's sweet. I bet the stomach one looks awesome though.' said Andy. I could recognise his voice from an interview I saw of them once.
'Yeah... he's just such a sweet kid. And he's been through so much shit what with his mom dying and his dad being a psychotic bastard. I don't want to let him go now that I have him. Does anyone know what I mean?' I heard murmurs and little 'yeah's. I turned the corner and stood there.
'Mikey!' shouted Pete and everyone turned to look at me.
'Hey man. Holy hell it's Fall Out Boy!' I said all fan-girly.Patrick stood up and hugged me.
'We've heard a lot about you.' he pulled away 'Please look after Pete for us.' They laughed and poked Pete and Patrick sat back down moving up so there was room for me.
'Hey man i'm Andy although you might possibly know that, and that afro on legs is Joe.' Andy was sweet. You could tell from the second he opened his mouth that he'd been through shit, too. I just sat there answering questions and laughing at what they threw around at eachother. I felt Pete's eyes on me the whole time. I felt totally protected.
'Oh hey what time is Jake's flight coming in today?' said Joe generally.
'Four hours.' answered Pete.
'Ah brilliant we have time to go get coffee and doughnuts to wake us up!' said Andy. 'You like doughnuts?'
'Who doesn't like doughnuts!' I said he high fived me and ruffled my hair. 'This kid's going places!' He said to Patrick. I tugged at Andy's shirt and when he looked at me, I nodded towards Pete who was now slumped against the headboard, asleep.
'Guys shut up!' Andy hissed at Pat and Joe. 'Look' he said and pointed at Pete. 'Let's let him rest. Dunkin's anyone?'
We all nodded and Joe took a sharpie to a post-it note.

sleeping ugly,
we're at Dunkin's at the mall
sincerely, the handsome princes

He then stuck it to Pete's forehead and put his arm around me to pick me up off the bed. We walked out and I looked back at him. How was he tired? I thought he slept. Hm.
We got to some huge mall that was just opening and made an instant bee-line for the doughnut shop. For me, it was like Krispy Kreme. The smell of doughnuts hit me in the face and I was immediately starving. We each got a four box of our choosing, and got one for Pete when he got here. I had a chocolate one, a frosted one, one with icing, and one with jam in it and a cup of tea.
'How British!' remarked Joe with a mouth full of pink frosting.
'Indeed good sir.' I said acting posh, then taking a huge bite of a doughnut. I was sat opposite Andy in the booth, Patrick was sat next to me and Joe was opposite him. They started talking about something or other and Andy winked at me. He got a mouthful of jam sucked out from one of the middles, and tapped Joe on the shoulder.
'BLOOD!' he spluttered and jam went everywhere. We were laughing so hard we were crying. Trick and Joe looked a little less amused. Once we'd recovered. We looked at Trick and Joe. They shook their heads and tutted.
'That was childish and stupid.' said Joe .'Besides, this is how you do it!' he said and slammed his fist down on a chocolate filled middle one and it went everywhere. We all collapsed into laughter. We picked up what we had left - and Pete's box of course - and made for the exit. We found some toilets and cleaned ourselves up. We came out looking kind of presentable and saw Pete leaning against the balcony. We started walking up to him, Andy yelling 'PETE' across the fucking place making everyone look. Then he looked at me and tapped my shoulder.
'First one to Pete wins GO!' He said and took off running. I sped up behind him and overtook.
'No fair!' he yelled. I got to Pete and crashed into his strong frame. He hardly flinched. He wrapped his arms around me and gave Andy the finger.
'LOSER!' he shouted.
'Whatever...' pouted Andy. I put my hand up and he high fived it, smiling a little. I looked up at Pete.
'How come you were tired?'
'Well actually I just watched you sleeping and I didn't realise what time it got to.'
'Aww' I said and buried my face in his chest. He zipped up his hoodie over me and tried to act like I wasn't there. I poked my head out at the top of the zip and Andy burst into laughter. I zipped it down and stepped away as Trick and Joe got closer.
For the next hour, we just walked around the mall talking about everything and nothing. I talked to Andy about comics, I talked to Joe about his old drug habits, I talked to Trick for a while about song writing and stuff, he was pretty clever. Then I talked to Pete about some store called hot topic. I'd never heard of it and he insisted I hadn't lived. We were around the the fountain in the middle of the mall. Trick gave me and Andy a handful of pennies to throw in and we ran off like excited kids.We sat cross legged next to eachother and started flipping them in.
'So what's Pete said about me?' I asked. Just harmless curiosity.
'Ah that guy thinks the WORLD of you, Mikey. You know he's gonna ask you and Jake to move into the house with him so that it's like a family. It's really sweet how he talks about you. He says even though he's just met you, he loves you more than anyone.' I smiled and tossed some more coins in. 'I'll tell you what else, I think the family might be growing.'
'I'm not pregnant, i'm just puffy.' I laughed. He flipped a coin at my face and leaned in.
'I think Pete and Patrick should get together. It's so obvious that Pete likes Trick and just doesn't want to get rejected because he's so into his music, and Patrick won't make a move on Pete because of his low self esteem. It's all complicated.'
'Woah that's really long has it been going on?'
'I can't remember anymore. It just seems like the natural way now.' We looked round at them on the bench talking to each other. It was sweet, like they were in love. I turned back to Andy.
'We have to make this happen, man.'
Only an hour had passed, so we trundled home. When we got there, we were surprised by a black touring van in the drive. As we got closer, I saw the letters MCR on the side. Oh. My. God.
'Hey the guys are here! What shit timing for fucks sake...' said Pete as he pulled in. We poured out and Andy and Patrick stayed either side of me with their hands on my back. I loved being all protected and stuff. We got into the house, immediately greeted by the smell of smoke. I loved that smell. Pete led the way, and I heard yelling and congratulations and stuff. Gerard was hugging Pete and shouted,
'So where is he? Can we meet him?'
'Only if you PROMISE not to keep him as your own!' Pete said.
He sighed and came over to say hi to the rest of FOB. He saw me and walked over slowly.
'Hi. I'm Gerard Way. You must be Mikey, we've heard a lot about you!' He took me into a surprisingly soft hug. I hugged back and he pulled away and smiled. 'Want to meet the rest of My Chem?'
'Yeah!' He took my hand and led me through to the living room. All of the guys stood up and crowded around me, ruffling my hair and asking me questions. I answered best I could, but when I heard Frank ask if I smoked I nodded gratefully. He offered me one and he pulled me down with him as he sat down. Gerard sat the other side of me and Ray and Mikey sat on the coffee table opposite.
'OUTSIDE! If you're going to do that, in the fucking garden. Oh Mikey don't swear.' everyone laughed and piled out into the huge garden, pulling up lawn chairs to make a big lopsided circle. We were all talking at once just laughing at stupid stuff. I was concentrating on Gerard making tell me everything about everything. I had Pete on my other side holding a beer. He was just looking after me. I turned back to him all of a sudden and asked what time it was. He asked Trick and he said it was ten to. We had ten minutes to spare. I leaned over and whispered that maybe only us two should go to get Jakey.
'I just don't think that having both Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance there would help much. I mean, cool as it would be, it wouldn't be just me him and my dad. It would be a load of other awesome guys too. But like... Ah fuck it they might as well all be there...' Pete laughed and we got up to go.
'Hey where you going?' asked Gerard.
'Airport!' I said excitedly, and he jumped up too.
We all piled into the two cars - or rather a van and a hummer - and drove to the airport. We'd apparently swapped Gerard and Frank for Joe and Andy because Patrick was driving, Pete was in the passenger seat, Frank was in the back seat next to us, and I was forced to sit on Gerard's lap due to lack of room. We got to the airport a little early which was good because it took us ages to get everyone together. I went ahead by myself to find the right gate. Nobody noticed I was gone. I found where I was supposed to be and sat down in one of the plastic chairs. I watched the board and waited for his flight to arrive. I put my foot up and put my chin on my knee. I heard men shouting and I knew they were looking for me. I watched the entry to the big hall type waiting area I was in, and laughed when Ray and Mikey put their panicked heads inside the door. They sighed and ran over.
'You know everyone's on the verge of hysteria, right?' I felt kind of bad.
'Sorry, I just needed a little time alone.' I smiled up at them and their tense expressions changed.
'Ok then' said Mikey 'which plane is Jake on?' I pointed to the right one and it changed it's position to arrived. Everyone started pouring in and fussing over me, some angry at me for running off, some just relieved I was ok.
'Guys! His plane's here just siddown and shut up!' I shouted. They all looked at me and I shrugged. 'Jake's here. I wouldn't care if my face was on fire right now.' They stepped back and let me walk forward. They all either sat or stood; there were only about five chairs and what, eight guys? Yeah eight. I stood with my back to them and got my phone out to check the time.
'MIKEY!' I heard my name and looked up. I saw Jake running towards me and jumping that weird little barrier thing. He took me in the tightest hug of my life and kissed the top of my head.
'I am never going anywhere without you ever again' I said starting to cry.
'I missed you.'
'I missed you too,'
I felt his tear drops on my head and then put his hand up to ruffle the wetness out my hair.
'I love you so so much.' I said into his chest.
'I love you more than you'll ever know.' he said back. He let me go and kissed my forehead. I looked up and he moved his head down to meet my lips. It was like our first kiss. We stopped after a couple of seconds and he hugged me again.
'So! How's Pete?' I looked behind me at the eight grown men behind us who were now sobbing and clutching to eachother. 'Uh he's good. He's been really great about everything. He has no idea how much I appreciate it. Come on, let's get you home.'

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