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Roll up -Auditions for my new story !!

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    (#) Syphiel 2011-08-18 04:39:29 AM

    Name: Kiki
    Killjoy Name(+what to people call you for short/nickname eg. they call party posion Party): Bullet's Embrace. Bullet for short
    Age: whatever age you need her to be. Usually about 18.
    Looks: short with reddish blonde hair just past her ears. She looks younger then she is. hazel eyes with more green then anything else.
    Costume: tight black capri pants with heeled black boots. a purple tank and a short black jacket over it. Everything including her skin is covered in silver sharpie marker doodles.
    Personality: quick to anger. very shy and untrusting of new people. She will protect her friends over everything else including her own life.
    Part: where ever you can use me.
    Backstory: Bullet and her best friend Crimson Tide ran when BL/Ind took over their school. they found a Killjoy group but quickly learned that they were bad news. the leader Violent Stripes raped Bullet. After that they ran again but Crimson was shot. He told her to run and they would find each other again so she did. She has been searching for him ever since. But because of the rape, she finds herself unworthy and no longer cares about her own life. She won't committ suicide but she won't dodge if someone shoots at her.
    Anything else?: She always has her silver sharpie with her, drawing new pictures on her arms and legs when the old ones start to fade.

    Hope you can use her and I can't wait to read the story.
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    (#) ZombieSlayer13x 2011-08-18 06:00:01 AM

    Oooh this sounds fun! lol ironically I'm writing a story about my OC and a gang of killjoys. Our stories are nothing alike probably.

    Name: Alexandria

    Killjoy Name(+what to people call you for short/nickname eg. they call party posion Party): Chemical Corpse. Corpse of Chem for short.

    Age: Whatever you need me to be ;)

    Looks: Asian, 5' 1 1/2", black "emo" styled hair with side bangs, brown/black eyes, tan skin, clear complexion.

    Costume: Bright red skinnies with chains that criss-cross into an X at the back, studded belt, black high top converse that have stickers and patches all over them, a white BL/ind T with an X over the logo, black leather jacket with some random logo on it, bandanna slung around her neck, a black gun holster around her thigh, and a small messenger back that carries all the necessities.

    Her ray gun is black with intricate designs she hand painted on it.

    Personality: courageous, witty/sarcastic, smart, takes no shit, shy, insecure about herself, creative, funny, musical, rebel, caring towards friends and kids, protective, stealthy, trust issues, fights for what she believes in.

    She uses her brains and toughness (
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    (#) crazybudgies 2011-08-18 06:12:35 AM

    Name: Erin
    Killjoy Name(+what to people call you for short/nickname eg. they call party posion Party): Toxic Bite. Toxic
    Age: Whatever age fits:)
    Looks: White, 5'2, hip length, tinted purple hair with a purple dyed side fringe. Hazel eyes. skinny, long legs:)
    Costume: purple vest-top with a black cropped jacket, black studded belt, black jeans and purple converse.
    Ray gun: purple with black music notes.
    Personality: friendly,trustworthy,kind,swears,creative,funny,generally a happy person, sarcastic, gerts angry easily, won't let anyone hurt her friends.
    Part: preferably in your main gang but whatever fits i dont mind:)
    Backstory:Ran away with her friends when BL/Ind took over. She took her little brother with her. Her brother and friends got killed but she managed to hide and run away.

    Good luck with the fic. Hope you can use her:)
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    (#) ZombieSlayer13x 2011-08-18 06:20:45 AM

    aksdljfsjfekdlsf DARN! IT GOT CUT OFF AGAIN! I'm so sorry

    here's the rest of it:

    as a wall to hid her emotions from others.

    Part: anything you want me to be.

    Back story: She was adopted from China by her parents. She is an only child, which really helped becoming a killjoy when BL/ind took over. She had no attachments to anyone else really.

    Her parents were taken away from her, and Corpse was put in a "special" school. She hated it and how they tried to take everything she was away from here. She ran away one night, never to be seen again.

    Before BL/ind she went to public school. She got made fun of for being "emo" or Chinese. She only had a small close group of friends. Corpse is very insecure from all the hateful comments she got at school. She builds up walls around herself and never lets anyone in.

    Adjusting to life in a killjoy gang is hard for her. She always speaks her mind. She considered suicide, but then realized there was too much evil in this world. She wasn't leaving without a fight.

    Good luck with the fic and sorry about all this! XD
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    (#) Gerardwayiscute 2011-08-18 07:27:54 AM

    Name-Jasmine Price. Killjoy name-Colourful Shadow (nickname is Shadow) Age-whatever you need it to be. Looks-straight dark brown hair with multi coloured streaks, dark brown eyes that change colour (blue, green, hazel, golden brown) pale skin that tans easily, 5'4 and skinny, black nail polish on all the time. Costume-pink floral tank top, black shorts with fishnet tights, red knee high boots. Black and white striped fingerless gloves that has a black skull and they go to the elbow. Yellow sunglasses and wears a silver heart shaped necklace. Personality-sometimes nice, gets pissed off easily, always gets her way, can break a bone, will never back off. Part-whatever. Back story-she ran away from home when BLI took over. She didn't stay to protect her family and she regrets it. She went in the desert and a group of killjoys found her and kept her.
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    (#) Silver_Shadow_Iero 2011-08-18 08:34:06 AM

    Killjoy Name(+what to people call you for short/nickname eg. they call party posion Party):Silver Shadow. Shadow for short
    Age: however old you need her to be
    Looks: back hair with red in the fringe, bluey grren eyes, tanned, generally wears alot of dark makeup, black or red nailvarnish alot of the time,
    Costume: dark grey skinnies, black tee shir blue leather jacket and red and black scarf over her face
    Personality: generally nice fun to be around, can get slightly annoying. moods can change ver y quickly, so one minute she'll be happy and bubbly, then the next she'll be upset or angry.
    Part:dont mind
    Backstory:she was abused by her dad when she was growing up, and as soon as BLI took over she ran away in the night, making her family think she had been taken. she misses her mother all the time and regrets leaving her behind

    hope that's okay :)

    Silver Shadow
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    (#) Silver_Shadow_Iero 2011-08-18 08:36:50 AM

    crap, i for got about the raygun

    her raygun is grey and black
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    (#) RestlessStars 2011-08-18 09:25:01 AM

    Name : Bliss

    Killjoy name: Radical Reverie, "Rev" for short.

    Age: 20

    Appearance: black hair down to shoulders with golden peekaboo highlights, layered and worn straight, a side fringe that covers right eye. 5'6, slender with long legs. Tan Skin. Mocha brown eyes. Lip ring. A bracelet with a locket tattoo that wraps around her wrist and hangs down. The locket has the name of her parents on it.

    Costume: Black leather pants, knee high boots, red tank top, black and white striped long sleeved-off the shoulders shirt, leaving the strap part of the tank top exposed. black, white, and red jelly bracelets and lots of it.

    Personality: Extremely intelligent, thoughtful, insightful, creative, not easily trusting, snarky, misunderstood, quiet. Doesn't like people coming too close to her. Polite to people she doesn't know, but keeps her guard up. Afraid of getting hurt.

    Part: Whatever you need.

    Weapons: army swiss knife for practical things. carries pepper spray :P zebra striped ray gun with hot pink nose.

    Mask: Phanton Of The Opera style mask but the color is gold.

    Backstory: Parents were killed in a house fire, she was raised in an orphange where she was picked on very often, causing her to become the way she is. She met her best friend Caden where they shared the same personality almost becoming the same person. Caden influences her the most, she relies on Caden for mostly everything. Ran away with him when she was 17 into the zones, but hasn't seem him since he disappeared, gets very emotional talking about him, believes BLI has him or killed him, wants him back.

    Anything else of importance: prone to asthma attacks if she exerts herself too much.

    thanks for the chance.
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    (#) SayThatYouLoveMex 2011-08-18 11:00:26 AM

    Name: Leighton Owens

    Killjoy Name(+what to people call you for short/nickname eg. they call party posion Party): Toxic Vengeance

    Age: 17-Change is cool

    Looks:has a slim but athletic frame (although she eats like a hormonal boy). pale skin with a few freckles scattered across her cheeks and nose. Her cheeks blush easily and she has pouty lips. Has caramel brown hair that falls just to the middle of her back thats worn to the front, with the underneath hair dyed black and black and white feathers scattered throughout her hair. her bangs sweep across her forehead just above the eyelashes on her left eye. bright green eyes and usually has chipping black nailpolish on and usually a bright smile.

    Costume:a pair of denim shorts, with the seams ripped and black pockets coming out through the bottom. fishnets underneath, and black studs on the pockets. a studded belt and black docmartens. has an old blue warped tour shirt with the sleeves cut off so it looks similar to a jersey. has a black and blue dragon pendant, black jelly braceltes, a studded cufff, and a tiny black heart tattooed on her left wrist.

    Personality:Very outgoing and likes to get to know people. Shy to crushes and likes to scare people. Doesn`t take any shit of any kind, and will march straight up to whoever said it. isn`t easily embarrassed. Intelligent although she may not look it and caring to her friends. The kind of friend that has your back no matter what and will pick you up off the ground. Good at keeping secrets when it matters most and puts her friends before herself. Loves to prank . A fighter. Polite. Brave. Likes to be in the action. Not one to coward out of things. Hyper as fuck if you let her get her paws on any kind of candy. Grew up training learning to fight and not take shit from her 3 older brothersn (killed by korse). Likes to throw things at people and loves to mess with people.

    Part: anything you need ^-^

    Backstory: a killjoy that keeps running. was living in an abandoned comic book shop when korse and his dracs came, killed her parents and took her and her brothers. she managed to escape bli, killing a drac and stealing his ray gun. her brother`s weren`t so lucky. she has been captured and escaped plenty of times, and knows how to break in/out. korse knows her real name aswell.

    Anything else?: i think thats it.If its possible can she have a crush on frank or mikey?:3 you can say no.
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    (#) Vengefulscout 2011-08-18 11:06:18 AM

    Name: Emily Toye

    Killjoy Name: Vengeful Scout

    Age: whatever fits

    Looks: long brown hair, side fringe, 5'2, silver-blue eyes, pale, no make up

    Costume: Sleeveless back tee,dark blue jeans, Black converse, black jacket with a blue scout symbol on the back, red and black fingerless gloves.

    Personality: shy, quiet, caring, kind, cant stand up for herself but can get easily offended and will get angry if anyone insults her friends.

    Part: Anywhere is good!

    Backstory: Parents killed when she was 7, lived with an abusive uncle and got very badly treated. Set of in the zones at 11. Her uncle works for BLI and he wants her dead for running away.

    Anything else?: Has a metal plate in her left arm. Is Pyrophobic (fear of fire), arachnophobic (fear of spiders) and Nyctophobic (fear of the dark)

    (sorry if i spelt anything wrong!)

    Good luck with the story! Happy writing! :D

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