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Comet and Pixel set off to Unova on a mission where only local pokemon are allowed...

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"Unova!" The loud voice disturbed all of the Viridian Rocket base infirmary's patients.

"With how excited you are, anyone would guess you're the one who's going." Comet voiced, watching as Laiki started to hand out the plastic plates and spoons, ready to cut the cakes. Peachy had a whole cake to herself, since she was such an adorable little glutton.

"I do wish I could go, I heard Unova men are quite handsome." Laiki grinned mischievously, possibly imagining a hot fling she would have if she were there. "You two better bring me a souvenir!"

"It would be a bit troublesome if we kidnapped someone." Pixel teased, knowing full well that by souvenir, Laiki was wishing for the delivery of a gift wrapped handsome man.

"Oh fine, something expensive and not living will have to do," Laiki conceded. "After all, I'm taking care of dropping off your pokemon at that resort you booked for them."

xoxox xox xoxox

After Comet and Pixel left for Unova, Laiki set off to deliver their pokemon to the Valhalla Pokemon Resort, where they would vacation while their trainers blended in on a secret mission in the distant region. It was because of that secrecy that pokemon not native to the region could not be present along with the Rockets. "Here we are," Laiki got off the car that she didn't remember which past boyfriend she had stolen it from. It didn't matter, she dumped him anyway. The smaller pokemon such as Purry, Peachy and Meteor were riding in the bright yellow car with her, while the larger ones were transported in their pokeballs.

The pokemon resort was quite large and expensive looking. It was a place that stroke Laiki as being odd in the sense that humans served pokemon instead of the other way around. She entered the large gates behind the tall brick fence that encompassed a considerably large terrain. The glimpses at the amusement park style attractions she saw beyond the elegant reception building fashioned as a medieval castle, looked quite amusing indeed, but they were open only to pokemon. The roller coasters and variety of rides were available in various sizes to accommodate all types of pokemon comfortably.

"This place looks pricey," Laiki whistled.

"I'm sure it is not that way for Lord and Lady Ragnarok," Laiki was caught by surprise and turned quickly, retrieving her gun from its holster strapped to her leg under her showy maid outfit.

Realizing what she had done, the undercover Rocket laughed sweetly as the employee who had greeted her, wearing a tuxedo with the resort's insignia, turned pale in shock, his golden eyes wide. "My deepest apologies for that; I'm not only a maid for the honorable Lord and Lady Ragnarok, but also part of their security personnel." She put away her gun as if she was never an inch away from shooting someone a second ago.

"Ah yes, I understand," the employee, straightened his stance and brushed the non-existent dirt off his uniform in an automatic motion.

Laiki observed the insignia on the left side of his tuxedo, it was a Mew encased in a circle formed by its tail, its fur a shade of light blue. It was the symbol of the resort as if to say the place was good enough for a Mew, should anyone ever decide to bring one over, not that they expected something like that to actually happen. "You work here," she stated, "so this means I can leave the Ragnarok pokemon with you? How did you know it was us, anyway?"

"Of course it had to be the Ragnarok pokemon, their fine pedigree precedes them," the employee complimented hypocritically as he had been trained to do. "Plus, what else could the red R in the collars around their necks signify, if not the fact that they are members of the proud Ragnarok family."

Laiki grinned, "of course." She would have loved to be there when Comet and Pixel came to make the reservation playing the part of a snobbish young couple of millionaires, who had supposedly just inherited the Ragnarok fortune; a fortune which was in fact only a product of their imagination along with their fictional family history.

The collars with the red Rs were a parting gift from Comet and Pixel to their pokemon. A way to let them know they were still a team that would one day be reunited when the business in Unova had been properly taken care of. All of Comet and Pixel's pokemon had those collars symbolizing Team Rocket, but to the Valhalla Pokemon Resort staff, it was a symbol to identify them as being better than other pokemon because they belonged to the rich Ragnarok family.

Laiki followed the employee, musing about how a single strand of platinum hair standing out of place on his otherwise perfectly brushed head reminded her of someone. She couldn't precise who, possibly a past boyfriend. After the pokemon were checked in as per the previous arrangement with Lord and Lady Ragnarok, Laiki took care of her own agenda. "So..." she looked at the name tag on the right side of his tuxedo opposite to the blue Mew insignia, "Odin, when do you get off work?" She winked.

xoxox xox xoxox

Sometime later, after the Unova mission's conclusion... "Excuse me Sir and Madame, a bill has arrived which requires a signature." The family's long time butler approached the couple with a piece of paper and a golden pen, both items placed upon a silver platter. The bill represented quite a steep charge with a multitude of digits, thanks to all the chaos destruction the feisty Ragnarok pokemon caused at the Valhalla Pokemon Resort. "Curiously, the bill is-"

"A bill is a bill, just something to sign and forget about. It does not matter, do not fret over it." The husband took the pen and signed the bill without a second thought, not realizing that though it requested permission to draw the payment from his bank account number, it was for the purpose of paying the expenses inquired by a Mr. and Mrs. Ragnarok that he had never heard of. Once again, he joined his wife in the quaint little table with the luxurious tea set, drinking fancy tea that tasted terrible, but gave them an air of grandeur due to its expense. "As I was saying, my dear, I do wonder where that delinquent son of ours might be."

"I cannot imagine," the wife replied after taking a sip of her tea with her pinky finger properly raised as she delicately held her cup. "Our mischievous little James could be anywhere, perhaps even in a distant city across the ocean..."

xoxox xox xoxox

Back in the present, far away from Kanto, in a region known by the name of Unova... "They sure do love bridges in this place." Comet observed, "Not that I'm complaining, bridges provide a nice shaded place to hide out." Comet and Pixel were currently taking a lunch break after a long day of traveling, before it was time to move on to their special mission.

"The pizza here is really good too," Pixel happily took another bite of her pizza slice. "Tepig and Pinap, yum!"

"And the cheeseburgers are good too, even if I can't taste much of a difference between Taurus and Bouffalant," Comet observed.

"I'm going to have a look around, since I won't have time to do much running around once the mission gets to its next stage, and I still don't have a pokemon." Pixel started up the hill towards the top of the bridge. "I'll have dessert later, don't you dare open my box of mint filling gourmet chocolates in my absence."

"A thief who steals from a thief..." Comet grinned mischievously, but stopped, seeing Pixel's rare sadistic expression. "I think Peachy rubbed off on you. Anyway, I need to go pokemon hunting too, it'll be interesting to catch a pokemon without having one of my own," Comet mused. There was a moment of silence as their eyes met in the form of a challenge, then Pixel took off in a run. "You sure you want to fight off a ferocious Unova Pokemon alone?"

"You sure you want to try to interfere?" Pixel called back from several feet away above the hill.

"I would rather not get in the way of your sadistic moments." Comet admitted as he watched Pixel disappear from his line of sight, her footsteps passing over the bridge above.

xoxox xox xoxox

A relatively short distance away from the Skyarrow Bridge, which was the unspoken rendezvous point for Comet and Pixel, the blue haired girl approached a group of Pokemon just off the road near Route Three. She had taken a brief look at some Unova pokemon information and identified the black and white Ponyta style creatures as being Blitzle. "An electric type, just what I need."

Pixel considered her options, though she took some basic training as part of being a Rocket, her primary function was that of a hacker, thus she wasn't as well trained for the front lines as Comet, but she was determined to catch a pokemon on her own. At her disposal she had empty pokeballs, a vital tool for her current objective and no real weaponry unless she counted her gloves and boots for punching and kicking. The smoke bomb she also carried on her belt wasn't exactly a weapon, but it could be useful nonetheless.

The gloves had a metal strip atop the knuckles to serve as a sort of ground similar to the concept of an electric rod, complimenting the resistance against electricity of the material in case she had to deal with overloaded equipment or emergency hardware modifications. Similarly, the boots were a matching set with metal tips over noiseless electricity resistant soles and material, good for sneaking around unnoticed and to serve as an additional form of protection to electric charges.

"Prepare to be captured!" Pixel charged at the nearest Blitzle, a female who gave the unusual human an odd look before unleashing a blast of electricity in the form of a Discharge attack. The electricity was attracted to the specially designed gloves and boots and was not enough to stop Pixel's rampage as she got close enough to the wild pokemon to kick.

Taken by surprise, the Blitzle took the hit directly and stumbled back in shock. Upset at the human who had come to disturb the peace, she called for help and the cries were heard by the leader of their little group, a male of a similar structure as the others, but identifiable as being the evolved form of their species, Zebstrika. The creature let out a stronger Discharge attack, making Pixel cringe in spite of her protective gear.

"Not bad, maybe I should catch you instead." The surrounding Blitzle backed off to leave room for a duel between the invading human and their fearless leader. The angry Zebstrika dashed forward in a Wild Charge attack that Pixel knew she better get out of the way. She threw the smoke bomb down and ran for her life.

When the smoke cleared, the confused pokemon looked around for the human who seemed to have vanished into thin air. Up on a tree, Pixel sat on a branch thankful that she was able to get up there. At least the pokemon wouldn't be able to trample her if she wasn't on the ground, but she was still kind of trapped. What could she do next? Watch for an opportunity to sneak away and retreat? Never! Rockets don't retreat! Maybe she could tire out that Zebstrika somehow.

"Hey Zebstrika! I'm up here! Come and get me you coward!" Pixel let her legs hand off the branch, sitting on it as if riding a Ponyta. The Zebstrika took the bait and angrily stomped over, showing off for the group of Blitzle. He let out an angry Shockwave, followed by another Discharge, but the electricity seemed to be lost on Pixel's boots. "Nice try," she mocked.

Zebstrika rammed into the tree repeatedly in frustration. All the shaking made the branch Pixel was on finally break under her weight and the Rocket hacker plummeted to the pokemon below.

Landing on Zebstrika with a pained "owff," Pixel scrambled to hold on as the pokemon recovered from the fallen branch that landed on his head and tried to throw her off. Since his electric attacks were ineffective before and he was getting tired, Zebstrika focused his remaining energy in jumping around to throw the girl off his back like something out of a Taurus and Bouffalant rodeo contest.

Pixel held on as tightly as she could, putting every ounce of strength provided by her state of high adrenaline into her grip. Her eyes were closed for the most part, until she noticed that her wild ride was slowing down. Finally, the defeated Zebstrika fell over with a somewhat blueish hue on his face. It was then that Pixel noticed she was holding on so tightly, she was strangling the creature. "I win!" She hopped off the exhausted pokemon and threw a pokeball at him, capturing him with ease.

The remaining group of Blitzle had surrounded the combatants watching with great expectation. They stared at Pixel with unreadable expressions for a moment as she faced them. 'I'm in trouble...' she thought for a second, there was no way she could defend against such numbers, there must have been about a dozen Blitzle. Like a Rocket, she glared defiantly as if she was in possession of some kind of amazing deadly weapon the likes of which her enemies could not even begin to comprehend. Then the Blitzle stampeded away frightened by the defeat of their now ex-leader. Pixel grinned and contemplated the pokeball in her hand, mission accomplished.

xoxox xox xoxox

After Pixel's departure, Comet was taking his sweet time finishing his meal, when an unexpected creature appeared in the area. A pokemon identifiable as a Krookodile seemed to be sniffing around the water's edge possibly in hopes of sinking its teeth into one of those Luvdisc look-alikes, Alomomola. He seemed to pick up a more interesting scent originating from the bags of food near Comet in a comfortably shaded spot at the water's edge under Skyarrow Bridge. It looked like the perfect picnic to steal; it was occasions like this which made him leave his desert home to venture into areas closer to the human populations.

Confidently, Krookodile stomped his way over to the red haired human and stood imposing, waiting for him to run away in terror and leave his food behind. The pokemon was disappointed when instead he received a solid hit right in the nose from a pokeball that bounced off back into the hand of the thrower, its red beam fading before it could begin to form. "I guess I'll have to rough you up before I catch you, it wouldn't be any good to catch you if you were so easily caught anyway."

This human was challenging him? The nerve! Stomping his feet and growling loudly, Krookodile waited for the human to toss out a pokeball that wasn't empty. He was hoping for a delicious Pidove to sink his teeth into, but nothing came. Instead the human took a fighting stance as if he meant to battle himself. Krookodile huffed in indignation until his sore nose was further abused by a punch to the face, which made him stumbled back.

With a low angry growl, Krookodile went on the attack with Bite. Comet ducked out of the way avoiding decapitation by a hair. "Your breath smells like Rattata road kill, or is it Minccino?" Needless to say, Comet's commentary was not welcomed by the already angry Krookodile, who stomped around enraged.

Krookodile's claws ripped off the patches of grass that grew on the edge of the land beyond the sidewalk near the bridge above, gaining access to the dirt below and lifting it in a thicker version of a Sand Tomb attack. His odd stomping dance continued towards the edge of the water where the dirt he dug out with his claws mixed with the liquid and turned into a Mud Slap attack.

After making a big mess, Krookodile stopped and observed his handy work. An angry looking filthy human stood glaring daggers at him, covered in dirt and mud. "Now you're going to get it!" Before Krookodile could react, Comet launched at him in an all out fury of hits, narrowly avoiding the deadly jaws on several occasions.

"Had enough?" Comet questioned nearly out of breath a while later, his clothes ripped and his whole body covered in dirt and mud. Krookodile growled defiantly, he wasn't going to let a human beat him. The large beast once again went on the attack, his powerful jaws literally trying to bite Comet's head off.

Comet dodged once more and with everything he had, he tackled his opponent into the water near by. Tired from the battle and exposed to his weakness to the water element, Krookodile finally had enough and could no longer fight back. At last victorious, Comet tossed a pokeball at the Krookodile, which he captured. "That was quite a workout..."

Examining his muddy state, Comet thought he should rid himself of the dirty civilian clothes and get cleaned up in the water under the bridge before changing into his Rocket uniform. Pixel should be back soon, as they would need to be on their way to finish the last preparations of their coming mission. He let Krookodile out again for a while to try to get to know the pokemon as well as he could in the short time available in hopes of being able to better guide him in battle.

Comet picked up Pixel's priced box of mint filling gourmet chocolates. She told him not to touch them, but he had a good reason. The strong scent of mint invaded Comet's senses as he opened the box, the aroma catching the attention of Krookodile as well, who thought that maybe getting caught wasn't so bad if he was well fed. "Try some of this." Comet tossed a chocolate at Krookodile, which he happily ate.

The large pokemon opened his mouth wide and for a moment Comet thought he was on the attack again, but Krookodile stayed still with his expectant jaws apart. As if to emphasize his request, Krookodile pointed to his open mouth.

"Okay, one more, but that's it, or you won't be the only one trying to bite my head off today." Krookodile accepted the next chocolate and in a sudden motion snatched away the box, devouring the rest of the chocolates box and all. "No! You're almost as gluttonous as Peachy." Then again, almost really did make a difference.

Comet could imagine Krookodile trying to steal Peachy's food. Then Peachy would go all out with her electric attacks in an attempt to cook Krookodile and devour him in revenge. Purry did try to force Comet to eat Shenron that one time, maybe that's what they meant when they said Team Rocket could have an eat or be eaten atmosphere.

"I guess I'll have to figure out a way to earn Pix's mercy when she gets back." Guessing that he would have a better chance of that if he was clean, Comet followed through with his plans to get cleaned up and changed before Pixel got there, with the exception of the fact that he didn't have enough time.

Comet was in the middle of swimming under the bridge when Pixel returned. "I do hope you're not skinny dipping," she joked, though it was obvious he wasn't as the waters were clear.

Comet chuckled, "you wish."

After a moment's pause during which her eyes scanned the area and took in the presence of a Krookodile lounging under the bridge's shade, she inquired. "Are my chocolates safe?" She searched for them among their things but didn't find them. "Comet..."

"Well... you see... Krookodile really needed a breath mint and since the chocolates had a mint filling..." Comet began to explain, giving Pixel his most convincing look of innocence and a radiant smile, which could work wonders on anyone but Pixel and her stubborn resolution not to be influenced.

"You caught a pokemon, that's good," Pixel gave Comet a sly smile, suspiciously changing the subject in the middle of her accusing conversation. "I caught a pokemon too," she released Zebstrika from his pokeball, "and he's all rested up after taking a nap in his pokeball..."

Comet suddenly had the sinking feeling that he should really get out of the water...

"Shock Wave!"


Disclaimer, I don't own Pokemon, only Comet and Pixel are mine, minus the Team Rocket concepts, which belong to Nintendo. This story is based on Nafatali's Inheritance series, specifically Volume 7: Black and White. It takes place before Comet and Pixel's appearance there.

Comet and Pixel's fake identity as Lord and Lady Ragnarok is a reference to Norse Mythology, as is the name of the vacation spot, Valhalla Pokemon Resort and the employee's name, Odin. The yellow car wasn't a reference to anyone specifically, but the observation about Odin's hair was a reference to Rex, one of Laiki's ex's who appears in Don't Give Me Diamonds. Pixel is eating the Unova equivalent to a ham and pineapple topping pizza. The scene where Purry attempts to make Comet swallow his Gyarados is also in Diamonds.
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