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Dramatis Personae

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Deceit and delusion lead to deaths. Frerard.

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I'm hoping this'll make things less confusing in the future.

Setting: 14th century medieval Europe

A wealthy family of lords and noblemen residing in the Bryar Manor.

A relatively poor family, consisting of mostly farmers and serfs. The two sons, Gerard and Michael, serve Seigneur Bryar by tending to his large amount of livestock.

Another poor family, living under conditions much like the Ways. However, Frank has a talent for music that caught the attention of the king. Therefore he works as the king's minstrel and lives in the castle away from the rest of his familiy.

The royal family. King Toro is widowed and rules the kingdom alone. His wife died in childbirth and he never remarried. His sons Alexander, Louis, and Raymond are first, second, and third in line for the throne. Vincent, the king's nephew, is his last blood-related successor.

I know that Ray has two older brothers; one is named Lou and that's where I got Louis. However, I have no idea who the other one is so I just named him Alexander. I don't think anyone knows much about "Alexander" but if you do, please let me know what his real name is so I can change it.
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