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Chapter Eight

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Kobra wakes up find something terribly wrong.

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I was the first to wake up the next morning and I instantly saw that something was wrong. For a start, someone should always be awake no matter what time it is. I checked my digital watch that Missile Kid and I had hacked from the BLI vending machine yesterday. Seven am. The person on guard should be waking us up now…
The person I had woken up before going to sleep was Party Poison. He wouldn’t have fallen asleep; he’d have woken up the next person.
I glanced around and noticed something really important. “Guys!” I yelled “Guys, wake up!”
They all yawned and woke up. Party glanced at me “I thought you stayed on guard before me?”
“I did, I woke up and no one was on guard!” I told him “And something really bad has happened.”
“What? Are you hurt?”
“No, it’s Lady Madness!” I cried “She’s gone missing.”
“What do you mean she’s gone missing?” Colourful Shadow asked, sitting up.
I glared at her “What do you think I mean? I woke up and she’s just not here anymore!”
“Maybe she went for a walk?”
“I think we’d notice if she’d gone for a walk,” Fun Ghoul hissed “We’re in the desert and the sun’s coming up. You can see someone walking around from miles away!”
“Do you think BLI got her?”
“I know that BLI got her!” Party told us, standing up “Come on, we’ve gotta go and save her.”
“No offence,” Colourful Shadow said, standing up “But why do we need to go and save her? I mean, she is being returned to everything she’s ever known. Like her future husband, her parents…”
“She wouldn’t have runaway if she didn’t like it there,” Jet said, pulling on his jacket “They kidnapped her back, didn’t they? Kobra! Search her sleeping bag to see if they left anything behind.”
I pulled back her sleeping bag and looked inside “There’s nothing in here,” I told him “Who was the last person on guard last night? What happened?”
“After I went on duty, I woke up Ghoul.” Party said.
Ghoul glanced at Colourful Shadow “And I woke up Colourful Shadow.”
“I woke up Lady Madness,” Colourful Shadow said quickly “She told me she’d already done a guard but she didn’t mind doing another one. I reckon that she went and told Korse she wanted to go back to BLI headquarters.”
“They probably sneaked up on her.” I told them “Look, I’ve talked to her and she’s told me things that I’m not allowed to tell you. She would never go back there, not by choice.”
“Are you totally sure?”
“I am!” I snapped “Now come on, are we going to help her or not?”
“She might not even be at headquarters!” Agent Anarchy snapped “They could’ve taken her anywhere! For all we know, they could still be driving around with her!”
“Let’s go check the headquarters.” Party said “Come on, if she’s not there then we’ll just go check somewhere else.”
“Oh yeah,” Agent Anarchy said sarcastically “That’s if we don’t die first!”
“Do we have to?” Missile Kid asked “I don’t like going there.”
“You’ve only been there once.”
“And I hated it,” Missile Kid said “It was dead boring. They sat me on the floor with a stupid ball to play with. They thought I’d been brainwashed!” Missile Kid laughed “Oh, they were wrong…”
“Look, can we just go and find her please?” I asked frantically “They’ll probably be pissed off that she ran away.”
“What are they really going to do?”
“What do you think?” Party asked “BLI aren’t the most forgiving of people.”
“Come on, let’s drive to the headquarters.” I said, getting into the back of the car.

Three hours later we finally pulled up outside headquarters “Everybody got their ray guns?”
We all checked and everyone replied with a ‘yes’ except for Screaming Revolver who couldn’t find hers.
Agent Anarchy helped her look “Where did you leave it?”
“Right here,” She told her, gesturing to her belt “I didn’t touch it.”
“Well, what does it look like?” Party asked, getting into the back of the car to help her search for it.
Screaming Revolver blushed and muttered “Black with red zebra stripes.”
They both looked through the car and Party finally pulled back and said “Kobra, do you have any of those BLI ray guns?”
“We’ve got a couple left.” I told him “Missile Kid, where did we put them?”
“How should I know?” Missile Kid asked “Look, I don’t have a ray gun either.”
“Good idea!” Party grinned “Screaming Revolver you can stay here and look after Missile Kid.”
“But she’s a good fighter!” I told him “She can’t stay here!”
“Maybe it’s for the best,” Party said, getting out the car “I mean… She is pregnant.”
Screaming Revolver looked up and Agent Anarchy looked at her as if to ask ‘Did you tell him?’ Screaming Revolver was looking at him with an expression like ‘Do you know’? Party didn’t look back; he started walking us all towards the scary looking building ahead of us. Something told me that maybe Party hadn’t been so truthful when he said he couldn’t remember a thing. Was he just ashamed?
But I didn’t have time to think about it because we were about to search through Better Living Industries headquarters for Lady Madness. This building brought back creepy memories of watching my brother held at gunpoint by Korse. How I’d tried to save him but I hadn’t been quick enough and then I’d been ‘killed’ too.
All of us walked quietly through the lobby and glanced around “This is weird;” Agent Anarchy whispered “There are no dracs here.”
“Do they know we’re coming?” Jet asked “I mean-“
“I’ll bet they’re guarding her,” Party told us “She’s probably locked in some room around here until the wedding.”
“He’ll still marry her?” I asked.
Party nodded “It’s probably the reason that she’s been dragged back here. And he’ll probably torture her into giving up her real name and then she’ll be stuck here forever and we’ll never be able to save her.”
“Well that’s depressing.” Fun Ghoul muttered “Do you wanna split up or stay together?”
“We’ll go round in pairs.” Party replied “You and Jet, Agent Anarchy and Colourful Shadow and me and Kobra. We’ll go this way, you guys go that way and the girls will go that way.” Party told us, pointing in different directions.
Party and I started walking down a corridor together “What if they’ve killed her?” I dared to ask.
Party shrugged “Then she’s dead but I highly doubt that they’d do that.”
“But what if they did?”
“Kobra, you worry too much!”
“No I don’t, you don’t worry enough!”
“She’ll be fine!” Party snapped “Now calm down or we’ll never find her.”
“How will me being calmed up affect-“
“Well the fact that you won’t shut up will probably help the dracs realise that we’re here!”
“What dracs?” I whispered “There’s no one here!”
“Let’s look in here,” Party muttered, opening the door gently. He stepped inside silently “Hey Kobra, look at this!”
I followed him inside and looked around “What the hell?” There were small TV screens over three walls and each of them showed a small room with families inside.
I walked over to one of the walls “What are they for?”
“They’re all the BLI families,” Party whispered “They’re under twenty-four surveillance.” There was a moments silence between us before Party gasped “Check every screen! Maybe Lady Madness is in one of them! And then we’ll know where to go and search for her!”
I started searching one wall and he searched the other. I held my breath as I searched, hoping that I’d find her.
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