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Look Alive, Sunshine

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There was a light knock on the door and I said come in. The door opened and in walks my dad. He walked in and quickly shut the door. He walked quickly towards me and hugged me tightly. I fought back the tears but they slowly rolled down my face. I surely had to fix my makeup again.

"No more crying, Boo Boo." He laughed though I knew he was only trying to hold back his on tears.

"I can't help it, dadda." I said wiping the bottom of my eyes. I touched up my eyeliner and then there was another knock on the door.

"Hey beautiful, time to hit the cold." Casey said. I smiled. Casey is going to be a great brother-in-law. Yes, I was having a outside winter wedding. Yes, I'm going to be cold but after the wedding we'll be in a building. Dad looked at me then held his arm out. I took it and we walked towards the door. I stood there and watched as Jess and Casey walked around the corner and out the door.

"It's cold out there." The flower girl said. The little boy who held the rings took his tux jacket off and drapped it over the little girls shoulders. The little girls smiled at him. I aww'ed at this. I looked over at my dad.

"Once your married, I want them next." He said.

"Dad, too soon." I said. He laughed and shrugged. Then the doors opened and the cold air hit my skin and I shivered. I stepped out on the steps. Right now, I just wanted to get this over with. I didn't think it would be this cold. I saw camera flashes. I heard babies cry. I held back the tears as most of everybodies attention was on me. I looked at my dad and smiled. His eyes were watery with his nose and cheek were red. Soon I was standing up there with everybody. I stood infront of the priest and beside Caleb with Jess on my other side. We went through the I Do's pretty fast and then it was the moment were I got to kiss the love of my life. Caleb dipped me back then kissed me. I put my hand on the back of his neck. We heard clapping and cheering. Caleb pulled up and pulled away. We both turned around throwing our linked hands in the air and more cheers. Then we both rushed towards the door to the warm building. Then Jess and Casey walked in after us. Jess throwing her arms around me and kept shouted Mrs. Turman. I laughed. Then Austin and Amanda walked in. Jess went over and hugged Caleb probably threaten to kick his butt if he hurts me like she did the first time we went on our first date. Amanda pulled me into a hug.

"You're beautiful, Jimmie. I love you." She said. I laughed then Sara and Ricco came in and Sara literally tackled me back into the wall. I shouted out in pain but it wasn't much.

"I'm sorry but girl, I can't believe it. Congrats." She said. Soon we arrived at the building that the reception was being held at. I could hear the music playing from outside and we walked in then the DJ announced that we had arrived. My parents were the first to come to us and hug us. I just smiled. I glanced around and I saw the girls already on the dancefloor and I wish I was there. I saw Jess dancing with that ginger lead singer of We The Kings. I bet she's freaking on the inside. She glanced my way and waved but hitting herself in the face. Travis laughed at her then kissed her cheek and her face turned red. I looked for Jonathan. Where was Jonathan? I saw him over and sitting by himself. He looked upset.

"Hey babe, I'mma go talk to Jonathan." I said kissing Caleb before walking over to Jonathan.

"Look alive, sunshine. What's wrong?" I asked. Jonathan glanced up and then rolled his eyes.

"Is it Jess?" I asked.

"Yes." He said.

"Come on, let's dance." I said holding my hand out. He took it and we walk to the dancefloor.

"You kissed her, didn't you?" I asked.

He nodded," Yes. It's like she doesn't care."

"Jonathan, she's scared. You know why." I said. He nodded.

"Enough of me. Let's get this party started." He said raising his arms in the air as soon as a fast song came on. I laughed and left him to dance by himself. The DJ announce that they will be serving the food in a few minutes and everybody took their seat and waited.
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