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So Why Don't You Blow Me A Kiss

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BROTHERLY LOVE TO THE NTH DEGREE! Random chapter title ftw.

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Mikey’s POV

“Well, I’m going to go now, Geegee.” I said. That’s one of the only times I’ve called him that since he got here. I guess it slipped.
“Alright.” He agreed, and I left.
I got in my car, and started to drive to the store. It wasn’t long before I noticed I forgot my wallet, and I turned around and went back home. I scolded myself for being such a dumb ass, and walked inside. I looked at the couch, and Gerard wasn’t there. Which was odd, because that’s where I left him.
I walked by the steps, about to walk into the kitchen, and heard an odd noise come from upstairs. It sounded like somebody was in pain, and Gerard is… probably the only person in my house. Unless somebody broke in and hurt themselves. Which I doubt.
I walked up the steps, and saw that the bathroom was empty, so I peaked into my room, and there was Gerard… Fucking himself. My jaw dropped and I just stared at my brother. His lips parted slightly, and I felt my jeans get uncomfortably tight at the sight of him. He was working on himself at a decent speed when his lips formed an ‘o’.
“A-Ah… Mmm-Mikey… O-Oh god yes…” He moaned. And I was shocked. He couldn’t have seen me, his eyes were closed tight. “Mph… Oh Mikey…”
Then I realized, he wasn’t moaning at me. He was moaning because of me. I stepped into the room, my boots making some noise. His eyes opened slightly, and his hand stopped moving. The dildo fell to the floor with a slight thud.
“U-Uh Mikey… I-I… I’m s-sorry…” He said and tensed up, but didn’t move. He turned red all over.
I stepped over to his left side, and leaned down to his ear. “Did I tell you to stop?” I whispered.
“Wh-What?” He asked, and his eyes shot open. I grabbed his toy from off the floor and smirked a little at him.
“I heard you… You want me…” I mewled at him, and slipped a the toy inside him, harder than what he had been doing to himself.
“Y-You w-wa-OH-want me t-too-oo?” Me moaned.
“More than anything…” I started. “Don’t move a muscle.” I finished in a whisper.
He nodded and I slowly pushed the instrument back into my brother. I kept my pace hard and fast, just wanting to watch him squirm. He moaned deep in his throat, and my member was aching inside my pants. I couldn’t take the lack of attention, so I rubbed myself through my jeans. I heard Gerard try and manage to say something past his moaning and heavy breathing.
“M-Mikey… Th-this i-is nothing like the r-real thing… I-I want you to fuck me…” He moaned. I pulled the toy out of Gerard, about to comply to his request, but after I completed my own agenda. I removed my clothes, and turned Gerard over on to his back. His breathing was hitched, and in the minute or so it took me to remove my clothes, Gerard’s cock never lost interest. I wrapped my hand around his base, and slowly, lightly stroked a small portion of his length while I kissed him all over his face and neck, paying more attention to certain spots.
I made my way down to his collar bone, and lightly sucked on the flesh there. I took my time, trying to drive him mad. I wanted him to plead.
“Fuck… M-Mikey… g-god damn it just… ah… fuck me...” He moaned.
“Good things come to those who wait, Gerard…” I said softly. I left a trail of kisses further down his chest, still pumping just a small portion of my brother’s cock slowly. I took one of his nipples into my mouth, and teased the nub with my tongue. His moans turned to whimpers, and I looked up and saw he was crying.
“O-Oh god Mikey… P-Please… J-Just fucking fuck me…” He sobbed past his whimpering and whining. To my surprise he was very vocal. Not theatrically so, but louder than I originally though. I moved up again and started nibbling gently on his ear. I gasped when Gerard slipped a finger inside my unexpecting entrance and fingered me, my response a slow moan in surprise and delight.
“Who’s gonna be doing the fucking here, Gee? You or me?” I mewled at him with a smirk.
“I’m going t-to if you don’t fuck my brains out soon…” He threatened, still panting from my teasing.
“Fine.” I said, and he removed his finger from inside me. I kissed down my brother’s pale stomach. None of this felt wrong. It all felt so right. Like this was supposed to happen. Like I was supposed to be with Gerard.
I finally got down to his stiff member, and I slowly took him in my mouth. I had him all in my mouth, and I felt him twitch.
“O-Ooo… Mmm…” He moaned and tangled his fingers through my hair. “M-M…Ah… Mikey… S-Stop… I-I want you inside me… P-Please stop…”
I figured I had finished my goal. I made him feel so good he was crying, which is next best thing to begging. I nodded, and he bent his knees and adjusted himself. Since Gerard had already practically prepped himself, I lined up with his entrance and slowly slid into him. I moaned at the feeling of being inside him. He wasn’t tight, but he was tight enough. I thrusted in and out of him and I found his prostate rather quickly.
“Oh…. mph… M-Mikey your b-bigger than the toy…” He groaned and rocked his hips in time with my thrusting. I loved listening to him moan and say my name. I leaned down and kissed him on the lips for the first time, and there were sparks. I continued thrusting, my pre-cum lubricating our movements. He hissed in pleasure when I started hitting his sweet spot relentlessly. Our eyes met as he came hard onto our chests without warning. His eyes closing tightly, mouth dropping open, and his muscles clenched around my member.
“Uhhhh…” He moaned with emphasis, and I continued to rock into him, and quickly spilt inside of him. All I managed to get out was ‘Gee’ before the air left my lungs completely.
I collapsed on the floor next to him, spent and trying to catch my breath. After minutes of heavy breathing, he turned his head to face me.
“M-Mikey… That was… I… I love you… I love you like you loved Alicia…” He stammered.
“I-I feel the same way, Gerard…” I smiled.
We cleaned each other up, deciding to take a shower later and just go to bed now. It was two in the afternoon and we were already going back to sleep. I laid down in my bed with Gerard after he and I slipped underwear on. I covered us up and wrapped my arm around him for a change, and we slowly drifted off into a deep sleep.

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