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Ride Or Die

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A young couple facing financial whoas find a way to get by. *PROLOGUE*

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Some people say money is the route of all evil. Most people don't believe it. Others, like myself, know for a fact that it's true. Not because I've seen it deteriorate people's lives, but because I was subconsciously living for it. Though, I wouldn't call myself a victim of it. Just another person trying to make their way to comfortable living, in a comfortable life.

You might say, the way I chose to earn it was completely immoral. You might say, that I'd get caught sooner or later. And you are absolutely right. Sooner or later. Isn't that society speak for eventually? Well, I say, eventually hasn't happened yet. Although, society would also think that I must have come from a broken home, which I didn't. Society would also think that I had a forceful man behind me, coercing me to do such things; but that wasn't the case. I just chose to do what others were afraid to do just to get by. It seems like sometimes you don't cross the line, getting by is just another pipe dream.

"Okay, so here's the plan; you go in, first. You're gonna go up to the cashier, who is here." He says pointing to the elaborately detailed blueprint. "You're gonna ask her to deposit this check," He held it loosely in his small right hand in between his index finger and thumb. "To this account. You'll give her the account number..."

"Five, nine, nine, two, three, six, zero, four." I recite without hesitation.

"Great. And then you'll rub your belly twice..."

"Take two deeps breaths, clutch the counter and scream that I'm going into labor. I know this by now, Frankie!" I was growing a little annoyed. My hormones must have been off.

"Okay, but you've never really been pregnant before." Hmph. Touche.

"Let's hurry and go before things get to looking suspicious." I looked out of the window of the big black truck and took notice to the passersby walking in and out of the bank's revolving door. Taking a deep sigh and rubbing my pertruding belly twice, looking down in determination. His hands fit perfectly onto mine. I smiled gently.

She was going to have it better than her father and I had it when we were little. And our goal was just that! Come to think of it, we had a lot of goals: to get married, rent or own an apartment, live in the nicer part of the city. All of those goals had been accomplished. But if it wasn't for crossing ther perverbial line, then that wouldn't have been at all possible.

Swiftly, I pulled on the pampered blonde wig. Looking at myself in the rearview, adjusting it like so. Taking notice to my face which had a soft glow and a hint of pudge. Though, I didn't mind.

"You guys know the drill; get in and out as quick as you can. I can't stay in fake-labor for too long without actually going into real labor." They chuckled. Frank rolled up the blue print layed out at the bottom of the vehicle. Everyone approached their rightful doors to exit on cue. I was still in the mirror combing my fingers through the wig. I didn't really like the blonde hair. It didn't compliment my complexion at all!

"Will you stop stressing?" I hesitated to turn around. I knew that voice. And every time it spoke, a subconcious grin grew wide across my face. "Everything will go as planned." He whispers in my ear from the driver's seat. His hand rubbed gently on the sphere I'd grown over the last seven months. I sighed.

"In and out. Grab what you can. Okay?" His hopeful eyes peered up to mine. Our faces merged closer. His soft lips were now inches away from mine. Pouting in their normal structure.

"And don't look back." His lips move onto mine softly.

"That's right." I say, grabbing the latch of the door and pulling it toward me. "Good luck." I salute him, stepping onto the pavement and briefly watching the van turn the corner and go straight.

I looked up to the bank's tall glass exterior. It's name hung high above my head in gold lettering. I decided to stop wasting time and just go in. With check in one hand, the other firmly on the bottom of my belly. I was ready.

Walking into the revolving door, I was determined. The cool breeze of the central air unit soothed my nerves. It wasn't very crowded this time of day. It had been about eleven-ish. People hadn't gotten off of work as of yet. And they wouldn't receive their checks in another two or three days. For this, was a Tuesday. It was always a Tuesday.

With a small smile on my face, I walk up to the first cashier. Her name's Betty. She's about twenty-eight. With long blond hair and thick framed glasses. She looked pretty inviting.

"Hello ma'am! Welcome to First Patriot Bank. Number one bank in the Tristate area. My name's Betty. What can I assist you with today?" Her smile never faded. She was genuinely kind.

"I'd like to-" And then I felt it. It felt like someone was kicking me in the back. Uh-oh. I smile anyway. "Um..I'd like to-uh..." This is happening much too soon. Okay, just remember heavy breathing.

"Ma'am? Are you okay?" She leaned over the counter slightly and spoke in a soft tone. Of course, I wasn't okay! I was going into labor while I was supposed to be pretending to go into labor, and my husband was in the back of the bank cleaning the safe out with a duffel bag!

"I think I'm going into labor!" I hissed at her in a low tone. Her big blue eyes engulfed in panic and worry. I clutched onto the edge of the counter breathing heavily. The worse the pain became, the harder it was to breathe. My left hand grasping the cool marble counter, my right hand held the underside of my stomach. I felt my knees almost give way when Betty rushed back to the counter.

Now there weren't many people in there when I first entered, but now, there was a good 20. I was drawing a crowd. Great! They all stood paralyzed just gawking at me as if I had been their main priority in the first place. I didn't understand why they couldn't just cash their God damned checks and leave!

"Ma'am the paramedics are on their way." She panted. The security guard, who I just realized, gently took me by the hand and sat me down in a chair. I fought him a little as it hurt much worse trying to settle down in the chair than standing up. As soon as I sat down completely, it calmed down.

"Ma'am. I need you to breathe with me, okay?" The guard sat a few inches away from me breathing slowly in-and-out of his mouth.

"Okay." I nodded following his pattern. A deep breath in, a deep breath out. At first I began to get dizzy, but after a while the pain subsided and I felt fine. Until I heard the whirring of police sirens. Then, I really started to panic. I nearly screamed as I heard the vehicle fly passed the building and parking directly in front. "Oh no."

"Ma'am, Ma'am. You're going to be fine." He tried to calm me down but I couldn't hold my composure long enough. I knew if they were to get caught I'd be raising this baby alone. She didn't deserve that.

The policemen rushed into the revolving doors. All of the sudden I became dizzy again. Then, everything started to move in slow motion. The policemen took at least thirty seconds just to walk from the door to the chair, which was at least six feet away from each other. My breathing caught slower in my throat. Inch by inch, my vision began to tunnel. Everything, except for the policemen who were straight ahead, turned into a vignette of black.

"Ma'am. Listen to me." My head lulled over to the first policemen who's features I honestly can't recall. He was a man, and that's all I remember. "Is there anyone you want us to call? Your husband? Maybe?" And then the vignette started to close in completely. My heart began to thump slowly through my chest. My breathing slowed down quite a bit. And all I could let out was...

"My husband..."

The constant beeping of a machine annoyed me enough to wake up. My head was uncomfortably slumped on the bone of my left shoulder. Adjusting myself slowly in bed, I slowly noticed the raven hair creeping out from under my chin. "Shit." I whispered. The wig must have come off. Our cover's completely blown! Looking straight ahead to the mound of sheets and blankets covering my midsection. Swiftly, I pulled them back to see that it was a false alarm. I was still very pregnant and very protruding, might I add.

Turning my head toward the EMT's constant barrage of beeps, I saw the rest of the room; the machines, the white tiles, the white wall and door to match. The muted green sash pulled back revealing the rest of the room near the foot of the bed. I hated hospitals.

I looked down to my arms and observed the protruding tubes and needle stuck into my arm. Tape masked them as a sign that they could not be released.

"Mrs. Way," I was startled by the sudden of presence of the midwife. "Don't worry. Stay where you are. You've had enough emergencies today." She laughed. The dim light kept her facial features masked. She merged closer with clipboard in hand. Her soft brown-colored hair to match a pair of dark blue eyes. Her smile wide and gentle signaled me that I could trust her. She had to be a little over forty. Her longish brown hair tucked comfortably behind her back. Her manicured nails clicked a small rhythm on the back of the clipboard as she began to read.

"I-is the baby okay?" She flashed her gentle smile my way.

"She's doing very well! She just gave you a small scare back there at the bank." She looked down at the charts again.

"So it was just a false alarm?" Supporting myself with both arms, I sat up in the bed.

"Exactly. So you should be feeling a lot better. She's got another two months in the oven before she can be eaten!" I gave her an awkward look. "In a proverbial sense, Mrs. Way!" She laughed.

"Of course!" I got a small glance at her badge. Her name was Donna.

"Oh, and by the way; there's a pacing fool outside who is losing his mind in the waiting room. Would you like me to bring him in?" A sigh of relief escaped my form as my entire body relaxed.

"Yep, that pacing fool has got to be my husband." I chuckled. My God, was I relieved that he wasn't caught. It felt like an a thousand ton weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

"I'll be right back with him." She turned on her heel and walked out of the room. And within two seconds...
"Back!" She strolled her jolliest stroll as he walked casually behind her. That subconscious smile crept onto my face. But who was I to hide it? I loved him and he loved me. We did shit for each other that other couples wouldn't have dreamed of. Every Tuesday, of every quarter month, we risked our lives for each other. And we were content with that. "I'll leave you two to yourselves. Mrs. way, I'll be back with your blood test results. In an hour."

"Thank you." We both replied. We looked at each other, almost in disbelief. But at the same time, thanking God for each other. And as soon as we heard the heavy metallic door click tight, we embraced each other in the tightest embrace ever created.

"I thought I lost you." I whispered slowly. My eyes were shut tight, I refused to succumb to tears but sometimes it was inevitable.

"I-I didn't know what to think, to tell you the truth." I pulled away looking him in those glassy hazel worlds of his. I hoped she had his eyes. "I heard the sirens and I just knew I had to get the fuck out of there!" He laughed. It was nice to see him smile. Especially after being almost-certain that I would only see him behind bars.

"Are the guys okay?" He nodded immediately.

"They're fine. They're at our place counting right now. I told Ray to text me the total and our share." He pulled his phone out which was relatively new. He had bought the latest version of the iPhone.

Bank Robbery. Humph. Bet there's not an app for that.

"Above all else, I'm so glad you're okay." I took his large but very soft hands in mine.

"You're glad? I didn't know what to think when I found out you were sent to the hospital. I mean, I knew it was apart of the plan, but it happened all too soon."

"That's what I was afraid of. I started feeling the contractions before I could tell the cashier to put the check in. Well, at least I stalled the cops." I shrugged.

"That you did. And you helped!" He spoke in a soft tone as he slowly rubbed my very large globe of a belly. A few weeks earlier, he and the guys drew out continents while I had been sleeping. "How's she doing?" His tone became more serious.

"She's doing very well. She just gave me a small scare, as all. The nurse said I have another two months before we can see her." A wide smile played across his face, He leaned in and kissed me gently on the forehead.

"Can't wait." And then a small tune went off. It was his phone.

"Is it Ray?" My hungry eyes awaited the joy and excitement of six figures filling the large screen.


"What's he say?" He flashed the bright phone in front of my face. My first thought; holy shit! My second thought; Oh. My. Fucking. Thousand. Dollars! "We get over two hundred thousand!" I hissed in a whisper. He just laughed, as if those figures seemed familiar.

"Yep! We should be okay for a little while, don't you think?" He tucked his phone away, back in his jean's pocket.

"Of course we will! The baby's room's already completed. She's got clothes and diapers to last her until she's thirty-five! What do we do with it?" My eyes feasted to see it. My hands couldn't wait to touch it.

"Now, now. We have to be very careful. We start spending it on golden-flaked fountains and bids on expensive art, they'll catch onto us." He was absolutely right, but I just wanted to witness it being in my grasp. "We'll lay low for a while and spend it slowly. Don't worry, you'll get to have your fun with it." I smiled at that. You see, we were New York City residents. Usually we couldn't afford much out of the stores in Manhattan, but now there was no telling what we could afford.

"Got it."

"Good." He gave me a small peck on the lips as he grabbed for the remote control on the other side of the bed.

"What time's it?" He checked newly purchased Rolex as he rolled down his sleeve.

"Ten of five." He clicked on the power button and his eyes shot up to the television. Coincidentally, the news was on.

"Bandits make a clean getaway with almost seven-hundred-thousand in cash from First Patriot Bank. Claudia Gonsalvez has the story." The camera cut-away to the newswoman standing in front of the bank's tall building.

"Today a tragedy has struck First Patriot Bank, here near Manhattan. Almost seven hundred-thousand missing from the bank's steal safe. Now, although it may sound like it, this wasn't armed robbery. The cashiers we spoke to today, go into detail about the tragic event." Once again the camera cut-away to a microphone being held out to a woman who had already began to speak. It was Betty.

"We had a small incident where a woman came in to deposit a check and she went into labor. The cops were here and everything! Later on in the day, I went to the safe and checked it. The money was gone." She advised the reporter.

"So there were no cameras securing the safe?"

"There were cameras, but they'd all been taken out at around ten in the morning." She answered honestly.

"Mikey Way." I said proudly.

"The kid's too smart for his own good." He was right.

"Impressive." This hadn't been the first incident where we had made the news or the headline of the New York Times. It was just one of the few times where we almost got caught with the cops being at the bank while it was being robbed.

"Very impressive." He replied with a smug smirk. I loved that!

"Look it, baby! We're famous!" I whispered in his ear.

"We are, aren't we?" His lips met mine in a tender moment shared. Right then, I knew I couldn't be with anyone else. I knew that we were the only people who would go these lengths for each other.

For, I was, and remains, Mia Louise Way. And he was, and remains Gerard Arthur. And this is our story.

{Author's Note: A special thanks to missfunghoul57 & Luckystarz812! If you read, please review. I ♥ being critiqued! By the way, The next chapter will begin with how this all began and then it will lead up to this chapter and afterward.
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