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Run Run Bunny Run

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“Shit” Destroya’s thoughts raced as she tried to think off how to escape.” Up the trees” exclaimed Corpse stopping dead ,causing Screaming and Sunny to crash into her. “What” panted B...

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You could have heard a pin drop in the arena as the weight of Korses words sunk in.Nearby a tall girl with long electric blue hair -Bittersweet Bubble an old friend of Destroya’s -collapsed to the ground, sobbing.Her friends surrounded her,blocking her from view.A trembling boy with long black hair strode off into the forest punching a tree as he went.The silence was broken and the clearing began to buzz again. Apocalyto’s bottom lip began to tremble as she tried to hold back the tears that were welling up in her big blue eyes “Im never going to see ‘Shroom again” She whispered, tears now streaming down her pale face. Toxic Bite wrapped her arms around her ,comforting the shaking girl “Sssh its okay he’s with Dr D , he’s safe ,You crying isnt gonna help you get out of here to see him now is it”. She whispered reassuringly. “ Your right” Apocalyto agreed forcing a brave smile as she wiped her eyes. “ Ive to stay strong ...So what now “ She asked . The group turned to Destroya looking as confused and helpless as she felt . “ Well i guess we find a spot, set up camp and wait” She said uncertainly, trying to put her gang at ease.

They sat in a circle under the cover of the trees just a bit in from the clearing waiting for the inevitable as the sun began to sink..Tension was mounting in the arena . Killjoys had ventured deep into the jungle and discovered they were indeed trapped , there was a strange force-field that surrounded the edges of the jungle trapping them like rats. Ever since they had discovered the force field , the last shreds of hope had been destroyed and now killjoys paced the large clearing while others sat around wallowing in an uneasy silence, wondering what was coming next.

A loud buzzing sound rippled through the clearing. Large strange creatures began to swarm in, They had the head of a Mouskat and the body of a steroid driven human , swelling muscles ,long fangs jutting down over their jaws, long pointy talons. They came from the far end of clearing catching killjoys in their way and snapping their necks , tossing their lifeless forms aside . Horrified screams went up as frantic, terrified killjoys scramble backwards.Destroya and the gang fled through the forest trying to put distance between them and the oncoming onslaught “Shit” Destroya’s thoughts raced as she tried to think off how to escape.” Up the trees” exclaimed Corpse stopping dead ,causing Screaming and Sunny to crash into her. “What” panted Bullet, stopping when she caught up to the group.”Hid up in the trees ,did you see their hands? They have long talons and no thumbs they wont be able to climb “ She explained. Rev glanced over her shoulder, judging by the screams they weren't far away “I guess theres no time to wait and test your theory“ She sighed and began hauling herself up the tree.

The others followed suit ,positioning themselves high up in the trees, fervently hoping Corpse’s theory was right. The black haired killjoy from earlier sprinted towards them sobbing ,Destroya chewed at her lip ring ,she couldn’t leave him. She swung halfway down and held out her hand “Quick take my hand”She screeched at him. The black haired killjoy flashed wide scared brown eyes at her before grabbing her hand and beginning to climb up the tree. A mutant came from nowhere and grabbed his leg, dragging him down. He cried out in pain . Destroya looked around helplessly, with no ray gun,How could she save him. An arrow whistled through the air and struck the creature in the eye.It let out an inhuman cry,letting go of the boys leg .Destroya hauled him up onto the thick branch she was perched on as the creature fell and began writhing on the ground and finally laid still. Silvers voice floated through the silence “Is everyone alright she called worry cracking her voice.Destroya breathed a sigh of relief as the yeses came back.”I guess we better stay up here till we’re sure their gone” Colourful Shadow called back “Sounds like a good idea “Destroya agreed “Hey where did the arrow come from “ She added as an afterthought “That would be me “ sang Rev “There was a quiver full stuck up here”. Thats strange Destroya thought to herself , but then again so was this whole situation.She leaned back against the bark of the tree sighing ,They had just barely made it this time and she knew it wouldn’t be long before the group started to fall apart. She was startled from her thoughts by quiet moans of pain coming from beside her. “Are you alright” She asked ,the boy nodded. “Show me “ She gently pulled up the leg of his ripped black skinnies. It was bleeding, but she knew from experience that it wasn’t deep.“Your going to be okay”She carefully tore the bottom off of her t-shirt and wrapped the turquoise material around the wound .She smiled up at him reassuringly.He smiled back at her and her heart fluttered. He had the most amazing smile that lit up his whole face.

He was wearing a red bandana wrapped around his neck ,a baggy black tank top with “Keep Running” in spikey lettering across the front and black ripped skinnies that were tucked into black combat boots “Stop that “she thought to herself ,This is not the time to be falling for some random guy. “Thank you so much , You saved my life” He whispered gratefully “Anything for a fellow zonerunner “She replied nonchalantly, though her heart was pounding. “Im Disenchanted Destroya” she offered her hand “Stereo Animal" He shook her hand, smiling warmly at her , pushing his jet black locks from his face. “Seeing as were stuck up here for now ,Tell me about yourself” He said settling himself as comfortably as he could on a branch. Destroya hesitated, he looked at her genuinely interested in what she had to say, she decided she could trust him. She started her tale telling him everything from her parents dying up to living with Dr D to last night. “So you know mine , Whats your story” she asked ,playing with the locket she was wearing.“Wow you’ve had it tough” he whistled “My story isnt anywhere near as exciting. I grew up here in Cali , Me and my best friend ran away when BL/ind took over and we had been living in the zones ever since”He sighed “He was with me and the creatures invaded and i lost him ... And here we are” He finished, biting his lip.Destroya was silent, the probability his friend was dead was high.

The silence was broken by Korse’s voice. Destroya jumped ,almost falling from the branch. Animal caught her ,holding her close as Korse's voice boomed through the arena "Very good my little boys and girls ,Those of you who survived, I applaud you, but that was only the beginning . Throughout the clearing you may be lucky enough to find some weapons ,A thank you for us to you for being such good ..entertainment” - he laughed-”So long and goodnight killjoys dont let the dracs bite” once more a silence fell as pictures flickered across the darkening sky, pictures of the killjoys who had been killed. A young girl of about 13 with long curly blonde hair.Turquoise hair caught Destroya's eye- Bittersweet Bubble. A sob escaped from Destroya , Bubble had been around the whole time Destroya was growing up.She was one of Doctor D’s messangers, she had looked after her like they were sisters. A older guy with a orange Mohawk.A tanned boy with dreads and a nose ring -”Adam,Prosthetic Reject” whispered Animal his voice catching in his throat as the tears welled up in his big hazel eyes. Destroya tried to stop the flow of tears that slide down her face but ut was no use,they had both lost something tonight , She held Animal close as they both shook. The sun finally disappeared over the tree tops, bringing an end to the torture -for now .

Hey guys i know its been waaaay (ha WAY ;)) too long since i last updated :O School and all that jazz is taking over my life :LApology's m’dears :D I really dont know if ima finish this don’t know if theres any point... Well rate and review pretty pwease and let me know what you think it makes my day and lets me know people are actually reading and liking my work and there is a point in doing it .As always Major Love for you all
Look Alive Sunshine
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P.S Omg watched MCR live at reading the other night and can i just say They fucking killed it omg they were amazing and BRIAN FUCKING MAY I was fangirling like a mofo :L So jello of the lucky motorbabies that were there :O And apparently TOHFMIY video is out tomorrow dies Cant wait ^.^
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