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The Tick-Tock Bang of Monitors

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Lindsey and Gerard make arrangements, Fae explains all.

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Great Ormand Street Hospital, London, England - March 2011
I know it’s weird, but I keep replaying the same scenario. Like in a dream, I’m stuck. I can’t move any differently, even though I know what’s going to happen, sometimes I hear other noises too, but they’re distant. It's been like this for ages
C. High School, England - 28th February 2011
School: hell on earth. I mean it could be worse. I have friends, but I'm not popular. Every knows my name, but they don't know me. I'm know as 'the girl who likes MCR' because yes, I have a slightly obsessive love over them.

I really need to stop daydreaming.

So I’m on my prefect duty, I have to wander round a building making sure everyone is out. Alone. It’s really boring. Today my duty is in the drama block. I’m reading the music room notice board at the moment. Shit about choir club fills most of it. I find myself humming ‘Na Na Na’ and rocking back and forth on my heels. I’m so fucking bored. The downstairs door opens and the ‘bad men’ wander in making noise and acting like they’re black. ‘Wiggers’. The best thing to do when a bad man enters your duty spot: let them or you get shit from then for the next couple of weeks.
“Hey! Fae! You up there mate?” A Manchester accent meant only one thing: Ollie, talking to me? Can’t be good.
“Yeah.” They’re walking up the stairs.
“You still into that emo shit? Whats it called? MCR?” Ollie laughs and the others giggle.
“I’m not into emo shit, but I’m into MCR.” I snarl at them. Fuck them for insulting MCR.
“Too bad.” Ollie shrugs and him and the others begin to walk forward; they’re pushing me into the drum practice room. Ollie’s getting something out of his pocket. Fuck is that? It is. A knife. Cam and Luke try to pin me down; I’m struggling, trying to get free. They’re cutting off the arms of my blazer, then jumper, then shirt. I can feel a sharp pain in my wrists and a warm trickling, my veins begin to burn. The world’s starting to blur. What the fuck is going on?! They’re laughing. Why? My eyes begin to droop, my breathings getting fainter. It’s black.

The Suburbs, Los Angeles - 2nd March 2011
~Lindsey's POV~

Gerard found my address book and dialed Sara's number. As he held the phone to his ear I could hear it ringing. Someone finally picked up.
"Hello, is this Sara? Hello Sara, you don't know me but I'm Gerard Way, Lindsey's husband." the was inaudible shouting from the end of the phone. "Sara, I know she is not meant to contact you but this is an emergency. She wants to visit Fae." more shouting travelled down the receiver. "Fae will never find out! She's in a coma!" louder shouting, some of it cussing filled Gerard's ear, making him flinch. "I'm sorry, that was insensitive. But surely 10 minutes with her is okay? If she wakes up, say I, the lead singer of MCR, decided to visit her as an apology for what them bastards did to her and Lyn decided to tag along." the tone of voice at the end of the line became more positive. "Thank you so much, we'll book flights right away!" he glanced at me, his hazel eyes meeting mine while he smiled my favourite crooked smile. "Bye, Sara." he hung up and wrapped his arms around me. "You pack, I'll book flights and call Mikey, see if he can look after Bandit." with a kiss on the forehead he was gone.

Stansted Airport, London - 3rd March 2011
We walked off the Aeroplane and into the arrivals lounge. A very sour faced Sara greeted us.
"Lindsey." she nodded, I did back. Gerard smiled and shook her hand. "Please to meet you, Gerard, my daughter's bedroom walls and 'Kerrang!' magazines have told me lots about you." I gave her evils when she said 'my daughter' and Gee squeezed my hand. Sarah smiled as she led us to her car.
"How is Fae?" my voice was barely audible.
"The same." she said bluntly. "They have her sedated while they reconstruct her wrists."
"How are her grades?" my voice was more powerful this time.
"Good. Mostly predicted A's two predicted B's and a predicted C in Art. I told her not to take such a useless subject. She doesn't listen. Like her mother. Anyway, I told you all of this in your last bi-annual update email. And I sent you her last school photo, though you must have seen it on the Daily Mail front page two days ago." she snarled.
"How's Auntie May?"
"My mother is fine. I take it Annette is too? Mum is looking forward to seeing you." she smiled. As we reached her silver car she unlocked it, opening the driver’s door and climbing in. Gerard got in the back and I got into the passenger side. "I fear we got off on the wrong foot." Sara sighed and turned to face me. "I understand you are not here to hurt anyone, only to help. I just don't understand why after 15 years you suddenly popped up again."
"Sara, I've grown up, I've recovered from what happened. I am married, with a child, and I realise now what I have missed. I was young then, young and traumatised. I am now older enough to feel a bond. And that bond calls to me. My first reaction when I heard the news was to come here, I know she has been ill before, but she has never been attacked." I looked up at Sara, her blue eyes filled with compassion.

"You were so young and afraid. I was old and mourning. You gave me a great gift, Lindsey." she sighed, looking ahead. "Would you like to go to your hotel first or straight to the hospital?"
"If we could drop our bags off first, that would be nice." I smiled and we set off down the motor way.

"Can I have your name please?" the lady on the reception desk smiled alluringly, not at me, at Gerard.
"Mr and Mrs Ballato" I said. We always travelled under my maiden name; it made it easier to be invisible.
"Enjoy your stay, Sir, and madam." she smiled, this time a fake smile.

"Jesus Christ, what a bitch!" I snarled as we stepped into the elevator. Gerard just smiled at me. We finally reached our floor and stepped out. Walking down a corridor to find our room. Gerard unlocked it. The room was okay, I didn't look at it much, just chucked my bags in and ran out the door again, desperate to see Fae.
"Hey sugar! Wait up!" Gerard was running along the corridor, trying to keep up with me. We got in the elevator and travelled down to the lobby where Sara was waiting. She smiled and led us out to the car. We drove in silence to the hospital. Sarah signed us in and led us through the wards. We arrived at Intensive Care and were led by a nurse through to a side room. Outside of the room was a row of chairs. Tim, Sara's husband, was sitting on one next to a woman I did not recognise.
"Tim, you remember Lindsey, this is Gerard, Lindsey's husband. Leah, this is my relative Lindsey and her husband, Gerard. Lindsey, Gerard, this is my bestfriend, Leah."
I nodded and glanced into the room through the small window in the door. A very fragile girl covered in wires and machines was in the centre of the bed. On a chair next to the bed was a teenage boy with brown hair, holding the girl's hand and stroking her hair, talking to her.
"Lyn, it's rude to stare." Gee whispered and pulled me away from the window.
"But she's my..."
"I know. Come on, sit." he pulled me down and we sat on the chairs, his arms wrapped around me.

Time passed and a nurse walked into the room to take Fae's obs. The boy walked out of the room, saw me, then Gerard, then froze.
"Hello." he said, in a voice so posh I giggled a little bit. "You're Gerard Way."
"I know I am." Gee smiled. The boy threw him a dirty look. "Hey, only trying to add some humour, obviously not the time or place, sorry." there was a very awkward silence. "So, uh, what's your name?"
"George, may I ask why you're here?" he walked forward more and leant against the wall opposite. Gerard looked at me, wondering what to say, I panicked and looked at Sara. We hadn't had time to work out a cover up story.
"Lindsey is my relative. And Gerard came to apologise on behalf of MCR."
"Right." George said, with a sceptical look on his face.
"Can I go in next?" my voice was a whisper in the small corridor.
"Of course, Lyn." Sarah smiled.
"Want me to come in with you?" Gerard spoke quietly into my ear. I shook my head and stood up, edging towards the door behind which she lay. Broken. Alone.

The nurse wandered out of the room and stopped in her tracks when she saw me.
"Who are you."
"I'm a relative of Fae. I am here to visit her."
"Does the matron know you're here?"
"No, but I am a relative of Fae. I am here to visit her."
"All visitors of Miss Watkins must report to Matron before allowance to visit is granted."
"Where can I find the Matron?"
"She is not in today. She is only in on Monday's and Wednesdays."
"I would like to visit Fae today."
"You cannot until you have been granted allowan-"
"I’m going to try not to get angry with you here,” I looked at her name badge why calmly talking to the small nurse “Lily. There is a lot going on here. A lot more than a trainee nurse like yourself has had to deal with in your career. Now I know that in your tiny mind getting allowance from a higher power may seem the most important thing but believe me, within this room here, there are more lies and secrets than you will ever know, so I would like to repeat this again: I am a relative of Fae. And I would like to see her today.” I smiled at the nurse. She looked at me, blinked and turned away. Gee stood up and walked towards me. “Does that mean I can go in?” The nurse stopped at the door and turned.
“All visitors to Miss Watkins must have allowance by the matron.”
“Lyn, let’s go get coffee.” Gerard tugged on my sleeve and led me from the room.

We found a coffee machine and sat down.

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