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My Kill Joy Fic.

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I suck at Summaries so please just read and tell me what you think PLEASE!!!! Also I OWN NOTHING except for Desert Violence :)

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Isa Marie was my name, emphasis on was. Now I am known as Desert Violence and I’m a Fabulous KillJoy. Well, I wasn’t always a KillJoy, I had a normal life and a normal family in Battery City until Korse and Better Living industries came. They gave you pills that would make it so you could feel no emotion and they made you plain with no personality everyone was the same. Mom, Dad and I refused to take the pills, and that didn’t turn out so well, it was either be a mindless zombie like the rest, or die.


We were sitting at my house celebrating my 18th birthday. My Dad gave me a purple and bright green ray gun that said sweet-heart on the side and a little pin that had a desert landscape with blood in the sand. My Mom got me a gold locket, a real gold locket with a picture her, Dad and I smiling on one side, and on the other was ’Family are like Bras, they are always close to your heart and support you even when you’re down.’ I laughed at the saying. “Thanks you guys, I will always were the pin and locket , and Dad, if the Dracs give me ant trouble, there going to wish they were never born.” I exclaimed happily while hugging them both. They both laughed at this. Suddenly there was a knock at the door, I peeked out the window a bit so the people who were there couldn’t see me. There were about six Draculoids at the door with ray guns.

I squealed, “ There here, Dad. The Dracs are here!”

“Okay sweetie, grab your stuff , go to your room climb out the window and run as fast as you can to the desert okay honey?” My mom asked tears in her eyes.

“What about you guys, what will happen to you?” I asked worriedly.

Dad came over to me and hugged me tightly, “We love you so much and we always will, don’t ever forget that okay?”

“Okay. I love you to,” I sniffle.

With that said and done I grabbed my gun, pined my pin to my leather jacket, put on my locket and ran to my room. I locked my bedroom door and heard my parents screaming and then, I heard the sound of ray guns being fired. I grabbed my gun holder and strapped it to my leg, as I heard foot steps come up the stairs, ‘Crap,’ I thought as I heard them checking all the rooms. I tried to open my window but it wouldn’t budge, I heard a bang, they were trying to get in. I grabbed my baseball bat from on my bed and broke the glass. Another few big bangs and I climbed out. As soon as I hit the ground my door busted open and they were shooting at me.

I turned back and shot two of them and they fell out of the window, I smiled, ‘damn bastards deserve it, for killing my parents.’
I ran through the streets, turning back every so often to shoot Dracs that chased and shot at me. I ran past a store and had to back track because something bright green caught my eye. I walked into the store and found what caught my eye, bright green Shutter-Shades. ’Just what I need,’ I thought. I put them on and took off running again.

While I was running, twenty Dracs chased me I was shooting and running and barley shot any of them, I was panicking, looking everywhere for a place to hide. I was running for a good five minutes until I made a sharp left into an alleyway. I ran, not sure if the Dracs were still chasing me or not. A laser shot past my head, I guess that answers my question. I looked and saw a ledge type thing I could use as a hiding spot, ‘if I stick to the wall they won’t see me.’ I was right, they ran right past me.

I saw my opportunity to run, so I did. As I ran I tripped, and laid there for a bit until I heard faint shouting, ‘crap, crap, crap’ I thought and desperately looked around for a place to hide. I spotted an old beat up blue car, I ran to it and hid in the trunk. ‘This is gunna be a long day,’ I thought as I fell asleep.

I woke up and the car was moving . There was laughing, I slowly and quietly took out my ray gun, and sat in a kneeling position they still didn’t notice me. The People in the car were all men, there was a guy with a really cool afro, he was pretty tall I guessed. The next guy was wearing Aviator glasses and his hair was shaved in the back and sides but he had hair in the front that was combed back over his head, it looked good. There were only two other guys and one was short and had shoulder length black hair, the other one was fairly tall with bright red shoulder length hair.

The short one looked over at the red headed one that was driving and yelled “Oh my god Party, did you see when I tripped over that rock and did the COOLEST fall ever?”

“By coolest fall did you mean, trip over the smallest rock ever, and land on your face?” The one called ‘Party’ asked jokingly. They all laughed really hard, I grinned.

“Oh shut up,” he replied as he looked back at that Party guy, ‘wow, the midget is really cute,’ I thought.

I figured I should probably let myself be known, they don’t seem to dangerous and they obviously don’t work for Better Living.

I leaned in beside afro dude and Aviator glasses guy and said, “ So, what are we talking about guys?”
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