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Night Night My Love

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What happens when Mikey leaves?

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3rd chapter sorry it's been so long but I really couldnt think until I wrote this on the beach the other day. well anyway enjoy ^-^

Gerard's POV

I know I should have told him everything before, he probably would have been able to sort everything out by now because thats what Mikey does. He's so helpful with sorting out any problems and always knows what to do. but I didnt tell him earlier and now I just want to go back to the pills and the booze that made me feel so numb. To the times where I felt empty and not even the darkest day could effect me.Those pills always seemed so welcoming and now it's gotten to the point where if any thing goes wrong I know what to take and everything will be better for everyone.
Frank came out the shower, body soaking wet with only a small blue towel wrapped around him and secured at his waist. It was wet and heavy so it slid down his perfect hips slowly as he moved. He shook his head vigorously trying to get me wet but of course he'd forgotten about the recent hair cut that left his hair short and tufty so he was fairly disappointed when not a drop of water landed on me.
"Fuck" he said, running his fingers though his short wet hair "I forgot that I'm practically bald now"
I couldnt help but giggle as he rubbed his hair on my cheek. Maybe the old Frank was coming back to me.
" I guess this is one way I can make you wet" he purred raising an eyebrow and running his hand up my thigh.
"FRANKIE! My brother is right there!" We both turned our heads to my brother who was just staring at us laughing and shaking his head.
"I guess thats my cue to leave". He stood up but before he let himself out of the door he turned to me and mouthed 'tell me if he hurts you'. Frank turned to smile at Mikey as he gave us both a wink as he closed the door. Behind that door was my only security leaving me. I was helpless now there was nothing I could do. It was just me and Frank.
Come to think of it where was Ray? I know he went to get groceries earlier (sushi, nachos and a 12 pack of mountain dew) but that took 10-20 minutes tops. But it's been more than an hour since he left. I could really do with Ray being here right now he was the other peacemaker of the band, like Mikey, he did not like conflict one bit and would always sort out any arguments or fights.but he wasnt here he was somewhere else where he didnt have a clue what was going to happen.
The lock clicked shut and there were 3 tappings on the door in time with Mikey's footsteps away from the bus.
Frank turned to me with anger and pure hatred filling his eyes stabbing me like daggers in my chest when he looked me in the eye.Every step towards me was full of rage forcing me to cower in the furthest corner of Ray's bunk, hugging my shins pulling my legs into my chest searching for any amount of security.
"What the fuck were you saying you little whore? Telling Mikey about poor little you, always the victim.well maybe you brought it on yourself! You're such a stupid little fuck!" He spat the last few words, his face inches from mine. there was nothing I could do. I was helpless. The best thing to do now was to go along with everything that Frank was going to do. He would eventually get tired of wasting his time on me. So thats what I did. I numbed my body as best as I could just waiting for the contact of his fist breaking my skin. But it didnt work this time. I couldn't stop myself wincing at the impact of his fist against my cheek and the warm blood oozing down my face.
"You worthless little freak! Did you think because you told your brother I would fucking stop? Oh but of course you're that dumb aren't you?" he said laughing at me "Things will just get worse for you Gee Gee and I'll just get better at doing it" he gave me a small smirk before he slammed my head repeatedly on the metal side of the bus. I was helpless. I could feel myself get dizzy and my vision blurring and fading.
"Oh and if you were wondering where your precious Ray is I told him he had been working too hard and deserved a break today" Franks voice was becoming more distant as my mind drifted further from reality. There was a light kiss on my forehead and a faint 'Night night my love' before my head swirled into an unconcoius state.

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