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It's Sincere

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Gerard and Mikey talk. Frank comes by.

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I'm back. sooner than expected. But I am back, this time, with a vengeance. (I'm so lame, I know XD)

Mikey’s POV

“Yeah… Thanks Frank… That would be great of you… Bye.” I said and hung up the phone.

“So…” Gerard asked.

“He’s going to check it out. He’s going to take the note the creep left today, and he’s going to ask around the neighborhood, and see if they saw anything…” I said and shook my head.

All of this was crazy. It was scaring Gerard, and it was driving me up a wall. I wanted Gerard to myself. I wanted all his focus to be on me. I wanted him to be distracted by me. I wanted him to pay attention to me. And the fact this stalker person thinks he even has a chance is quite frankly the funniest thing I could think of. You can’t just take someone’s brother away. Especially when the brother’s are romantically involved.

“Oh… Okay…” He nodded and sat down in the couch. He patted his lap, and looked over at me. “Mikey…” He drawled. “Come sit with me, it’d make me feel better.”

“You’re joking, right?” I questioned.

“Nooo… I like holding you… You’re like a big teddy bear.” He smiled.

“Fine…” I sighed as I gave in to my older brothers request. “What if Frank sees? He’s going to think we’re freaks and he’s going to like… Get us arrested… I mean… I like being with you… But I don’t want to be some big bald guy’s wife… They’d make me do push ups in drag, and I can barely do push ups, let alone a push up in a dress…”

“Don’t worry… You’ll have to move an get the door for him… So you’ll be off my lap and he wont even know any of this is going on.” He said

“You’re comfy, and I don’t wanna get off.” I said, instantly regretting that.

He started laughing really hard. “That would be the first time I’ve heard a man in the same room as me say that!” He snorted and continued to laugh.

“No one has ever told you no?” I asked, slightly jealous at the thought of other people being with Gerard.

I’m the one telling people no, Mikey.” He said with a slight smirk. I looked down at the ground, away from him If I was about to start crying, I didn’t want him to see. I was always under the impression he was mine. Even before this week. It was like no one else could have any sort of emotional attachment to my brother. “But of course I’d never tell you no, you’re my favorite.” He said, I think he noticed my reaction.

“Am I just… sex for you?” I asked sheepishly.

“Jesus Christ, no! Why would you ask that?” He asked, looking slightly appalled.

“Well… You said… and… You’ve had a whole bunch of you know… Like… Meaningless sex with guys and then left when you got bored… I don’t want you to get bored with me… Because I meant it when I said I love you..." I said, mentally slapping myself for rambling.

"Mikey... I don't know why you'd think that... Because I really do love you..." He said and rubbed my back.

"Well, I don't know if I'm supposed to believe that when you’re like… you’re a fucking nymphomaniac, to be perfectly honest… and I don’t want to be just sex to you…” I admitted.

“Mikey… The only reason I’m like that with you is because I love you so much… I want to make you happy in every way…” He said. “A-And I like seeing your face when you cum…” He added, in a timid whisper.

“Why?” I asked.

“I like sharing the honest moment with you. As dirty as it is on the surface, it’s pure… It’s real… There’s no second guessing, you can’t think about what’s going on, there’s no filter. You can’t take it back… I know I say stuff like ‘oh that’s so hot’ and stuff like that, but it’s mostly how sincere the moment is… It’s like all you’ve got right then and there is how good you feel, and the urge to make your partner feel the same… And the fact I’m making you feel so good is a bonus…” He said and played with a strand of my hair.

“So it’s like that with every guy you’re with?” I said, not wanting to be just another one of those guys. I didn’t want to be classified in a group with every other guy he’s had sex with.

“No. Honestly, it’s only like that with you… Everyone else… They’re just there so I can get off… The only reason I haven’t fallen in love with anyone because I loved you… And I couldn’t replicate how I feel with you toward anyone else…” He said.

“Really?” I asked, a slight blush creeping up on my face. I knew he meant it, I could tell. I just wanted him to confirm it.

“I don’t think I could make something like that up…” He sad and kissed my cheek.

I sat on the couch, holding Gerard, while he practically cradled me in his arms. If you were standing in front of us, looking at our position, you’d assume automatically that it was awkward and uncomfortable. But it wasn’t. It was almost like Gerard and I were made for each other. His chest fit perfectly with mine when we would hug. His lips moved perfectly with mine. He was perfect for me. He’s just perfect…

He and I stared at each other, as he kept running his fingers through my hair, and I watched a small smile creep across his face. Before you knew it, the door bell rung, and I shot off his lap and practically ran to the door.

I opened it and greeted Frank.

“Well… I’ve got a few people checking out the damage on your car. I’m going to go ask a few people if they say anyone suspicious around here from… 8 at night to about an hour ago?” He asked, clarifying.

“Yeah.” I nodded.

“Alright. Well, you guys relax a little… I’ll be back in a while to ask you and Gerard some questions individually, alright?” He said.

“Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Thanks, Frank.” I smiled.

“Anything for you and your brother.” He said, his eyes drifting more toward Gerard, in a way I didn’t like.

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