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An Equal

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The Moscow party

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Casey could feel the tension in Marcus’s body as they neared the front door. She could also hear his thoughts which were very loud at the moment and very angry. His Pure blood hated that he was being forced into this but at the same time would never again think to defy His Excellence. He sighed. “This is it.”

“I’m ready.” Casey smiled nervously.

The party was already in full swing and when the front door was opened music poured out.

“Marcus.” Lance smiled. “You honor me with your presence.”

“Well you didn’t really think I would miss a chance like this, did you?” Marcus said evenly as he walked inside.

Lance cast a glance at Casey then smiled, “Lovely” He nodded taking in her short dress, “But you didn’t need to bring a blood bound. I have plenty for you to choose from.”

Marcus laughed, “I’m sure you do. However this one is special to me.”

“I see.” Lance said as he closed the door then nodded for them to follow him into the large living room. “We have been waiting for your arrival to begin.” He explained before yelling across the room to have the music turned down. When it was he said in a loud voice. “Many of you of course know Marcus.”

Casey watched as several men made their way towards them. She also noted that several women seemed to take great interest in Marcus’s arrival.

One woman, a tall blond, quickly made her way over.

“Marcus.’ She purred wrapping her arms around him. “It’s good to see you.”

“Mia.” He hugged her tightly. “How long has it been?”

“Too damn long.” She answered. “But we’ll make up for lost time tonight.” As she said this her hands ran down his shoulders slowly.

Marcus smiled, “Sounds promising.”

Mia glanced over at Casey. “Why on earth did you bring her?”

Casey stood showing no emotion.

Before Marcus could answer Lance piped up. “He says this one is special to him.”

All around there was laughter.

“Really?” Mia gave Casey a more apprising look, “Why?”

Marcus glanced at Casey then answered. “This one is Ingredior Utriusque.”

A sudden hush fell over the room.

“You have another Ingredior Utriusque?” Most in the room had heard that Marcus had bound one to him years earlier. That in itself had been monumental. Now he was informing them he’d found another.

Marcus nodded looking around the room to get a good idea of who exactly was in attendance. Most he recognized a few he’s never seen before. “Yes, this one is the daughter of the first.”

“Really?” Mia was watching Casey closely. “Is she as delicious as her mother?”

It was all Casey could do to keep from flinching.

Marcus laughed, “Ingredior Utriusque blood is beyond delicious.”

Lance was staring at Casey too. “So Marcus does not control you.” It was obvious by his tone he believed the fact that a Pure could not control anyone was a bad thing.

Marcus spoke up quickly. “Lance you know what an honor it is for me to have a Ingredior Utriusque blood bound.”

Not wanting to insult his guest Lance quickly nodded, “Yes, of course.”

“And will you share some of the delicious blood with us?” A tall older man asked in an even tone.

Casey looked over at him. She immediately could tell he was a Pure.

Marcus smiled, “Jonas tell me honestly if you had a Ingredior Utriusque would you share?”

Jonas’s eyes ran over Casey’s body hungrily. “Perhaps.”

Marcus could barely keep himself from responding angrily. “Perhaps, not. She is mine.”

Another Pure, a woman, had moved in closer. She spoke directly to Casey. “What is your name?”

Casey looked into the woman’s eyes. She was surprised to see what looked like kindness. “I’m Casey.” She answered in a clear, strong voice. “And you are?” She knew asking a question like this would have been unthinkable had she not been Ingredior Utriusque and simply only a blood bound.

“Caroline.” The Pure answered with a smile. “It is a pleasure to meet you, Casey. I have never before been honored to be in the presence of a Ingredior Utriusque.”

“Thank you.” Casey answered. It was hard to be polite because she was suddenly bombarded with Marcus’s thoughts in her head.

Caroline looked over at Marcus, “She is lovely.”

Marcus smiled, “Yes, she is. How have you been Caroline? Lance failed to mention you would be here tonight.”

It was then Casey realized what was wrong. Marcus was very upset because while he had believed he would be the oldest Pure in attendance that wasn’t the case. Caroline was older and therefore had the right to ask for Casey.

The beautiful black haired Pure smiled, “I am currently enjoying the life of a writer. I’m here in Moscow for a small vacation. I heard about the party and simply showed up without an invitation."

Lance spoke up. “Carolyn you know how honored I am you are here.”

Marcus ignored him still looking at Carolyn.“Being a writer suits you.” He forced himself to seem unaffected by her presence.

From his thoughts Casey was picking up on the fact that Marcus and Caroline had shared much time together in the past. It was hard not to let jealous feeling invade her mind.

“It was amusing to watch you as Hudson Evans.” Caroline said with a small smile. “You had quite a stage presence.”

Marcus grinned, “That was a fun life. At times I still miss it.”

Caroline suddenly turned to look at Casey again. “Tell me have you met His Excellence?”

All those near strained to hear the answer. Most had never met him.

Casey looked directly into her eyes recovering quickly by answering the question she realized Caroline was asking but already knew the answer, “Yes, I had the great honor of meeting him just as my mother had years ago.”

This answer seemed to please Caroline. “Yes, that is an extreme honor, an honor to hear his wisdom.” Casey understood her words had an underling meaning.

Lance had moved away to speak to the help. He had given the order for them the start distributing the glasses to the guests.

“Well since you are here Marcus we shall begin?”

Marcus nodded, “Yes, of course.” He took Casey’s hand and led her over to one of the unoccupied sofas. Caroline followed them but remained standing.

Lance held up his glass once all the Healers had been served. “There are many rooms open for your use.” He explained. “And many I am sure you will find very entertaining.”

Around the room there was laughter.

As before Casey watched at the Healers drank. Soon many pairs of topaz eyes were on her. She tried to ignore the blatant stares.

Marcus drained his glass then sat back.

Casey tried not to let it upset her that now his thoughts were totally those of a Pure. The blood he’d just consumed had taken over and she could feel his lust, it was overwhelming. She noticed that Caroline had drained her glass then settled down next to him on the other side of the sofa. It was hard to hide her own feelings when she saw the Pure lean over and kiss Marcus.

All around clothing was being shed but Casey kept her eyes on Marcus.

“Come, let us find one of Lance’s amusing rooms.” Caroline said as she ran her hand down Marcus’s body to settle in his lap. She smiled as her fingers lightly caressed his hardness. “I wish to sample the Ingredior Utriusque.”

Marcus blinked trying to control the fury consuming him but as a Pure he knew there was no way he could deny this woman. She was much older than he so her wishes superseded his.

Casey knew many eyes were on the three of them. She knew this was the moment she must prove she was willing to be a part of this world. Moving over even closer to Marcus she nuzzled his neck.

Marcus thought he’d explode at that moment. He groaned then stood. “Come.’ He ground out to Casey.

Caroline led the way. The room she chose after walking past several looked at first glance like a normal bedroom. It wasn’t until the walked further into the room that Casey noticed the chains attached to the head and foot of the bed. She tried to swallow the fear that suddenly washed over her body.

“This is perfect.” Caroline purred before turning to Marcus and kissing him hard.

Casey stood watching silently.

Moving back Caroline looked at her. “Help me undress him.” She commanded.

It was all Casey could do not to refuse but she understood that was something she couldn’t do. This Pure was in charge, it was her right.

Marcus closed his eyes, his body trembling with want and another emotion he couldn’t admit filling his body. Soon he stood before the two women naked.

Caroline smiled as she took his hand to lead him over to the bed. Once there he lay completely still as she shackled him to the middle of the bed. Casey was shocked at what was happening. Never had she believed when they had arrived here tonight that Marcus would be being controlled by another.

“There.’ Caroline said standing back when it was done. “That is perfect.” She turned to Casey. “Now darling, it’s your turn.”

Casey’s eyes grew wide as Caroline walked over to her.

“Show no fear.” Caroline whispered as she placed her arms around Casey and hugged her tightly.

It was then Casey realized several of the guests were standing just outside in the hallway.

Casey nodded slightly. She even forced a smile as Caroline began to unzip her dress. When it fell to the ground Caroline spoke loudly. “So very beautiful. I’m sure you will taste as wonderful as you look.” Her topaz eyes flashed as she ran her hands down Casey’s bare body.

“Now help me.” Caroline demanded.

Casey’s tried to keep her fingers from trembling as she began to undress the Pure. When both women stood nude, facing each other Casey forced her mind not to think about the other Healers watching. She closed her ears to the sound of their moans.

Caroline’s eyes flashed as she nodded towards the bed. “We can’t forget poor Marcus.”

Looking over at the bed Casey saw Marcus was watching them. His eyes flashed, his fangs were extended. He was pulling against the shackles. When a moment later the women knelled on each side of him facing each other he moaned.

Caroline ran her hand down his bare chest teasingly. The look she gave Casey encouraged her to do the same.

As their hands caressed him Marcus uttered an oath.

“I have missed you.” Caroline said softly looking into Marcus’s eyes.

Her words caused him to glance at Casey.

“Now it is time to taste the Ingredior Utriusque.’ She said leaning across Marcus’s body to pull Casey’s head towards her. As the others watched she kissed her deeply then nuzzled her neck. The words she whispered to Casey could not be heard by even Marcus.

When Caroline looked into Casey’s eyes she understood the woman was ready. Casey turned her head but at the same time she used her hand to begin to stroke Marcus’s rock hard erection. When she heard him begin to utter a plea for Caroline to stop what she was about to do Casey stroked him faster.

Marcus moaned as lust washed over him.

Casey continued to pump him as Caroline bit into her skin. The feeling was so intense for a moment she couldn’t breathe. On the bed Marcus was shaking.

Caroline took a small amount of Casey’s blood then sat back. She licked her lips and said loudly, “Excellent, so sweet, so pure.”

Again Marcus tried to speak but before he could utter a word Caroline leaned down and kissed him hard.

Marcus could taste Casey’s blood still on he lips. He tried to deepen the kiss, that blood urging him on.

Caroline lifted her head. She looked directly into Casey’s eyes as she slid her body down to lay beside Marcus. Casey did the same.

Marcus’s eyes were wide open. What he saw next almost caused him to cry out but before that could happen Caroline’s fingers replaced Casey’s on his dick. At the same time she had bit into her arm and extended it to Casey.

He wanted to stop this. He wanted no other to bond with Casey.

Casey smiled at Caroline then placed her lips over the wound. As Caroline’s blood filled her mouth she drank deeply.

Again Marcus tried to cry out but quickly Caroline lowered her head this time capturing his dick in her mouth. Pure lust overwhelmed him. He tried to buck his hips to push his throbbing member further into that hot mouth.

As Casey drank she continued to run her hand over his body. She wanted him to feel she was still with him. A few minutes later as Caroline pulled her arm away Casey understood everything.

“Ride him." Caroline commanded.

Casey quickly straddled Marcus impaling herself on his dick. She moaned in pleasure as did Marcus.

Caroline lay beside them watching.

Casey could hear the woman’s thoughts but she could also feel her frustration. With no shame she reached her hand over and began to stroke Caroline’s wet pussy. Caroline sighed in pleasure. Still Casey knew the woman wanted more. Her hand urged Caroline to move up Marcus’s body. When she was high enough on the bed Marcus hungrily latched on to her breast sucking hard. Caroline cried out. Casey continued to ride Marcus but leaned forward so her fingers could once again caress Caroline’s nub.

Marcus was to the breaking point. His Pure blood was in control yet another part of him realized the woman he loved was making love to him. He released Caroline’s nipple to let his tongue dart out to tease. His eyes were locked on Casey.

She smiled into his eyes. Her fingers now wet with Caroline’s juices moved faster. When she slipped one inside the woman she heard Caroline cry out. Pumping her finger in and out she could feel her muscles tightening.

Marcus uttered an oath as his release filled Casey causing her own to happen at the same moment. Caroline too reached her release as Casey’s finger hit the perfect stop.

Casey fell onto Marcus’s chest. She removed her hand from Caroline who then curled her body up next to Marcus.

“Fuck.” Marcus whispered in a shaky voice.

Caroline laughed, “Indeed.”

Casey closed her eyes trying to let Marcus’s words of love fill her head. She gently placed her lips against his skin. A moment later she was surprised by Caroline’s words she could also now hear in her mind. Those words caused her to lift her head and without shame kiss Caroline deeply.

Marcus watched the two women. A feeling of loss washed over him. Now Casey also belonged to another.

Casey leaned her head back down to rest her whole body over him. His emotions caused her such sadness, he didn’t understand.

Caroline smiled, “Perhaps we should release our boy, now?”

Casey nodded and soon Marcus was free of the shackles.

“Marcus would you be a dear and go get our Ingredior Utriusque a glass of wine?”

Marcus stared at her. He’d known Caroline a long time and even though she was older then him she’d never ordered him around like this. He was about to mention that fact when he felt Casey grab his hand and squeezed it tightly as if trying to send him a message.

“Of course.” He said scooting off the bed not bothering with clothing. When he was gone Caroline glanced at the door and saw the other Healers had moved on to find their own enjoyment.

“You did very well.” Caroline said softly.

Casey smiled, “Thank you.” She was thanking the Pure for so many things.

“His Excellence will be pleased.” Caroline said. “I was beginning to wonder how long I was going to have to follow you and Marcus before an opportunity like this arose.”

“I wasn’t aware you were following us.” Casey admitted.

Caroline leaned back and sighed, “Yes, for more than a month now. Marcus does not understand, does he?”

Casey shook her head slightly still keeping her voice lowered, “No, and that troubles me.”

“But this is how His Excellence wishes it to be?”

Casey nodded.

Caroline looked deeply into Casey’s eyes. “I understand you can hear my thoughts but can you also feel my emotions?”


“What a unique gift you have.” Caroline smiled, “Unique and important. You must continue as you’ve done tonight. Do not worry about being shared again. I’m sure Marcus will be very careful where he takes you from now on. However he need not worry there are few older than us that still interact with the mortal or immortal world.”

“He was very shocked when he saw you.’ Casey said softly.

“I’m sure he was. I rarely attend these parties. I hope what you had to endure was not too difficult.”

Casey titled her head listening to Caroline’s thoughts more than her words. She answered from her heart. “It was not difficult at all. I am proud to be blood bound to you.”

Caroline reached over and stroked her cheek. “It is I who am proud to be bound to a Ingredior Utriusque. Like His Excellence I pray you will one day make a difference in the Healer world.” She was about to say more but Marcus had returned with Casey’s glass of wine.

As Marcus handed it to Casey he’s eyes searched hers. He knew he’d been sent out of the room for a reason and he hoped she was not upset by anything Caroline had said or done. Casey smiled at him to ease his worries.

“We really should go back out there.” Caroline said softly.

Marcus shook his head, “I’m ready to leave.”

Casey was listening to Caroline’s thoughts. She knew how important it was that she became better known in the Healer world.

“Marcus to leave this early would be rude.” Caroline said staring at him.

Casey got off the bed to stand beside him. She said softly, “Caroline is right. We should stay for a bit.”

His anger flared, “So now you think you should just listen to her?”

Caroline stood. “Come lets mingle for a bit and then both of you can leave with me. We’ll go back to my hotel.”

Marcus didn’t know if that idea was any better than staying but he relented.

Once back in the living room the party was still in full swing. Casey tried not to let what she saw bother her. In her mind she kept reminding herself that Healers felt no shame in what they did in the presence of their kind. She and Marcus found a sofa and sat down.

Soon she realized that Marcus’s eyes were once again topaz. What he saw going on around them was making his Pure blood run hot. She heard Caroline’s words and reacted. Blocking out the fact that they were definitely not alone she thought only of Marcus. As she moved to straddle his lap she heard him moan.

“You don’t need to do this.” He whispered.

She smiled looking into his eyes. “What I do is what I truly want.” She said before throwing her head back as she slipped him deep inside her.

Caroline watched them closely for a moment then moved across the room to a man she’d spotted earlier.

Marcus placed his hands on Casey’s hips and began rising and lowering her body over his. He too blocked out the fact that they were in a room full of people. This woman had set his body on fire. When he came again he bit into her neck.

“You are a lucky man.”

He took one more deep draw of her blood then lifted his head to see Lance was standing nearby.

Marcus smiled.

It was almost an hour later Caroline announced to Lance she was leaving and Marcus and Casey were to accompany her.

While Lance did not want his guests to leave he understood what Caroline decided was not up for debate.

“I wish it to be known.” Caroline said in a clear voice. “The Ingredior Utriusque is now also bound to me.”

Several people nodded.

“She is mine and of course Marcus’s. As such she will be treated with the up most respect.”

Lance spoke, “Of course, Caroline. We all understand this.”

“Good.” Caroline smiled. “She has chosen to be a part of the Healer world. For us that is an honor.”

Again there were nods as her words made it clear Casey was to be treated as a Healer even though she was mortal.

Lance walked over to Casey who had just returned with Marcus from dressing. “I am honored you attended my party tonight.” He said.

Casey heard Caroline’s words in her head. Doing so she responded accordingly, “It was my pleasure. I hope we meet again.”

Lance smiled, “That is my hope too.” He took Casey’s hand and kissed it.

Marcus knew immediately that Caroline had spoken before they’d returned to the room. He was relived that what the Pure had obviously said had given Casey respect of those here.

Lance quickly ordered glasses of wine to be distributed. “Before you go, I wish to make a toast.” He said.

Casey stood silently beside Marcus. She too was handed a glass unlike the other blood bounds.

“To the Ingredior Utriusque, Casey.” Lance said lifting his glass.

Around the room other Healers lifted their glasses in salute.

Casey smiled as she heard Caroline’s’ words echo in her mind, "You are now accepted into our world as an equal. His Excellence will be pleased."
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