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The Töddlër

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What if you met this kid?

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I got out of my bed and combed my hair to one side then I wentinto the bathroom to take a shower. When I started washing my hair I started to remember the dream I had last night. What did it even mean?Are the people from that wild dream real?Then I started to open the shower door to step out and get dressed. I was wearing a black teeshirt this time with a purple höödie. I was wearing dark blue jeans with yellow converses. I walked over to the sink and got out my toothbrush. Then I turned on the sink and ran my toothbrush under the some how always cold water. Next I got out my brand new toothpaste since Chelsea used the last bit of the other one. I than began to clean my teeth and Finnished two and a half minuets later.

So I ran down the hall and into my room to grab my bookbag. Then I ran downstairs into the kitchen seeing Chelsea with her boyfriend. I grabbed a honey bun and ate the whole thing and I was five minuets early this time. So I watched five minuets of Spongebob. I finally decided to get off the sofa and get the two lovers out of the kitchen and out to the bus. When we got there something caught my eye,it was a little boywho was probably 4 or 5. He was wondering the streets. A short man with black hair had came up behind him and he looked like the man from my dream. He picked up the boy and took him into some near by woods. That made me realize Chelsea was starring too. I herd the bus and Frankie did too,so we got on but Chelsea didn't and missed the bus.

She started walking towards the woods and the little boy came running out."Hey,Kid what did the man do to you?"Chelsea asked as the boy looked shocked at her and didn't answer."Can you tell me your name?"She asked him and he replied this time in a more fragile voice."Brayden,Miss.""Okay sweetie now what did that man do to you?"Chelsea asked him once more."He did this..."The kid said as he charged at Chelsea making her scream and run from the five year old's sharp teeth.

He was chasing Chelsea up and down the whole neighborhood. But then Chelsea stopped and waited for him to catch up. But when he did Chelsea slapped him and said."Bad,bad Brayden!"He sat down and started to cry."I'm sorry,here you can come with me. Where are your parents?"She asked the Whinny toddler."Gone."He said as Chelsea picked him up and brought him to school with her. Everyone including teachers were asking her about him and why she brought him to school with her. All she would do was walk on by.

Later back with Sammy and I."So Sammy,prom is coming up. Do you want to go with me?"I asked Sam as she looked at me."Yeah I guess so."She told me making me forget that weird dream. We started walking to our last period of the day,Which was gym. Sammy had history."Bye Sammy I'll see you later."I said as nervous as possible. About the time I got there I lost count of time and it was over before I knew it.

When me and Chelsea got home we started watching cartoons with Brayden. Then our doorbell had rang. So I got up to answer it. There was this lady with long brown hair and a black cape."Is my son here?"she said as she tried to look past me."Oh by the way I'm Jasmine Price."She also had said."No he's not here bye."I told her as I slammed the door shunt in her face. So I went and sat back down and the door flung open and that Jasmine chick walked inside."Where's my adopted son Brayden!"she yelled at me and Chelsea. I looked over at Chelsea and she was clutching Brayden to her chest."NO,MOMMY,NO!"Brayden yelled as his mother walked over to him."Brayden let's go now."She said in a grumpy voice as she grabbed his hand. Then Brayden bit her making her squeal and he ran to the nearest spot of sun. She ran right into the patch of sun."I'm melting help me I'm melting. Not!"She said as she picked up Brayden and left. Then some freak came in our house.

"Hey can you turn up the tunes,oh by the way I'm Mikey Way."He said as I remembered my dream again and turned up the song we had on since right now. Everything was perfect until that rude lady burst into my house. I looked at Mikey and he was doing the worm,now the robot,now the chicken. Oh my gosh is he truly a freak. He was wearing leg warmers with a head band on,it was all pink. Also blue Jean booty shorts with a pink striped tank top. And he sounded gay."Thanks for turning up the music."He said.

I don't know what's going on or why some people have sharp teeth and who all these people are coming from oh how I wish I were somewhere else or could I be some where else?
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