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Blood Lust

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The Vampire genre mixed with My Chemical Romance to make a horror story sprinkled with a bit of a possible romance

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG - Genres: Fantasy,Horror,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2011-09-01 - Updated: 2011-09-02 - 323 words

My Chemical Romance

Thick, heavily covered curtains draped infront of long French styled windows, blocking out the smallest flickers of light threatening to pass into the threshold of Gerard's room. He lay wrapped in the crimson velvet covers and murmured words unaudible to a human's pathetic ear. It must have been some long forgotten poem that only a few chosen people had the blessing of still remembering it's sweet words. The room was completely darkened but Gerard's ultra sensitive, amber eyes could see each intricate detail perfectly on the embroided, lush covers surrounding him.

He lazily lifted his pale hand and pushed back his jet black hair revealing the scarlet red underlayers. A fresh corpse lay next to him. A young woman. Her neck was still stained with sticky, red blood. Gerard stroked his finger across her collar bone and traced a dry vein up to where her skin had been torn apart and ripped from her spine. A sick smile spread across his face as he remembered her look of sheer terror as he had sunk his sharpened canines into her warm flesh. His mouth watered as he remembered the hot, sweet blood gushing down his dry throat. She had a pretty face and, surprisingly, a brain to match but that was nothing when matched with Gerard's crooked grin and eyes that invited you into his arms; And into his bed.

He pushed the dead girl away in repulsion. He hated how easily she'd fallen for him. Pathetic. He swept his arm across the bed effortlessly, removing the intertwining sheets from his body. With overwhelming grace he got to his feet and gazed into the mirror across his room. He examined his skin. It was like chiselled, pearly white marble. His cheeks were highlighted with a slight flush due to just feeding. It added a nice characteristic to his stone-like complexion, perhaps even going as far as making him look more... Human.
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