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Chapter Fourteen

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They go to BLI headquarters

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"Oh my god, you killed her!" I cried, beginning to cry. I felt pathetic but I was terrified "How could you?"
"She's not dead," Korse replied smoothly "I've been getting some of my willing and smart workers to update our technology. This is a memory gun." He held it up proudly "It's not enough to give her total amnesia. Just enough to let her forget the last two weeks."
"So..." I considered this "She won't remember us?"
"She won't remember me?"
"SHe won't remember my name, my killjoy one or my real one?"
Korse stood there for a moment as if considering "She'll know your real name forever, there's nothing I can do about that yet. But she won't remember you or that she was ever in love with you."
"You might have erased her memory of us and Kobra," Party hissed "But that won't mean she'll want to marry you. You can't make her change her mind."
Korse smiled cruely "We'll see about that. Get them into the van and we'll take them to headquarters. I'll take Lady Madness."
The dracs surrounded us and saw us to the van. Korse lifted Lady Madness up with his filthy hands and carried her over to his car. I glared at him as I walked off with my friends. We knew there was no use in trying to fight them. It'd be just like when we went to go rescue Missile Kid only worse because we knew we wouldn't wake up.
All of us sat in the back of a large white van with the BLI smiley face on the side with 'Making a better you' written down the side. Yeah, right...
Colourful Shadow hadn't accompained us to the van. Korse had ordered her to follow him to his car. He was probably congratulating her right this second. I didn't see how she could give up on us so easily but I couldn't hate her. None of us could. Cruel as it was, we could see why she'd betrayed us.
"I really loved her," Fun Ghoul whispered "I was over the moon when I found out she felt the same way. But now we'll never be able to be together."
"Do you think they'll kill us?" Screaming Revolver asked, fearfully "And if they let us live, what am I going to do once I've given birth?"
"What do you mean?" I asked.
Screaming Revolver sniffed "... Well, what if they hurt my child?" She asked, tears rolling down her cheeks.
Party Poison wrapped his arm round her "I won't let them hurt our child. I promise."
Screaming Revolver gave him a small, grateful smile and leaned her head on him.
Agent Anarchy shuffled closer to Jet-Star who wrapped his arms round her protecivetly. Me and Fun Ghoul glanced at each other and chose to comfort each other. Well it looked as if we were both single now and we were all terrified...
"You don't think they'd really kill us, do you?" Agent Anarchy asked.
Fun Ghoul shrugged "It's Better Living Industries we're talking about. They could do anything. I just hope they don't torture us for our real names."
"Do you think they'll hurt Lady Madness?" I asked, looking down at the floor "If she still refuses to love Korse?"
"Yet again, it's Better Living Industries we're talking about." Fun Ghoul sniffed "I hate this van."
"I hate where we're headed even more." Screaming Revolver sobbed "She was my best friend! How could she do that?"
"I thought I was your best friend?" Agent Anarchy cried.
Screaming Revolver nodded "I meant one of. I mean, I always did like you a little more than her but still. That sleepover, everything we told her... She could easily pass it all on to Korse. Stuff about our childhoods and stuff. Especially the stuff that Lady Madness said. He could use all that stuff against us!"
"We've got more careful about who we trust next time." Jet-Star swallowed.
"If there is a next time." I muttered darkly.

One drac grabbed my arm, and another grabbed my other arm and they started dragging me towards the large building. The others were getting the same treatment but once we were inside, they were all dragged down a different corridor. I was dragged alone down a completely different corridor.
I was strapped down into a seat and Korse stood opposite me and said "Now then Kobra. Tell me Lady Madness' real name."

I just got back from BLACKPOOL :D Incase anyone's interested in what happened while I was gone, my Ma brought me Guitar Hero, I went to the sealife center got creeped out by sharks, went to Madame Tusauds (Yeah, so I can't spell!) and I saw two girls spend £193 on magazines including Cat Weekly and The Parrot. :')
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