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Chapter 7

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A man's favorite combination

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Lily's POV

My eyelids fluttered open. I was engulfed in both darkness and a pair of arms from the night before. By the whispers of light crawling through the cracks of the boards Gerard had put up weeks ago, I could tell it was day time.

My hair was matted to my face and my entire body had drenched in what must've been a night sweat. The droplets of water were chilling to my skin and, as though they were a pull back to reality, I remembered all of the previous night's events.

I turned my head to be met with the closed eyelids of the most beautiful demon you might ever see. I smiled a sad smile, and took in all that he was. Gerard's pale face looked heavenly in contrast with the creature that he was. It was almost intoxicating, watching him. His breathing was smoothe and even, oxygen slipping in and out of his perfect velvet lips. The smell of the air, as he breathed it out, was exactly like the smell of the sweetest peppermint mixed in with the freshly bloomed roses of spring just before the summer season can begin. Then, at the same time, it was nothing like that at all. He was too much for the human mind to put into words, or maybe just too much for the human mind to comprehend enough to put into words. Whichever it was, my senses would soon be happily inebriated from his proximity. Though, my mind was in unrest over the instinct of danger that flooded my brain.

Though it may seem strange that I've never observed him like this before, I had never been given a real chance to just look at Gerard. Of course I had stared at his features before but I had never just let myself take all of him in. With this chance, I could see that Gerard was the past and the future all at once. He wasn't what some teenager's book about vampires might describe him to be. Yes, he was more gorgeous than many a girl could handle, but he an atmosphere of completeness that would be difficult for too young a soul to harken. It was that completeness that taunted the mind with an edge that would send the sensation of adrenaline through your blood, because Gerard's enchantment was on par with that of the gods. It whispered attraction to the heart but screamed nightmares to the head. He was innately evil but had chosen to defy that which was himself for of all things a girl he could snap in two with no more than his fingertips. He loved me. I loved him. Only questions can remain between those two until the seperate thoughts could become one. What did loving each other mean?

I very carefully slipped Gerard's arms from around my waist. My feet brushed across the carpet floor as I crept out of our room to the bathroom. I would be going for a walk today, in the sunlight.

As soon as I had finished showering the shakes and fog from body, I tip-toed back into our room for clothing. A pair of plain skinny jeans and a green t-shirt were soon going to be on my skin. I held back a laugh as I could only think how perfect this would be for Gerard, if he could only wake up. I was naked and all wet, a man's favorite combination. Quickly enough though, I had all of my clothes on and was heading for the door.

I paused momentarily as I passed the kitchen. The table pieces were gone and the window was fixed. The only evidence that last night had ocurred at all was the unswept bits of shattered glass and the uneasy feeling resting in my stomach. I sighed and tried to chase the feeling away as I continued my way out the door.

It had been months since I'd felt the sun's rays touch my flesh. I trekked quietly along the sidewalks of Belleview. There were less people than one might expect to be bustling about, but this was most likely because the majority were at work or school. I just smiled as I looked at the fewer faces crowding the streets. Everyone had some sort of destination to go to and some sort of story behind it. Part of me almost wanted to stop any of these people and ask them about it. Where were they going? Why were they going there? What kind of people awaited them?

As I mindlessly stepped off a curb and crossed the street into a park. I felt some strange urge to know all about all of the people in this city. I wanted to see their worlds. I wanted to see their lives. I wanted to touch their regular worlds. I wanted to so badly, and as I placed myself on a quiet bench in the center of the park, I knew I couldn't. These people weren't tainted by the knowledge of what things really lurked in the alleys at night. They didn't know that they had more to fear than being mugged. To them, all life is, is people living as people do. There was nothing else. With that last thought, I sighed and glanced around the park.

This place was a shock of green amongst the city buildings. After a moment or two, I realized I had been here before. I didn't know when, but I had. It was probably while hunting Gerard so many months ago.

"Whatcha thinkin' about so intently there, girlie?" An old woman's voice suddenly asked.
"Huh? Oh!" I said as her voice broke through my reverie. "To be truthful, I suppose you could say I'm thinking about everything."

A smile crept up the old woman's face. She was sitting at the opposite end of the bench with her purse and a coat. Her gray hair was at not too long, not too short, kind of length. She absolutely sent out a comforting grandmother type of vibe.
"Everything, huh?" Her eyes twinkled as she spoke. "Did everything do something wrong?" She questioned.

"No," I shook my head, and briefly wondered why I was even talking to this lady. She flashed a dentured grin.
"So then everything did something right?" She laughed. I shook my head again. She raised an eyebrow at me, "Well which is it then, deary?"

"Neither. Something flipped my whole understanding of everything around." I responded, both totally understanding and totally confused as to what we were talking about.
"Ah." She said and nodded her head knowingly. "Well you look like a smart young woman. I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out again. Everything always seems to have a way of working out in the end." She then did that old person smile and waved over another old man.I knew that she'd just done that elderly people's thing on me. She'd made me feel like I'd just discovered some great insight into something but I had no idea what the hell that insight was. I merely nodded to her, trying to be polite, as the old man offered her hand to stand up.
"Well deary, I'm glad I got to chat with you. I always love to talk to the young people, but I'm afraid it's time for everything and I to return home." She said with another smile. "Let's go Jared."

The old man with her nodded as they started to pitter patter away. "I hope your talk with that girl back there doesn't make me late for bingo with Raymond again, Lila," He muttered.
Now I know what your thinking, and yeah, I'm thinking it too. What. The. Hell? I'm sure I was staring off at the old folks as they went away, with the most shocked and dumbfounded look you could ever see on a person. I mean really?! Jared and Lila?! Those are just too eerily similar to Gerard and Lily. Hell, you could throw Ray in the mix with that Raymond guy whose friends with Jared. Why does it seem like I can't just have a regular day pass without the twilight zone or hell trying to remind me that I'm not allowed to just be normal? oh that's right, cause that would mean letting me be content for five seconds which is clearly against the laws of nature.

I set my eyes back upon the park. There were a bunch of little kids, too young to go to school yet, playing in a sandbox. Their mothers were chatting amongst each other, not really paying attention to the kids. The children were a mix of boys and girls all probably only about one or two years apart. I watched as the smallest of the girls tripped and fell in the sand. Most of the kids laughed at her for a moment before she stood back up, grabbed a pail of sand and dumped it on one kid's head. I laughed quietly to myself, thinking of how badass that little girl was going to be someday with that attitude. She then, walked over to the corner of sandbox, away from the other kids, and nursed the scrape she must've gotten from tripping. She was in obvious pain but wouldn't let the other kids see her upset. As one of the boys raced away from the sandbox for a moment, I stood up to maybe go help the girl. Suddenly though, just as I got to my feet, the little boy raced over to the girl with something in his hand. I sat back down and watchd. He was a skinny little kid but was a bit taller than the others. He was offering the girl a dandelion. She stared back at him for a moment before doing something I couldn't imagine most little girls doing. She took it from his hand and shoved it into his mouth. I blinked a little in shock. She actually just shoved that sweet little boy's flower into his mouth? The skinny boy stared at her for a moment, little bits of the dandelion sticking out of his mouth, before grinning. He spit the flower out and then crawled in the sandbox to sit next to her. At this point the little girl was glaring at him, but he turned and whispered something into her ear. She seemed to consider something for a moment before nodding her head and standing up. The skinny boy, following suit, grabbed her hand and lead her over to the other children. He spoke calmly to the others and soon enough they were all playing together like the whole tripping incident never happened. I just stared. They were so strange. I'd never seen kids act like that before. The little boy and girl were so strange. She'd pretty much just gave him one giant "FUCK YOU" with that dandelion thing, but he smiled and convinced her to come play with his friends? Kids are weirdos.

Suddenly, there was a shade over my head and I felt the place on my scalp where the sunshine had been kissing skin grow cool. I looked up to see two honey brown eyes staring back down at me with an umbrella.

"My arms missed the feeling of you, so I woke up," Gerard explained quietly. He was keeping us both in the shade of his umbrella, probably to avoid frying in the sunlight. I just blinked and waited for him to say something else. "I was worried."

"Worried about what?" I asked in a whisper. He just smiled and then looked down. I turned my body so I wasn't looking at him upside down anymore, and he pulled something from his pocket.
"I was worried whether you were okay, whether you were coming home, whether you mad at me," Gerard listed off quietly and then smiled as he continued. "Whether I needed to rally up every vampire this side of the country that I haven't pissed off and form a search party, whether-" I placed a hand over his mouth.

"Okay," I rolled my eyes, "I get the point. You were worried about alot."
He nodded and I removed my hand. Then, he brought that what he had taken from his pocket and place it in front of my face. It was a little piece of paper. Actually no, it was that weird paper. You know, the kind that magazines are made from? I flipped it over and there in big bold letters were the words "IKEA WOODEN OAK TABLE. PLEASE PICKUP BY NINE O'CLOCK IN THE AFTERNOON". I looked back up at Gerard.

"Nine in the afternoon? What the hell does that mean?" I asked critically. He smiled.
"It means the Ikea people are underpaid and have no motivation to make sure there aren't typos on their stuff, but that's beside the point." Gerard laughed and switched hands that the umbrella was in.
"How did you know to-"

"I love you, that's how." He answered while cutting me off. I smiled and looked back down at the paper. Then, I climbed up on the bench a little, placed my fingers around his jaw, and shoved the paper in his mouth. He just stared at me for a moment before a smirk made it's way onto his face.

He pulled the paper from his mouth and grinned. "That's okay, I'll give Mikey five bucks to go steal it later while we're busy."
"Busy?" I questioned and tried to remember if we had something to do later. Suddenly, Gerard's lips were right next to my ear.
"While we're on our date for tonight."


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