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10:Fight or Flight

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"Welcome to The Division."

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(An hour later, at the Diner.)
(Sun’s POV)

“Sunshine!” Dr. Death Defying calls, rolling from his makeshift radio studio. “To what do I owe this pleasure?” He asks me. “Why are you all dressed up tumbleweed?”

I smile at the man. Leaning down, I give him a quick hug. He releases me, and I clear my throat. “Give me a minute.” I say, steeling myself.

“She means us.” Party says, walking in and taking my hands. “Give us a minute.”

Death gives a us a rare look of confusion. “What? I thought it was Fun Sun now. Not Neon Poison.” He says, looking at my hand, entwined with Poison’s.

“I ended it with Ghoul. Because,” I stumble over my words and start crying again. Why was I crying? This is okay. This is good! Baby Ella needs a strong mommy, not a blubbering mess. Party rubs my hand with his thumb. It helps me calm down. “Because Party and I have something that would make it difficult for me to be with Fun Ghoul.” Gone is the affectionate use of his killjoy surname, replaced with his full name. Formal, but not friendly.

“Did Party give you a disease?” Show Pony asks as he skates out, fixing his tights.

I shake my head, and Party looks offended. “Neither of us are sick.”

“Except in the mornings.” Party says, and Death raises an eyebrow.

“Why would Sunshine be sick in the mornings?” Pony asks, and I look at him. He understands immediately.

“Sunshine, spit it out like it’s a bad taste in your mouth.” Defying says, looking worried. “Are you sick?”

“Is being pregnant a disease?” I ask, and Defying widens his eyes at me. Show Pony skates over and hugs me.

“Good job!” Pony tells Party, who looks confused. “You finally got to it and pro created with somebody. Lord knows what we need in this world is a little born and bred Killjoy.”

“Dude,” Party says. “It wasn’t exactly planned. We got stupid one night, figured that Sun being so skinny, and with all the BLI stuff, that she couldn’t get pregnant.” Party lets an awkward cough out of his throat, followed by a murmured sentence. “And…we were kinda unprepared…”

“How far along are you?” Death asks, walking over to me.

“I’m guessing about a month and a half.” I say, and he smiles at me. “I’d need blood work. Do you guys still have the stuff from right after my 6 month with party to make sure I was staying clean?” Death nods. “Show Pony, go run it and see if a compound comes up in the blood that shouldn’t be there. It’ll tell you when I got pregnant.”

There’s a few minutes of silence, and then Pony comes skating into the room, nearly knocking us over. “You were! Right around 2 weeks after it shows up. Earliest it’s there is a week after.”

“Well, that puts you out….around February.” Death Defying says says. “That’s when we’ll have a new little KillJoy on our hands. I better be the godfather sunshine. Can I spread the word like a virus among the Zones?”

Party shrugs at me, and I release Pony from our hug. “Sure, as long as I can say it with you. People know who I am, because of my body mods.”

Poison coughs. “As the father of this child, or children, we don’t know yet, and the face of a revolution… and number one on the exterminate list… I think I should get to tell people.” He adds, and I roll my eyes at him. Pony is skating around In happy circles. Death leads us back to the studio.

“Hey all you Joys! I’m Dr. D, and before I read you the list of news, I’ve got some familiar voices you’ll wanna hear. Listen up!” He says into his mic, and passes it to me and Posion.

“Hey all you guys! Neon Sun here,” I say, and pass the mic to Party Poison.

“And you better know who I am.” He says, probably drawing laughs from all over the zones. “I mean seriously, I’m top of the Exterminate list.”

“We’ve got some good news for you!” We say at the same time. Party takes over. “You all know about what we do, and well, we’ve got some big news.”

“Before we list the names of our fallen comrades… I’m going to need ideas for baby names! That’s right, baby names. I’m-” Pony cuts me off.

“Sun here is going to have a baby!” He says, with a whoop. “No clue on the gender yet, or if it’s just one, but we know it’s Poisons! So, no more sending anybody to us. She’s gonna be useless in about seven months.”

“Way to just blurt it out, Pony.” I chide him with a laugh. “Don’t worry guys, I won’t desert you. I’ll stick around after I get this kid outta me.” I add with a laugh. “Back to Defying, Party and I have some stuff to attend to.” I could already hear our radios going off, with Violet and Kobra’s voices in the mix of friends and makeshift family. I walk out to where our radios are, and flip them off. Pony bustles into a room that used to be mine. Still is, when I sleep here.

“I’m so excited!” Pony says, a very un-pony like thing to do. “C’mon Sun, do you want a girl?”

I blush, remembering my dream. “Of course I do!” I say. “Though I’m sure Poison wants a boy.”

Pony sighs happily, and I go into my room, sitting on the bed with him. “Are you two gonna get married?”

The question is one I hadn’t considered. I mean, I know a few KillJoy’s were married, and I’d been a week off from getting hitched with Ghoul at one point. It was always kind of the elephant in the room, and I remember marrying off two of our kid’s at the Academy once. But then, the raid had happened, and we’d lost one to BLI.

“Well?” Show Pony asks. “Are you?”

I shake my head, to clear it more than anything. “I dunno Pony.” I sigh. Life with him forever? That’d be great. It would be amazing, being his forever. But was I willing to let him have such a large part of me? Marrying him meant he was MINE, and that I was his. I don’t know if I wanted him, or anybody for that matter, to have that much of me. I was my own person, and I had trust issues already.

“You should.” Show Pony states bluntly. “He got you pregnant, he needs to step up and take responsibility.”

“Show Pony!” I say with a gasp. “It takes two to make a baby.” I say with a blush. “If he wants to marry me, then that will be his choice to make.”

“Sun.” Party says, running into the room. “We have a problem!” He shouts. I look out the small window in the room, and see black vans and a white sedan heading towards the school. They weren’t BLI issue, which meant neighboring killjoy’s were coming.

“Radio!” I scream, and party brings me it. “NS to Rage! NS to all instructors!” I shout into it, and the replies fly in.

“VR here.”

“Double K and FG here!”

“JS and double M here. Where’s double P?” Jet says over the radio.

“Double P is with NS.” I say. “We have a code blue.” I say, and chaos breaks out. “Suit up, masks on.” I say, and it hits me.

The new guys didn’t have masks. My sister was going to be unprotected.

“The KIT’s!” I scream. “Hide them! In the rat hole!” I scream, referencing a hidden bunker that we had for raids. “All of them!” I scream. I can hear them running to the kids, and shouting for them to hide.

“We have 35.” Rage says over the radio. “That’s all of ‘em. Where are you?”

“Eating pancakes!” I yell back, and they understand immediately. I take off for the car, as does Party. We slip our masks on in the car, and I tuck my necklace in so it doesn’t get in the way. I check our guns, make sure they’re ready to go as we pull up to the school, Party having hit 175 miles an hour to get us there. We squeal in, and I shout into the radio that’s hooked to the PA system.

“All upperclassjoys! Guns out, we have a KJ raid! Let’s go! Masks on! GO!” I scream as the KillJoy’s pile out of the cars, guns out. The group of instructors is with me immediately, and I group up with them. “Let’s go!” I shout, and the raiders all turn to look at me. All dressed in black, with one specific color other than that. It made it easy to pick them off. I get the front few as they start shooting off blasts at us.

“Hello mofo!” Violet shouts as one tackles her to the ground, and tries to punch her. A group of upperclassjoys come running out, staking up positions to fight from.

“Let’s go!” I shout while shooting. Guns are dropped as people move to hand to hand combat. I follow suit when I’m punched. Somewhere, I hear Mike scream.

“Fire in the hole!” he yells, and all the kids here know that means get your arse to the ground as fast as you can. I drop in a tight ball, waiting for the flash I knew Kid had engineered. When it comes, it rocks me, and everybody screams out. I think it sends a few people flying, but not ours. I count to five, and give the next order.

“GO!” I scream, and we all pop back up. “Positions!” I scream, and that’s when I’m tackled once again. "Get the fu-" I'm cut off by a voice.

“Hello Neon Sun. Nice to see you again.” The voice says, oily and sickeningly fake sounding. It pins me on my stomach, binding my hands. “Why haven’t you visited me, my pet?”

“Eff off!” I scream flipping onto my back. “I’m not your pet!”

The voice sighs. I glare up at the eyes, black and dead looking. The only live thing is those eyes were the bloodlust, the malice, the need to see me screech. “Why must you be so difficult. It would be so easy if you just came and joined our band of KillJoy’s.”

“Why are you all so hell bent on me joining you?” I ask, and the world tinges red. I’m grappling with the KillJoy now, staring him down as we tussle. “You, Toxic Moment, are not my type.” I add. "I prefer my men with red hair." I smirk a bit, proud of my mini-insult. Wrapping my legs around him, I roll my weight to the left, flipping me on top of him, where I start mercilessly punching him, dodging his return blows. His nose cracks, and blood begins to gush out of it, staining his shirt a sickly red-brown color.

“You’d be valuable to us. Unfortunately, this is just a supplies raid so-” A piercing noise cuts his sentence off. We stop rolling around and fighting, and clutch our heads. The Voice returns. The noise stops.

Tick tock, on the clock, somebodies going to drop… it coos in a singsong whisper. Shut up, I say to it. That didn’t even rhyme. I do what I can. Still…tick tock, time’s running out Sun. Even you’ll burn out one day…. This statement confuses me. Watch your back. it says, and then it’s gone. I can feel it leaving my head, like a switch flips off. The raiding KillJoy’s leave as we shoot off blasts at their car’s hoping to damage, but not kill. That’s when five cars, obviously BLI issue, pull up, and we’re flooded with Dracs.

"Get up and go!" i scream, and -in a stroke of luck- the upperclassjoy's remember this tatic. They all spring up, and the punches and kicks start flying. I start shooting wildly, hitting whatever I can, and not picking specific targets. My instincts were rising to the surface, urging me to protect my family. A Drac gets close, and Violet’s boot comes flying out of nowhere –on her foot obviously- kicking the approaching Drac straight in the face. More cars are approaching. This was not going to be good. I send the upperclassjoys a hand signal that meant to head for the hills. Metaphorically of course, the nearest mountains were days away by foot. They scamper off, running to hide. I pray that my sister will be okay. Spark was to young to die this way, she hadn't even lived yet... Another blast goes off, setting off a string of them that send me flying. I land on something that shrieks in pain.

“Sun!” Party screams, crawling over to me. A machine is brought from one van, a large circle, much like a spot light, set up on a cold looking metal pole. The face of the circle, nearly four feet in diameter I’d say, was looking like a speaker almost. The noise rings sharper as it returns, and we grip our heads tighter. “Sun! Where are you?” He screams as the wind swirls the dust around us, and more flashbangs go off. I fall, a flash bang having exploded mere feet from me. The world is all white, and my ears ring harder and louder. I think I scream in pain, but I can’t hear it because of the bang part of the flash bang. I was going to kill Kobra Kid for this. He needs o get his pyrotechnic tendancies under control.

“Party!” I hear myself scream. “Poison! WHere are you?!?!?” I say, feeling something near me. On a whim, I shove my face into the soft, yet slightly stringy substance. It feels like hair. Straightened, under processed hair, freshly dyed, maybe a week old. I breathe deeply through my nose, and am greeted by cigarettes and coffee as the scent. It was him, it had to be. “Poison?” I ask, feeling the smooth material of the mask. Three raised circles. My vision was still gone, and my senses were all sharpened from the loss of it. Adding to that, my BLI instincts and modifications allowed me to know it was him. I grip him, trying to stay near him. Something grabs my pant leg.

“Vi?” I ask, and feel for her mask. No, that was cool plastic, like a Halloween mask. Frank. “Ghoul!” I screech and pull him closer to us, our faces down to the ground. Something joins us. Its round like a helmet and I know it is going to have to be Kobra. He grips onto Party’s jacket, and I feel Jet –who I knew based off the feeling of the fro-, Moonstruck, and Infernal quickly join us. We all hold onto each other, and my vision returns. A quick headcount confirms my worst fear. Violet was missing. As if on cue, I hear Violet screech, nearly feral in pitch. I pop up, ray gun in hand ready to kick some Drac butt. Violet was like my sister, and no way was I letting Korse or his drones near her. She’d been through enough already, and had the scar on her arm to prove it. I’d learned a little about who Tim was, and what little I knew made me want to kill him. Repeatedly. Brutally. Possibly with a guitar. Or perhaps a radio… whatever came to hand first would work really.

“G’off me!” She screeches, shooting wildly, dropping a few dead. She struggles, and I hear a voice as I run towards her. "I will kick all of your electronic butts back to Battery City!"

“Mommy, be careful.” The voice in my head says. “Remember I’m in here. You gotta keep me safe.” It says and I know Baby Ella would be kept nice and safe."I promise baby. I promise her silently. I run faster, hitting the superhuman speed they’d installed in me. As I approach the mob surrounding her, I leap into the air, landing with a catlike grace next to her, having cleared the heads of the Dracs. If I hadn’t been in fight mode, I probably would’ve been so surprised I’d landed that jump that I would’ve started giggling like mad at my skills. Or just yelled “Like a boss!”

“Get away from her!” I scream, shooting Dracs left and right. Violet helps, hitting as many as she can. Suddenly, a swarm of white surrounds the both of us, and we walk backwards until we’re back to back. We shoot at the circle that grows ever tighter around us, and I hear a laugh that we both know. We’re both busy lashing out. Shooting and kicking as many Dracs as we could reach. Masks were pulled, and I smell something familiar, tingeing the metallic tang of blood in the air. I’m cut up pretty bad, and I have some bruises on my skin.

“Hello pets. So nice to see you again.” Korse says, breaking through the ring of Dracs. “Why haven’t you visited? Poor manners my darlings…not very attractive.” he asks, taking my chin in his hands. My eyes, still blood red, narrow. Violet’s breathing is becoming shallow, and we stand shoulder to shoulder. She’s a good… I’d say a good 3 inches taller in her boots, compared to my boots. She was 5’9 without them, and I was barely 5’7 without mine.

“Get away from us.” I spit at him. “We don’t visit sick freaks like you.”

“Who’s the freak here really? Remember who you are, what your modifications were. Pity they didn’t work.” He says, turning my face side to side. “Perfect skin, nice cheekbones, nice features in general. I see the beauty gene stayed, not that you didn’t have it on your own.” He says with fake sincerity. “Aren’t you a pretty little thing?” He asks looking at both Rage and I in turn. I bare my teeth at him and let my body shudder, and my canines elongate. I hiss at him, and release a guttural snarl. He backs up a bit. “Oh.” He says softly. “They did work.” The animal side to me, beaten and worked in by my time in the Lab, is coming out. A terrorizing, guttural, snarl rips through my throat and into the open air. Korse steps back, and my body shudders, adrenaline pumping through my veins, begging me to go in for a kill.

“Better than you expected. She could tear you all limb from limb.” Violet pipes up, steeling herself. I’d never seen her afraid, and I could see that she was right now. My mind is racing, begging me to protect my family. A noise makes my head whip at a pace that should’ve broken my neck.

“Sun!” Party screams, before being bound and gagged. I see some random Drac put a cloth to his nose, forcing him to breathe it in. Party drops, and the same thing happens to the rest of our group in rapid succession. They were drugging us. They couldn’t take my Poison. He was mine, they couldn’t have him. The group of them is dragged into the back of a white van, with the BLI logo on the side. The car is marked “For transport” in small letters on the back. The two rounded rectangular windows on the back show me a glimpse of the members of my makeshift family inside. Before I can understand what’s happening, I see a blonde and blue head in the distance. No. Spark could not see this. A ray gun, pulsating like a taser, is cocked by Korse, and I find it put to my head. The crowd of white parts, allowing her to see. My vision was so much stronger than a regular person that it allowed me to see her when they couldn’t. I’m pushed to my knees, and I make sure my mask is secure. If I was about to die, I was going to do so with grace and my pride. Violet is shoved next to me, and I see my sister put her hands to her mouth in shock. I silently beg for her not to come running. I silently plead for her to turn, so she didn’t have to see me die.

“Ready to go?” I ask Violet Rage, surprisingly calm beside me.

“We’ll save them a place in line.” She whispers back. “The parade will be there for us.”

“Any last words?” Korse asks. My mind races for something snarky. “Make them good.”

“Go to hell?” Violet asks. I laugh at her, and Korse gives an animal like snarl. I high five Violet. “I guess I’ll see you there.” She says, looking at Korse by craning her neck. The gun was against me, against my head ever so lightly. I was going to die first. Better than have to see the girl that’d basically kept me from losing my mind die, seeing a friend go, and not of her own will.

“Nice one!” I say, and then the gun clicks, and I feel it press against me. It makes me feel afraid. So afraid. Something I hadn’t felt in a good long time. “Say hello to goodbye!” I say, trying to sound confident. In my head, my thought’s race. Sorry baby Ella. I wish I could’ve met you, seen you grow up, become an adult, have kids. I wish I could’ve actually held you. Watch over daddy, little angel. You’re dying with me. I’m so sorry baby. I can’t believe this is how I’m gonna go down. I will accept it with pride though; glad that my fellow instructors don’t have to see it. If I was to fall, I would do it without Party Poison having to see. He’d probably do something stupid; take up even more of a vendetta. Before I hear the click, one thought pops into my mind. Why hadn’t they taken our guns? They wanted a fight.

“NO.” I say loudly, and Korse chuckles. I spring to my feet, pulling Violet with me. “Back off!” I scream, following it with a predatory hiss and snarl combo. Surprisingly, Korse and the Dracs loosen the circle. I whip out my ray gun, shooting at them all. My body tingles, and I feel fangs, -to make me more ‘threatening’ or whatever- elongate from my canines. I down a good fifteen of the\ members of the circle, leaving a few lucky survivors I hadn’t aimed for. Violet takes care of them, and just as I turn on Korse, something is place over my mouth, and a rag in held up to my nose. Handcuffs click on my hands, and I fall as I take a breath through my nose. The same happens to Violet. My fangs retreat, my vision starts to move in and out of focus, like a camera that’s off setting.

As the black starts to creep into my vision, I am tossed into the back of the van, right next to Party, ending up half on top of Kobra Kid. Violet ends up near Moonstruck and Infernal, in the back right corner. The black creeps in, and I hear the van start up. Struggling against the handcuffs, they tighten around my wrists. Eventually, the Black takes over, and I pass out.

(Around 3 hours later, in Battery City.)
(Party’s POV)

I woke up, bound and gagged, with my eyelids feeling heavy as they opened. When I’m half alert, I survey my surroundings. Cold, sad looking metal everywhere, hooks on the walls, two doors with windows blacked out from the inside. We were in a vehicle, heading somewhere. Taking a glance at what is around me, I see my brother, slumped on the ground. Our masks had been discarded before being bound and gagged, and we were all without them now. Sun and Violet were with us now, to my dismay. Infernal was propped up against a wall, still slumped. Jet is next to Moonstruck, the two of them slumped against each other. It would’ve been funny if I knew that we weren’t on our way to Battery City. To be executed publicly most likely, or some other horrible way to die. I couldn’t stand that thought, when the blonde girl next to me stirs. Her eyes open quickly, and she scans the room with a fever knew to her eyes, like she was analyzing every detail of it. The big blue eyes settle on me, and soften. Her mouth smiles, but her body looks scared.

“Bobby pin.” She instructs me. “In my back pocket.” She says, flipping to her stomach on top of my brother. I fall over her, and move my mouth to her hands. “I’ll un-gag you if you hold still.” She says, quickly yanking the gag from my mouth. I take a deep breath through my now unblocked mouth, and then exhale. “Bobby pin for my cuffs, and then I can get us all untied.” She whispers, and I find the pin. She doesn’t shiver at my touch like she usually does, but the circumstances were different.

“I’m so sorry.” I whisper to her, and hand her the pin with my mouth. She fiddles with it in the lock, and I hear a quiet click as it opens. She turns, and throws her arms around me. “Sh.” I comfort her and she shakes, trying to hold back sobs. “It’ll be okay. How’s baby Ella doing?” I ask her, looking at where our baby was right now. “I know it’s scary baby.” I tell Sun. “I know.”

“She’s fine, I think. I hope she is. We have to keep her; I already love her so much.” She says, and I hug her tighter. I felt a moral obligation to keep both of my girls safe, though one wasn’t even born yet. “If they keep us for a long time, they will know, and they will take her. I’m gonna be showing soon. Like… a few weeks soon.” She whispers, and the group starts to stir. We release from our hug quickly, and then she set’s to work on unbinding my hands. When they’re freed from their cloth prison, I have to roll them around a few times, to stop the tension in them. Sun flits around the small space, untying and un-gagging everybody. When we’re all freed, she sits down next to me, and I pull her to my lap. Ghoul glares, and I flip him the bird as I pet Sun’s hair, smoothing it down. Mikes puts her in his lap, and starts braiding it for her quickly, knowing that when she felt endangered, she needed her hair out of her face. He even finds a way to tie it off, making sure the color streaked braid will stay put, and she is deposited into my lap again. I continue petting her hair, and wrap an arm around her protectively. Infernal Heartbreak speaks first.

“So… let’s asses the situation….” She says. Sun takes a deep breath. I put my face in her hair, breathe in deeply. This could not end well.

“Well… we’re either in or on our way to Battery City…” Violet says.

Frank speaks next. “WE’ve been drugged.”

Sun speaks after. “And we’re not sure exactly where we are….”

“So basically…”Mikey trails off, looking nervous.
“We’re screwed.” Infernal Heartbreak states simply. It makes me laugh, and that sends Sun into her contagious giggle. Within a minute, we’re all chuckling quietly.

“Agreed. Look, we’re going to die, so I need to just get something off my chest.” I say. “You all need to know something.”

(Sun’s POV)

I turn to look at Ghoul, big eyes hopeful and bitter all at once. “I need to tell you all something.” As I take a deep breath, Party squeezes my hand.

“Uh oh.” Violet and Infernal chorus. “You sure?” Infernal asks, and I nod.

Party puts me next to him, in between him and Moonstruck. “We,” he points to the two of us. “have something to tell you actually.” He corrects me. “You see, Sun is….” He trails off, and mimics rocking a baby.

“I’m pregnant.” I simplify for him, and Mikey gasps. He looks shocked, but there’s something underneath it, like he already knew. He actually was pretty instinctive, so this could be true. Jet Star, in all his fro’d glory, looks confused. “Almost two months. Maybe two actually, I don’t know what day it is.”

“Wait… you’re gonna have a kid?” He asks me, looking dumbfounded. I crack a smile. “A baby?” He asks with a stupid smile.

“No, she’s gonna pop out a few kittens.” Mr. Moonstruck says to him sarcastically. “Two of ‘em.”

“Kittens?!?!?” Jet asks, and Violet face palms. If Infernal could laugh, she would’ve. “I like kittens! Maybe it’s your body mods!” he says, sounding excited. “Will they be black? Like Party’s original color? Or maybe yellow, or white! Cause you used to have white blonde hair!”

“Jet,” Moonstruck says, rubbing the fro. “I was kidding. Yes, she’s having a baby.” Jet’s big smile falls for a second, and then returns. “A wee little Sun Poisoning baby.” He says, creating a couple name. He always did that.

“You’re having a kid. With Party Poison.” Fun Ghoul says to me. “How long did you know?” He asks. I look nervous, I can already tell. My vision clouds for a minute, tinged with a murky purple color. “How long?” He asks again, quieter this time.

“I’ve thought it for about three weeks, known it for sure since two nights ago.” I put it simply for him.

“And yet you still were dating me?” he asks. “If we can even call our one day a relationship. All it was to you was obviously a distraction, or something to punish my friend with.” He snarls at me, and I cringe at the edge his words carry. “You two aren’t even married, the child is a bastard.” He adds, rubbing salt on the wound. The whole room goes deathly silent, not even the sound of a cough breaking the tense silence that now hung in the air like a heavy weight. “An illegitimate bastard child . A bastard in the eyes of the church and of God.”

“Excuse me.” Party says, holding me close to him. I’m trying to not cry, the hormones flooding my body all at once. Unfortunately, Ella is making that exceedingly difficult, and I let a few tears fall. It was like she was already a teenager, all hormones and fight already. “That’s my child you’re talking about. Feel free to not attack it; or its mother.” I rub baby Ella, silently telling her to ignore Ghoul, he was being a meanie butt, that he was just jealous that you were half Gerard, not half him. “I would greatly appreciate you not attacking my unborn child. Sun really doesn’t need to get any more stressed than she is about to be. Stress is bad for the baby.”

“I’ll do what I like.” He rejoinders to Poison’s defense of me. “And youwon’t stop me tomato head. All you do is knock girls up, marry them for a while, until the baby is born, and then divorce them when they expect your help. You’ll never be a good father!”

“Oy! I’ve never gotten a girl pregnant before Sun!” Party defends himself. “More than YOU can say!”

“It’s not mine! We proved that! It doesn’t even LOOK like me, and at least I offered to be a father to it! More than you’ll ever do!”

“Back off her father. Even a month and a half pregnant I could kick your arse.” I sneer out the words. They fly through the air, and I can tell it hit’s him hard. “Remind me to not talk to you about her, ever. Or let you AROUND her for that matter!” I add with a humph.

“How do you know you’re little sin is a female?” Ghoul asks, and Violet snorts. “What do you want grape head?” he asks, fire in his eyes. “Are you honestly defending Poison’s bastard child?”

Violet rolls her neck, releasing the tension she held in it. “Since when are you concerned about sin? Didn’t you sleep with Sun first? I believe that was out of wedlock too, if I remember correctly. And last I checked there was a rule against that somewhere in that Bible you’re now thumping. Oh, and I’m pretty sure there’s something in there about sleeping with a man!”

Frank turns on her, a look in his eyes that I just can’t put a name on. “I’ve repented for my sins.”

This makes me snort. “Does that include sleeping with a stripper when we just so happened to be engaged? Not to mention a week out from our wedding. I think adultery is one of the big no-no’s in there.” I snarl at Frank. “Or would that be the times you cheated on me with boys? Oh, that’s a double one right there.” I say.

“I never cheated on you with men.” Ghoul defends himself. I search his eyes, for any flicker of a lie. They just stare at me, just those big, beautiful eyes. “All I did was love you unconditionally. My love didn’t come with a beating every now and then,” he shoots an angry look at Party Poison. “Or a pregnancy. My love was there, and it still will be, even after you have your little bastard child.”

Kobra raises one eyebrow, arms crossed over his chest. “Would you have her get rid of it? I think the church frowns upon that as well Fun Ghoul. Considering she’s two months in, it’s heart is beating, it’s alive. It has a soul, and I’m pretty sure the Catholic Church would not want her ending that!” Kobra Kid defends me, and it makes me feel a bit better. He’d always step up to help me when nobody else could. I was so happy for Baby Ella, to have him as an Uncle. I send a thought to her. Ignore Fun Ghoul; he’s being a Douche bag right now. He’s jealous baby. I think, and I hear a giggle. What’s a Douche bag?” Ella’s voice asks. I roll my eyes. I’ll explain when you’re older. I remind her.

Frank frowns, but still looks angry. “I’m sure they’d much rather that than a bastard child conceived out of pre-marital sex.”

“Okay, Sun, do you want your baby?” Violet asks, trying to be the peacemaker.

Both Party and I nod vigorously, chorusing with an ‘Of course!’

“Then you keep it.” Violet says.

Frank sneers. “Okay so you love it? Big whoop. I loved you, you didn’t keep me around.”

“It’s not her fault you pushed her away.” Jet Star jumps to be the peacemaker. Fun Ghoul stays silent, hiding behind his hair.

“Yeah, didn’t consider that did you?” I ask him, tears welling up in my eyes, threatening to spill. “You loved me, but you couldn’t ever keep me because you were scared I’d get too close to you.”

He snorts. “We were as close as two people could possibly be! Why couldn’t you just accept that I made my mistakes, and I lived with losing you for every day you were with him!” he says, and the tears in my eyes finally spill. “I loved you every freaking day for over a year, and you just left me without a second thought. Three months and you were over me!”

This makes me snort, even through the tears streaming down my face freely. “Over you? Ask Violet just how ‘over you’ I was! Ask Defying just how over it I was, sobbing in my room every single night because I couldn’t stand being within a mile radius of your bunk. Please, feel free to ask Party Poison how over you I was!”

“She talked about you for months, obsessing over just where she went wrong, just what she needed to do to get you back.” Violet says quietly, the only other sound was me, sobbing into Party’s shoulder. My sobs racked my body, making me shake with each sob I released. “I think she eventually just figured you didn’t want her anymore, because you didn’t make the effort. So, she went to Party for help, and they fell for each other.” She says it likes its as simple as that, like stating that her hair was purple. “Simple as that Ghoul.”

“I hated myself, and you convinced me I was beautiful after I got out of the labs, when nobody else could. And then you cheated on me, and told me in that one action that I wasn’t worth it, that it’d all been a game.” I recount to him. “You only came after me after I threw myself out the room, and straight into the arms of your best friend. You just couldn’t stand the thought that maybe, just maybe somebody else might strike my interest, that somebody else could make me as happy as you did.” My words are harsh, the bitter edge as sharp as the knife in my back pocket. “and he did. He did you one better though, he made me happier than you ever did, and he didn’t need a ring and a proposal to do it!”

He looks about ready to cry now. “I loved you! And you didn’t give me another chance!” Ghoul says. “I was willing to do anything for you, and you threw it all away in one stupid night!”

“I threw it away? I did?!?!? Who slept with the stripper here? Who cheated on who?!?” The tears are flowing hard now, and Party is hugging me to him, rubbing my back. I stop crying for a moment, and shove my mouth onto Gerard’s; looking urgently for a sign that he still wanted me, that somebody still valued me. He lets me know he does, and we nearly swallow each other’s tongues. Our pace moves into something rapid, and I’m almost sure I hear Infernal Heartbreak and Violet Rage start gagging at the PDA. Party Poison kisses my neck softly, nipping at the skin lightly. Fun Ghoul lets out a snarl, much like a dog would, and I’m knocked off Poison. Ghoul and Gee start fighting, throwing punches.

“Midget!” Party screams at the black haired man.

“Angsty idiot!” Ghoul throws back.

A punch comes from Party. When it connects, more insults are thrown. “Can’t keep a girl!”

“Get’s them pregnant!” Frank yells back. “You think she loved you? No, you were the rebound! We had a year together, you two barely made 6 months!”

“She never loved you the way she loved me.” Party says, and the two of them resume fighting. “She never will!”

“You’re an idiot! You hit her; she came back out of fear! It’s called Stockholm syndrome!” Frank yells at him. “She’s dependant on you!”

“I am not!” I say in my defense. Out the window, I see we are now entering Battery City. “Boys!” I scream while the two fling more insults, a few more punches. “Boys, we need to put up a united front. We are about to die!” I scream at them, and they stop. “Let me straighten everything out.”

“Ghoul,” I tell him, and he climbs out from under Party Poison. I move over to him, whispering in his ear. “I loved you. Always will. Maybe, in a different set of circumstances, we could’ve worked. Maybe we still could. But Baby Ella will make it difficult. I love those tattoos; and always remember to keep your faith in the world.” I say. “Remember that things will work out how they’re meant to.” He kisses my cheek after I brush my lips across his skin, and then pulls back, murmuring a prayer. I crawl to Poison, sit on his lap, facing him. Picking up a few strands of hair, I toy with them. Everybody is murmuring things to each other, apologies, admitting things, reminiscing memories. Violet is arguing over the plural of moose, to ‘settle it once and for all’. My vote is, and forever will be meese. “It’s meese.” I add when asked my opinion, then return to giving Party Poison attention. “Always will be. Always has been.”

“I love you.” I murmur to the redhead. “When you make it out of this alive… know that.” I add, and he stares at me. “I might not be there, but I’ll watch over you. Know that I love you. Know that Baby Ella and I will be fine. I’ll save you a place.” My arms go around his neck and his find their way around my waist. “I hope you know how perfect you are, and I want you to be happy, even when I’m gone. I’m not coming back this time. ”

He smiles at me, and I could swear he’s got a lone tear threatening to fall.“We will both be making it out of this alive. Even if they keep you in the labs again… we’ll bust you out.” There’s silence. I joke with Kobra Kid, and we all stay silent for a moment.

“If they wanted to kill us, they could’ve already.” Party Poison says, suddenly loud. Like he just realized it. There’s a minute of silence, as we all run scenarios in our head. Mine are fewer scenarios, more of memories. The pains of the needles, the medicines, the workouts all come rushing back to me. I remember how this went last time. The way the knots were tied on my binds, how I was gagged. The surroundings are becoming more familiar as we drive through the city, eventually into a garage that leads us through the BLI head quarters. We sit in silence, and the doors slide closed behind us as we delve deeper into the building. The walls go from white paint to cold, harsh looking metal, stamped with the BLI logo. My heart speeds up, my eyes go to grey. The fear hazes my head; it pounds hard as the voice returns. My breathing is shallow and rapid, yet quiet. The world is dimming, colors fading as I start to panic.

Welcome home. it tells me, and I shudder with realization. I knew where I was the second the doors opened, and the cold rush of the air conditioning hit me. Korse stood, doors thrown open. The metallic smell of the walls, the faint sound of tortured screams hit me all at once. Everything here was sharp angles, cold metals. Nothing happy, excluding the smirk on Korse’s face. Even that was a sadistic smile,

“Come with me.” Korse says, and we are dragged out by a group of Dracs quickly. Infernal Heartbreak and I were triple teamed, three Dracs to each of us. We are all led into a familiar room, and I fight the urge to cry. Violet Rage stands on my right, face blank. Kobra Kid is on my left, eyes flicking around the room, looking for weapons, escape routes, anything to distract him from the anxiety I know was going to hit him any time now. Jet is struggling, and quickly subdued. Party hangs his head, standing next to Ghoul. I see them mutter something that sounds like ‘I’m sorry’ to each other. At least we can all die with clean souls. Frank is openly praying, and I try to join him, but the Latin is moving too fast for me to keep up. I need the prayer for strength, not my soul. My soul, if I even had one, was to far gone for that. I was praying for the safety of Baby Ella.

“What’s happening?” They all whisper to me. I keep my head up, trying to face this with pride.

“We’re going into the labs.” Me and Infernal heartbreak whisper together. We are thrown into a large room, separated down the middle with a glass wall that shows a room made of all metal, excluding the carpeted floor.

“Welcome to the Experimental Tactics division.” Korse says. “Some of you,” he gives me a look and serpentine smile. “will remember this place. Hopefully with fond memories.”

“For those of you that haven’t been here before….” He adds. “Welcome to the Division.”


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