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The Savor

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I woke up cold. Gerard had left and the thick quilt over me couldn't keep out the morning cold. I shivered as I threw on some clean clothes and a hood, but it was still freezing so I put a fuzzy blanket over my shoulders. I tip toed down the stairs and peeked through the rings of the stairs and saw that all the guys were sitting around the living room. They were all watching spongebob, yeah grown men watching spongebob together. They're so weird, mythical creature or not, they will always be childlike. I almost trip on the last step but someone catches me before I fall to an embarrassing fate.

"You're lucky I'm always around to catch you," Gerard says as he lets me go. I just stand there confused. "How did you get here so fast, when you were way over there?" I pointed to the direction of the rest of the guys who were now looking at us.

"I can move fast, very fast."

"Like the vampire's in twilight?" I giggled. Gerard had alway reminded me of a vampire.

"Yeah, yeah, laugh all you want. You should be thankful because you're always falling over nothing and my ultra speed saves you." I stopped laughing and smiled at him. "Well thanks for that, but how come I never noticed?"

"I never did it around you," He simply stated. I rolled my eyes, "obviously."

I walked pass him and down the rest of the stairs. The guys were still watching us. I ignored their staring and continued on my way to the kitchen, but before I walked out I added, "By the way, thanks for last night." I didn't realize it would sound wrong to the others. Mikey choked on his coffee, Ray turned his full attention on us, and Frank sprung up from his seat. Gerard's face went a bright red. I, wanting to avoid awkward questions, continued into the kitchen and took out some lucky charms, a bowl, spoon, and milk. As I made my breakfast I overheard the guys talking.

"What happened last night?" Frank asked Gerard in an exasperated tone.

"Oh wouldn't you like to know?" Gerard teased.

I quickly finished making my cereal and put everything away. Then, I walked out with some struggle between holding my blanket up while holding cereal. I sat on the ground next to the coffee table and everyone turned to me again. I smiled at them acting clueless over their confusion.

"Leda what happened?" They all said in unison. Gerard sat back down on the couch, grinning.

"Nothing." I continued to play innocent as I ate my cereal. Frank looked like he was about to explode.

"Something my ass, Stop playing games you two. What happened?" Ray asked sternly.

I immediately dropped the act, no one messed with Ray when he used that voice.

"I couldn't sleep so I walked down here and went into the first room I could find. Gerard was awake and he offered to sleep with me so I wouldn't be alone."

"Woah what do you mean by sleep with you?" Frank's dirty mind was probably coming up with a million x rated scenarios.

"Frank shut the fuck up you know I wouldn't do that." I said, using my bossy, controlling voice that usually made him shut up. Gerard looked a little hurt and slumped back in his seat, but it was the truth. Everyone got really quiet and turned their attention back to spongebob.

I finished my cereal and took a seat next to Mikey.

"Mikey, how long do I have to stay here, shouldn't I be saving the world right now?"

"Not right this second, we still have to train you."

"Train me? In what?"


I gulped, I was way too clumsy and meek to fight. "What do I have to fight?"

"Well it's kind of hard to explain. Why don't you look at the book?" Mikey sat up and pulled out an old looking book from the bookshelf. He skimmed through the pages till he found the one he was looking for and sat back down next to me.

I looked at the yellowed page that was titled "THE SAVOR" and right below it was a picture of what I assumed was a demon and an angel holding hands, underneath it was a caption but it was in another language. I focused on it and the letters seemed to scramble into english. It read "united."

"Mikey, what language is this?"

"A very old language made by the very first angels and demons, every angel and demon can read it. And, by the looks of it, you can too." Mikey smiled when I nodded yes.

"Amazing." He said, astounded.

I turned my attention back to the book and read the words below the picture caption.

They read, "The savor is a powerful feminine being not of demon or angel blood. She is pure like and angel and tainted like a demon and shows many other demonic and angelic traits. She shall fight for the good of Earth and against all who wish to destroy it. She will fight any and every creature that wishes to cause harm to good. And when all is done, she will rule over all the demons and angels and the two groups will unite under her rule." I set the book down on Mikey's lap and stood up, this was a lot to take in. I had a bigger role in this than I had chosen myself to believe. I thought back to when I had almost killed myself, more than once. If I had succeeded, everyone here would be fighting in a horrific war.

I'm supposed to learn to fight, fight for unification, stop a war from happening, possibly kill Gerard's evil father, rule over all the good angels and demons, and somehow keep my sanity while doing so. Fuck.

I left without saying anything to anyone and walked out into the garden. It was pretty big and I was surprised these flowers were even alive without anyone being here to water them. There was acute hand carved stone bench in the middle of it and it overlooked the little river that ran through the forest. I sat on it, to find it was surprising comfortable. I relaxed and kicked my dangled my legs like a little kid. No one bothered to come out and talk to me, which was good, I needed the space. I focused on the sound of the flowing water and the chirping of the birds, this place was beautiful. I wondered how the guys had found it and never managed to tell me about it. Well, they never managed to tell me a lot of things.

I closed my eyes, still listening to the water.

There was a loud splashing noise that sounded like someone dicing into a pool. I opened my eyes to see what it was, but I couldn't get a good enough view of the river from here. So I sat up and jumped over the garden gate, I ran to the river and almost tripped over a protruding root. I stopped just before the water, by then I was out of view from the house. I knew it was dangerous being so far from the guys, but curiosity got the better of me.

I sat and waited for another noise, when none came I grew impatient and sat up. I turned around to walk back to the house but before I could take a step a pair of arms wrapped around me. I jumped, scared out of my mind.

"Gerard you scared the shit out of me." I said, but I didn't get an answer. I looked up and was met by a hooded figure, obviously not Gerard. I screamed and the figure placed a hand over my mouth to shut me up. Then, with the same superhuman speed as Gerard, he tied my hands behind my back, gagged me, and threw me over his shoulder. I kicked and screamed but both were unhelpful. He started to walk into the water, which was now glowing a blood red color. I gave up with my thrashing and took a deep breath.
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