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Face Down

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Do you feel like a man, when you push her around? Do you feel better now as she falls to the ground?

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I'm sooooooooo sorry ficwad-ers!!!!!
I meant to update this yesterday but it was my 1st day back at school and I was super annoyed and tired of one of my teachers.
Sorry i'll stop rambling and let you read the story
Also this should be longer that the others if its not then I have probably given writing for today ;)
The title is The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.



Sam's P.O.V

I tried to ignore them for the whole week.
But on Friday Mikey cornered me in the hall.
"Sam,what the fuck?" he said his eyes filled with concern and anger.
"What?" I said trying to sound like I didn't know what he was on about.
"You have been avoiding us all week!"
"Have I?" He looked really angry now.
"Yes,you have if you didn't like us you should have said!" and then he walked off looking really annoyed.
Oh crap.Why do I mess everything up.

Ray's P.O.V

Sam has been avoiding us all week. We were all really pissed off.
We were sat on the steps waiting for Mikey,who had gone back for something he had left in his locker. Almost everyone had gone.
Mikey came out with a large book and an annoyed look on his face.
"Sup' with you?" Frank asked him.
"Nothing,lets go" Mikey muttered and walking out of the school gates.
So we followed him.We walked in silence for a few minutes and then out of the blue Bob said: "So are you guys looking forward to movie night?"
"Yeah" we said.
"You'd better have skittles!" Frank said.
We all laughed at our strange little friend.
"Well,here's my street" I said "See you guys later!"
"Later,Ray" They all said as I turned onto my road and walked into my house to be greeted to a smiling Mom.
"Hello,Sweetie" she said brightly.
"Hey Mom" I said running upstairs to get changed.
"Where are you going,Honey?"
"Gerard and Mikey's for movie night"
"Gonna go to the mall first because the new blink 182 album is want anything?"
"No I'm good"
"Okay bye Mom"
I sighed as I walked out the door.
Since dad left Mom and I have just drifted apart.
I actually went out to get some beer and snacks for tonight.
She would go crazy if she knew about the beer.

Gerard's P.O.V

We got to our house and ran in.
"Gerard? Mikey? Come here please!" our Mom yelled from the kitchen.
We walked in and she was cooking.
"Yeah,Mom?" We said.
"I need you to ask that girl from nextdoor to dinner tonight"
"What?" Mikey said gasping.I gasped too.
"I mean here! Not on a date!" We both sighed.
"Why?" Mikey whined.
"Just do it!" she said.
"I'll do it" I muttered and walked out of the door.
I walked round to Sam's house and knocked on the door.
There were footsteps and then Sam came to the door only wearing an iron maiden t-shirt and shorts.I noticed a tattoo on her arm.
It was a black love heart with 4 words printed inside of it in blue.
The ghost of you
Her beautiful eyes widened when she saw me.
"Do you want to come round for dinner at about four,Mom asked?"
she smiled and nodded.
"I'll be there"

Sam's P.O.V

I closed the door.
"Who was it?" A sharp voice said,from behind me.
"Just a guy from nextdoor,Dad" I replied and turned to face him.
"What did he want?"
"Nothing" I turned and ran up the stairs to get changed.
I grabbed the only dress I owned.
A lacy black floaty dress.Which was good considering it was mid June.
I brushed my black and blue hair and applied a little less eyeliner.I checked the time.
It was 10 to 4. I grabbed my cardigan to cover my tattoo and walked down stairs.
"Going somewhere?" My dad growled.
"Just nextdoor" he walked over to me and kicked me sharply in the stomach.
He then walked upstairs and said,
"Not anymore"
He left me curled up on the floor in tears,make up ruined.
I lifted my dress and looked at my stomach. A red mark began to form and slowly turn purple. Great.
I got up and made my way to the bathroom and sorted my make up out. I then checked the time.Crap I'm late. I ran out of the door and round to the Way's. I knocked at the door and Mikey answered it.

Mikey's P.O.V

She looked gorgeous as usual but something was different about her.
She was paler than usual. Her eyes were slightly puffy and red but other than that gorgeous.
"Mikey? You're staring at me" she said.
"Sorry,sorry. Please come in." I said blushing. She giggled but walked inside.
"Sorry I'm late my Dad wanted to talk to me "
'It's fine Mom can't wait to meet you" and as if I shouted her Mom walked in smiling.
"You must be Samantha!" She said hugging Sam.
"Please,call me Sam" she replied smiling aswell.
"Call me Donna,honey"
She then shouted Gerard and shooed us into the dining room.
I walked into the dining room with Sam she was smiling until I said:
"May I take your jacket m'lady"
Her eyes darted to her wrist.
"No its fine.I'll keep it on"
I was about to say something else but Gerard walked in.
"Why hello,stranger" he said to Sam "I didnt think you wore dresses"
"Yeah, but I thought why not?" She said smiling.
He then looked towards her wrist.
"By the way,I like your tattoo" he smirked and she sighed and took her jacket off.
"I was hoping you didnt notice that" she revealed her tattoo on her left wrist. It was awesome.
"The ghost of you?" I asked reading it. she shrugged.
"I got it before we left London. The Ghost of You is a song my Mom wrote" we all smiled.

Gerard's P.O.V

An hour later we were all eating away and chatting endlessly until Mom said:
"So Sam,why did you move from London?" Mikey and I gave each other worried glances.
Sam hesitated and then said:
"I may aswell get this over with. I moved because my mum died in a car crash"
She looked down as if she was ashamed.A single tear dripped slowly down her pale cheek.
"I'm sorry honey but when was this?" My mother asked softly.
"Three weeks ago"she answered "I'm so sorry" she got up and ran to the bathroom with tears streaming down her cheeks.
I was about to say something to Mom but the doorbell rang.
"Oh crap. It's the guys they're here for movie night" I said.
"Take the guys down to your room and get set up. I'll go talk to her" my brother said and I nodded back at him.
He then ran upstairs and I went and took the guys down into the basement.
"Where's Mikey?" Frank asked,while searching through some bags to find skittles.
"Upstairs and guys,there is something I need to tell you" I said.
"Sam is here?" Ray asked.
"Yeah,how'd you know?" I asked confused.
"BOO!" Sam shouted from behind me.
"AHHHHHH!"I screamed and jumped into Bob's arms.
They all burst out laughing and Bob dropped me onto the sofa holding his side.
"Not funny" I said crossing my arms and pouting.
"Ha,it totally was,dude!" Mikey said holding his side aswell.
"So what we watching?" Sam asked.
"Nightmare on Elm Street" I replied in a spooky voice.
"Awesome,as long as I get some skittles!" She said,wrestling Frank for them.
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