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Frank finds out some facts.

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Frank's P.O.V
I left Gerard and Mikey when the bell rang, to go to my first lesson. I still had the thought of me dying lingering in my head. I ignored everyone around, bumping into them, the bell then rang again. I started to run, faster than my normal running speed. I wasn't running to class, I was going in the opposite direction, away from the school away from everybody's crazy thoughts. I found myself stopping at a park, a children's park. It looked familiar like I've been here before. I walked through the little metal gate and sat down on a swing. I was sat looking at the floor, until I hear some little children's voices. I looked up and saw two young children running towards the park gate, with two concerned looking mothers behind them. I got up from the swing and left the park, making sure I saw the mother's reaction. I sat down on a field next to the park.Where have I seen that park before? What does Gerard's dreams mean? I'm going to die? My thoughts got cut off by my phone ringing. I pulled my phone out of my bag and answered it.
'Hello?...Okay then, Where? See you then. Bye.' I hung up and threw my phone into my bag. I stood up and started running again, forgetting to look at the disgraced looks on the mother's faces. I came to a bridge, it was only a small bridge but it contained a lot of memories. I came here when I was younger just to get away from everyone, to think. I thought of all the happy memories and then came along the bad memories, I used to come here because I hated the world, I needed a place to cry. I sat sterdy on the bridge wall, watching the flowing water underneath my feet. I heard a cough from behind me, my head swung around nearly falling off the bridge wall. I got off carefully got off, trying not to slip.
'I didn't think you'd come.' Her soft pale lips let the words flow out quietly.
'Well I keep my promises.' I could tell she heard the hate in my words. I looked to the floor, she put her small delicate hands on my right cheek, gently lifting my face up, so my eyes met hers.
'Look, you need to listen to me. I didn't have a choice.' I moved my face away from her hand.
'What do you mean you didn't have a choice! It's your life, you make your own choices!' I stood up from the wall and moved over, so I wasn't so close to her.
'The whole thing was a lie. W-wait that came out wrong. Look the thing is, My friend told me to ask you out just so I'd get closer to Gerard. Gerard was the person I liked, so asking you out was a step closer to him. I never meant to hurt you, I mean once I found out how Gerard felt about yo-- someone, I backed off then that's when I realized I actually liked you.' I was hurt and pissed off with her. I held my tears back, the more I did, the more they stang.
'So if you liked me why did you break up with me!?! That's what I want to know I didn't ask for your life story!' She looked hurt from my words, but I really don't care now. I couldn't care less about her, I just need to know.
'Because...I couldn't hurt the person I cared about.' I took a step closer to her. Anger in my eyes.
'And I wasn't the one you cared about? Me! Your own supposedly boyfriend?' I clenched my fists together.
'Why do you have to make it all about you, eh?' Maisy blurted out. My clenched fists dropped into relaxed, floppy hands.
'All about me? That's rich. Ever since, that lunch time you asked me out. It's been all about you! I've made it all about you, I didn't care about the shit that came out of your mouth half of the time, I was just trying to make you happy! You know what Maisy? I wish I listened to Gerard, because if I did I wouldn't of wasted a month of my life on YOU!' I felt terrible for the words that I threw from my mouth, but she needed to know how I felt I turned my back on Maisy, started to walk away.
'IF YOU LISTENED TO GERARD? YOU WOULD OF KNOWN A LOT OF THINGS YOU DON'T ALREADY!!' Maisy shouted out behind me. I stopped in my tracks, I needed to hear what she had to say.
'What do you mean by that?' Not turning to face her.
'Don't you get it Gerard LIKES you. It's obvious, didn't you see his reaction to when we told the guys about us? It's obvious you like him as well. I heard the story from Ray, when you went to the "Toliet!" She done those annoying air quotes but you actually went up to ask him to join you lot! When you both fell asleep together, You let him play with your hair! Just admit it Frank. YOUR GAY AND IN DENIAL!' I clenched my fists and ran as fast as I could in the opposite direction of the way I came. I came to the street I've been looking for, I ran down the street looking for the little white door, I knew too well. I ran up to it and knocked the door hard. The door opened wide.
'Let me get him.' I waited for a few minutes when, I heard someone plod down the stairs and arrive at the door. I threw my arm's around their neck, and kissed them. Long and passionatly. They pulled away.
'Frank?' I looked at Gerard and smiled.
'I love you!'

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