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A fallen hero

by princessofoyownworld 3 Reviews

When its all over for Archie, how is Atlanta going to take it?An Archie and Atlanta Fan fiction.

Category: Class of the Titans - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Romance - Characters:  - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2006/06/06 - Updated: 2006/06/07 - 1043 words - Complete


  • A fallen hero

    (#) Elsask 2006-06-06 08:56:14 PM

    that was really good, a different way of writing another a/a fanfic, i liked it personally.

    Author's response

    Yea! Cheers! Thank you.
  • A fallen hero

    (#) Arisey 2006-06-07 04:32:55 PM

    All these tear-jerkers(in general, not just your story), they really don't make me cry. What is wrong with me? Feh, anyway, great job!

    Author's response

    Man I want to be you. I cried writing about Archie getting hit in the arm with an arrow (Paris to say I love you). But then agian lots of things make me cry, exspecaily when they happen to other people. So nothings wrong with you.
  • A fallen hero

    (#) Kathrinewoot 2006-06-10 05:53:57 PM

    I actually cried a bit at the end of this story! I can't help it. Archie and Atlanta are my OTP, so, this really WAS a tear-jerker. It was so detailed and thoughtful! Keep writing like this!

    Author's response

    Cool. Thanks. Wow high praise.
  • A fallen hero

    (#) Randog 2006-07-12 11:09:50 PM

    awe...archie died. bit of a tear jerker yeah. i liked it

    Author's response

    sweet glad you like it
  • A fallen hero

    (#) kelseyANNE 2006-07-14 08:43:26 AM

    i cried.
    so sad, omg...
    when she tried to say her final the funeral... UGH, so sad.
    well written m'dear

    Author's response

    glad that it was well writen
  • A fallen hero

    (#) Coffeebean 2006-07-27 10:39:07 AM

    ...I cried,only a tear or two,I tried to read again but could not bring myself to read it,it was very well written a very detailed,I'm gonna add you to my fav authors!

    Author's response

    Glad that it was well writen! I geuss adding me to your favorite authors list means you liked it?
  • A fallen hero

    (#) dancechickie222 2006-09-01 06:44:10 AM

    it was so moving! i loved it its one of my favs plz write more stories!
  • A fallen hero

    (#) RainPaw 2006-09-26 08:14:08 PM

    So So So sad but let i loved it!
  • A fallen hero

    (#) greektitan 2006-10-03 03:59:55 PM

    All i can say...i cryed i cant belive archie died i cant i cant i cant i cant(NIGHT MARE"S HER WE COME!)No story every did that to me before!great job updata sooooooooooooooooon ..PLEAASE
  • A fallen hero

    (#) greektitan 2006-10-18 04:49:55 PM

    I read it again,update PLEASE I'V BEEN WAITEING 4000 Years they fianally let me out of tarturus and this story let me free.(I make 0 scence)UPDATE PERSON!

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