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They call people from our world oysters. We all have emotions, and they harvest them from us like pearls.

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Ryan was only six when he first stumbled upon their world. He didn't know how he had gotten there, all he could remember from their world was that he wanted to get out the moment he fell in. He had been running through the woods, trying to get out the house as he hid from his father. There was a root from a tree sticking up from the dirt, something that was easy to trip over and placed in the perfect spot.
He could remember the fall, remembering when he landed and what was inside of the wondrous world. It had been a free world back then, everyone being able to do whatever they wanted. They had the largest library Ryan had ever seen. The largest he would ever see. But that changed after he left. Once he was back in his world where he belonged, the kingdom went up in flames.
He didn't know that he was the one who started it all, and he wouldn't for years. There was no real way for him to go back to that strange world, and he sometimes wondered if it even ever happened.
As he grew older, he realized that it could have just been a vivid dream. And that's what he started calling it, deciding that it wasn't worth the beatings when he said he believed in a world filled with bright colors and talking animals. It was soon after that he formed a strong friendship with a boy of his age, one that he never had expected to talk to. He was another outcast, just like Ryan. The two were open about who they were, and they helped each other feel like less of freaks then they actually were.
When Ryan had finally decided to open up and tell Spencer about the dream, the other boy listened with open ears, his eyes wide with wonderment as Ryan painted a picture with his words. Ryan said that when his mother was still alive that he had always told him stories of the place he dreamed about, but nothing was ever mentioned about how she had come up with the stories. It was always just assumed that they both had wild imaginations.
Spencer was thinking about this as he sat in the chair by Ryan's hospital bed, looking at the damage the other boys father had done. He knew that as soon as the other boy woke up that they would leave. He had everything that was Ryan's, collecting his things after they hauled his father off to jail. He couldn't help but worry about how hard the younger boy would take it, but he hoped it wouldn't be too bad.
He gave a small sigh, leaning back in his chair as he tried to remind himself that things would work out. With each passing day his only friend was getting better. The way he should be. The nurse came in as she made her rounds, changing Ryan's IV before giving a small glance at the wary Spencer.
"Another long night?" She muttered.
"I'll wait till he wakes up." Spencer said with a nod. She sat down next to him for a second, looking at the boy laying in the hospital bed.
"Where's his family?" She asked as she looked at the bruises on his arms. Spencer scratched the back of his head, his muscles stiff from sitting in the same chair just about everyday for the past week. He could only imagine what Ryan's bed sores would be like.
"Doesn't have any. His mum passed away when he was younger, and his father put him in here." Spencer shifted his position, his body completely worn out from the same routine every day.
"And yet, you're the only friend I've seen come in here to visit him." Spencer snorted.
"I'm his only friend." She looked over at him as he continued to stare at his friend.
"That's terrible."
"It's life." Spencer shrugged, crossing his legs as he noticed the slight twitch in one of Ryan's fingers.
"I'll go get you some coffee." She stood, walking out of the room. Spencer closed his eyes, thinking about taking a nap before he had to get up in the morning.

Ryan awoke the next morning, finding that he was in a hospital bed in an almost empty room. There was a person in the bed next to him, sleeping with what looked like a broken arm and breathing machine. He sat upright, feeling a stinging sensation run up and down his arms and broken ribs. His breathing hitched in his throat and he let out a strangled gasp, the pain hurting so much more than he thought it would.
It took him a moment to collect his thoughts, taking them back to the night he had been hit just a little too hard. A kick, a punch, a hit, a wall, the table, glass bottles, screaming, a kick, the door, the knife. Ryan sighed. There were heavy bandages on his wrists, the cloth restricting his banged up body. He rested his head back down on the pillow, wishing there was someone there to tell him every detail of what had happened.
With another sigh, he decided that no one would come in for a while and thought it better to just go back to sleep.

The younger boy woke up a few hours later to find Spencer sitting next to him. He opened his eyes slowly, hearing a rustling noise next to him.
"You're up?" Ryan turned his head weakly, looking over at Spencer with heavy lidded eyes.
"Hi." His voice was weak, practically broken as he spoke slowly. A smile broke across Spencer's face, the older boy obviously being grateful that he was awake and seemingly well.
"Glad you finally decided to come to. It's Saturday, in case you were wondering." Ryan smiled, reaching out to Spencer with his destroyed arm.
"Where's home?" Ryan hadn't meant it to come out that way, but rather a question of where he was going to live now that he couldn't go home. As Spencer's smile disappeared, Ryan knew that it didn't matter.
"I'm so sorry Ry." Spencer buried his face in Ryan's neck, listening to the faint beat of the younger boys pulse.
"Spence." Spencer shook his head, his hair tickling the younger boy.
"You can come live with me. I'll take care of you. I promise. I got a new house, and I can work overtime until you get out of school. We'll work it out, I promise." Ryan gave a soft laugh, letting his hand fall on the older boys back.
"I trust you." Spencer lifted his head, staring at the other boy. His eyes were starless, his lips curled into a soft smile. His features showed how happy he was, though his eyes offset all other emotion, only showing the trauma in his past. Spencer let a small smile grace his lips, deciding that there was still hope for the two of them. Spencer stood, kissing Ryan's forehead softly.
"I'm gonna go check and see how much longer you have here." Ryan reached out for Spencer, his eyes looking worried. "I'll come back." Ryan gave a small nod and Spencer left the room.

It took a week of siting by Ryan's side, having him only awake half of the time, until the younger boy was finally released from the hospital. Spencer drove him to their new house, looking tired and worn. Ryan felt terrible, knowing that he was the cause for the wiry Spencer that he sat next to. Half of the past week he had sat by Ryan, waiting for him to get well enough to leave, the other half of the time was spent at work.
"Here we are." Spencer pulled into the drive of a house that seemed to hid behind a grassy plane and a wall of trees. "It was a little bit more than the one I had originally picked out, but it's only an hour from the hospital. Thought it would be better for you to be close in case you need to go back." Ryan was shocked, staring at the large house that Spencer had parked in front of.
"Spence, how are we going to pay for this?" Baby blues met honey orbs, making Spencer sigh.
"You let me worry about that, okay?" Ryan reluctantly gave in, watching as Spencer ran around to his door to help him out. The inside of the home was messy, just like Ryan predicted. Spencer was horrible at keeping things clean, and in all honesty, Ryan wouldn't have it any other way. A small smile made it's way onto his lips as he looked at the warm home that he could now call his. "There's a room I really want to show you." Spencer was holding onto his hand, walking right by him in case his legs gave out.
"Okay." Ryan followed Spencer down a hall, watching as he opened the whitewashed double doors.
"It came with the house, and I knew you would love it." Ryan walked into the library, looking at the rows of books that lined the shelves. It was incredible. "I thought you could use the desk for school and stuff." Spencer paused for a minute, watching as Ryan ran his fingers along the spines of the old books. The younger boy looked at a heavy red curtain that blocked one of the walls, tilting his head at it in confusion. "Do you like it?" Ryan turned, looking directly at Spencer with a large grin on his face.
"I love it." Ryan hugged his friend, his legs giving up on him in the process. Spencer gave a small sigh, helping Ryan up the steps and to his room. "You moved all my stuff?" Spencer nodded, helping Ryan over to the bed.
"And I found this when I was getting your things." Spencer went over to the closet, picking up a small box that rested on a shelf. "It says it's from your mom." Spencer sat down next to Ryan, handing him the small red box. Ryan slipped the blue ribbon off of it, taking the lid off to show what was inside. A small silver locket sat in the box, an interact design with leaves and thorns engraved in the silver oval.
Ryan was close to tears as he opened it with trembling hands, reading the note that was inside. His mothers lacy cursive covered a small sheet of paper, the words on it making his brows knit together. "What does it say?" Spencer asked as he looked over the other boy's shoulder, trying to read it before Ryan folded it back into place.
"It said 'Use on mirror.'" Spencer looked just as confused as Ryan.
"Okay...What does that mean?" Ryan closed the locket, warming it in the palm of his hand.
"I don't know." Spencer gave a small sigh as he stood, walking over to the door while he talked.
"You go ahead and take a nap, I'm going to go make dinner." Ryan nodded, resting his head down on the feather pillow. He heard his door close as he twirled the locket in his hand.


My face hurts, and I feel like a zombie. So here's something that's pre-written.
-xoxo Pansy.
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