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Lightning the fuse might in a bang with a bang-go

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R for le violence a mere filler this time R,R and R?

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Somehow on the long trek to Weymouth Frank had ended up on Mikey’s back Mikey noted that he was a lot heavier than he looked not that he was complaining when frank was this close… Wait what? Well it seemed Mikey had lost the voice of reason in his head and was now left to enjoy the feeling of Frank pressed against his back. “Not far now guys”
Ray called from in front of them his face buried in a map this should have been an uplifting thing but Ray had been saying that for about two hours now so Mikey just sighed “Aw what’s up Way?”
Frank asked, Mikey shivered as he felt hot breath in his ear but somehow still managed to string a whole sentence together “We’ve been walking all day”
“Its not that bad”
Frank offered Mikey chuckled “And how would you know?”
Frank just shrugged for the fourteenth time since they had gotten out the car (Mikey was counting) and resting his head on Mikey’s shoulder he started humming softly.

After what seamed like a week Mikey spotted the sea “Sea!”
He shouted to no one in particular Ray turned around and grinned, “I give you Weymouth sun, sea, and zombies!”
Frank who had somehow managed to dose off woke up now “What’s with all the shouting guys?”
He complained in reply Mikey dropped him Frank landed with a thump on the floor glaring up at his friend “Rood”
Mikey shrugged and grinned as Frank stood up “You can’t shrug shrugging is my thing”
Mikey shrugged again “Stop”
Shrug “Stoo-oop”
Shrug “ow”
Frank had hit Mikey in the stomach; winded Mikey replied, “Okay-okay shrugging is your thing”
Frank nodded and smiled triumphantly Mikey pulled out his gun and levelled it with Frank’s head “Shit Mikey shrugging can be your thing! Its all yours see!”
Frank ducked and Mikey shot the gun the power sent a shiver up Mikey’s arm as the bullet collided with a ghoul girl’s skull killing her he then re-aimed the gun and shot down another one of the living dead by this time Frank was off of the ground he kissed Mikey on the cheek whispered “Thanks babe”
In Mikey’s ear then was off smashing up the zombies slowly edging towards them. Now was not the time for Mikey to be obsessing over Frank’s flirting but he did have a few seconds spare to check out his behind before another zombie noticed him and Mikey shot again he had one more bullet left before he needed to reload. How the fuck did he reload? He would have to ask Ray later Mikey now glanced over at Ray the seemingly gentle man was slicing and beheading any of the ghouls that came near him. Mikey imagined this would be an awesome fight scene in a movie played with some kick ass tune Mikey decided I bet that you look good on the dance floor would be suitable as he put his gun back in his pocket and gripped his baseball bat tight it wasn’t long until he too was smashing up the few remaining zombies around them.

~Le back over the pond

Mel clutched one of her guns in her hand hard her index finger resting on the trigger her black hair tickled her shoulders as she walked so far they had seen no zombies or whatever the hell they were it seamed like everyone had just up and left they were nearing the edge of her estate now just one more block and they would be out. She scratched her newly drawn tattoo and remembered how cross her mum had been when she had found it, stupid arguments like that seemed so pointless now because even with all her mum’s threats of getting it removed the tat had outlived her.

They were now at the end of the estate dozens of abandoned cars littered the main road going out to the countryside Mel sighed and wondered how many people had survived, who had been killed so far? Un-named and rotting under the scorching sun she didn’t dare to look to see if she recognised any of the corpses along the side of the road, she had lost two many people today the only thing she could concentrate on now was getting out alive and she figured between the three of them they had seen enough zombie films to survive.

“We should go through the town centre”
Mel stated turning to her sister and their late big brother’s friend. Chelsea nodded but Gee just looked confused “What? No way we’ll get butchered!”
Mel shook her head as Chelsea explained “look at where all the cars were headed; away from the town in a crisis everyone evacuates to the country leaving the cities empty”
She said matter of factly a look of understanding washed over Gerard’s face but he was still hesitant “A-are you sure?”
The twins nodded “Okay then”
They set off down the long road to town hoping that they were right.

A/N so I should be doing a double update today again because I’m such a nice person… but it will be a filler like this one where I will let you see more of the characters personalities Thank you for the lovely reviews they mean so much! See you later folks! Xx
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