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Weeping Angels Daddy!

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The Doctor and his wife watch their daughter play doll house. 11th Doctor and OC

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They sat in a room which resembled a reading room. The room was mostly empty save an old wing back chair and a roaring fire in a fireplace. She sat half on the arm and half on his lap. Her usually pale face was a light pink. Six years ago this was how they started. Except they both held tea, spiked with whiskey, and the Doctor’s hand would be up her skirt by now.

She shied away from those thoughts. She wondered if the Doctor was remembering that night. She glanced at her husband and saw he was enthralled watching their young daughter play with her Germanic Peg Dolls. That struck her as odd, didn’t an alien kid send Germanic Peg Dolls after him, Rory and Amy? So why on Earth would he let their daughter play with those bloody things. What was next, get her some mini weeping angels?

She knew if he was stupid enough to do that, she’d put her foot down. She saw in his eyes an immense amount of love and amazement. Who could blame him? She was just as in love and just as amazed at their daughter as he was. Their little time traveler. He was such a doting father to her. His mouth moved down as if he wanted to say something.

His wife looked over at him. But before he could tell her anything, their daughter walked up to them, clutching two dolls. One had long, red hair with goggles in the hair. The other wore a bow tie and a fez. The Doctor looked up to his wife and smiled. “Here daddy, you take the daddy doll,” she said. She turned to her mum. “Here mummy you get the mummy doll.”

The Doctor slid out of the chair and onto his knees. He crawled over to the dollhouse along with his daughter. Making the doll move as if it were talking he said to the little girl doll, “would you like to be a big sister?”

The mum blushed as she crawled to the dollhouse. “I would love to be!” spoke the little girl doll.

“What does mummy think of that?” asked the daddy doll as the mummy doll joined the scene. The mummy doll kissed the daddy doll. The Doctor blushed.

“You know what my dolls need?” asked their daughter. They both looked at her. “They need angels in their front yard! Daddy, I want weeping angels!”

The Doctor laughed as he picked her up. “Maybe the second baby will take after me?” said the mum, hands on her hips. The Doctor only laughed again as he kissed his wife.
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