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Never Coming Home

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Ivory's POV

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“Molly what the hell is going on?” Frank demands as I speed towards the Way residence praying that Mikey isn’t at work. He needs to be with us when we get her. It’ll be better for everyone.

Ignoring my friend I hit the gas pedal, urging the car to move faster. For some reason this piece of junk always seems to go slow on days I need to get places. Today is really no difference.

“Molly I’m not going to ask you again, what the fuck is going on?” demands Frank, slamming his hand on the horn, receiving a frown from both me and Frankie who is sitting quietly in the back seat.

“Ivory was there Frank, at a job interview, she was in the north tower when it fell. She needs to get to a hospital here in Jersey and I need Mikey because she’ll need Mikey. Are you happy now?”

My harsh words and shocking news shut Frank up. For the rest of the time it takes us to get to Mikey’s house, ten minutes, he doesn’t say another word. Sure I feel bad about snapping at him but I’m under a lot of stress right now. For some reason everyone seems to come to me with their problems forgetting, or not knowing, I’m dealing with things of my own. A single tear runs down my face, left untouched, free to fall onto my jeans.

“Don’t cry, princess, it’ll all be alright,” Frank coos as I sit in the drive way, allowing Frankie to go retrieve her younger brother.

Thank God he is home. This might be the only thing that has actually gone correctly today. If Ivory isn’t as bad as I’m letting myself think that will be a plus but I don’t have very high hopes.

Alice Cooper’s ‘Schools Out for Summer’ blares over the speakers in my car as I head to the temporary hospital set up along the dock almost thirty minutes away from here. I hope that because she isn’t in intensive care nothing is terribly wrong with her.

Too nervous to even speak Mikey bolts from the car and into the large ferry house, searching frantically for his dark haired girlfriend amongst many burned and bleeding victims. This is almost too much.

Trying not to look at any of them more than I must I eventually stop behind Mikey who is holding hands with Ivory. The left side of her face is burnt up pretty badly, she’s got a sling covering her right arm and there is a fairly large gash in her left arm…other than that she is still the same, pretty girl I’d met a few months back.

“I’m so sorry I called you Molly. Mikey wasn’t picking up his phone and I just can’t stay here any longer,” Ivory explains in a haste holding Mikey’s hand tightly.

Nodding I sign the papers required and lead everyone out of the building, my tired body behind held closely to Frank’s.

Ivory’s POV

As I am lead by Mikey to Molly’s car I try not to look across the way at the empty spot where the towers once stood. It would just bring back all the memories of blackness and calling out to someone who will never answer again…I’d spent the last fourteen hours trying to forget everything.

Still covered in a thin layer of dust all I really want is a shower and some decent food that isn’t shrink wrapped. Then again Molly will probably take me to a local hospital where they will treat me for my injuries then send me home with a bottle full of pain pills and anti-depressants.

“Rose,” Mikey whispers trying to keep it so that Frank, Molly and Frankie can’t hear our conversation. “How are you doing? How’s Ronnie?”

Tears begin to spill from my eyes, soaking my face and the sleeve of Mikey’s Dawn of the Dead shirt. Why, of all people to bring up, did he mention Ronnie? How am I supposed to be myself again without my best friend by my side? Yes, I’ve got Mikey and Molly and Gerard, and Frankie but not even they can fill the hole that is now permanently in my heart.

“He didn’t make it out,” I answer as Mikey wipes away my tears, his lips gently brushing against my cheek. With him here and holding me makes the hurt go away just a little bit. That’s what I love about Mikey, he just has this knack for making everything better.

“I’m so, so sorry baby,” Mikes says still holding me close as I am lead into a hospital.

The one place I do not want to be right now is the only place that can actually make me better.
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