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it was never my intention

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"I think that we should keep this between you and I. I know that it
takes so much to actually admit your feelings, but so many things have
changed. If this was two months ago I would have said yes with out
thinking about it twice, but now I have girl friend and you have a
boy friend. " he paused.
" I could leave Georgio for you! I would anything please. " I begged
and pleaded.
" I know you would but what about Shauna? It's not fair to her an you
know it. " He reached out to touch my cheek, but I moved away. I felt
a tear flow down my cheek and fall onto the ground.
" I think I should go." I said and with out another word I walked
away. As I was walking away I wished that he would just run from
behind me and tell me it was a joke and that he wanted to be with me
as much as I did. But it didn't happen. I walked in silence for the
rest of the walk home. I was about to reach the door when I stopped. I
couldn't cry by myself. I ran as fast as possible to the only person I
could trust. Frank.
I knocked on the door as hard as possible trying to make him open the
door asap. When he finally did I hugged him. He didn't say anything he
just hugged back. He brought me inside and we sat down in his room.
" What happened?" he asked.
" Gerard. That's what happened. "
" Uh-oh what happened this time?" he asked again.
" I told him. I told him everything. And he rejected me. I knew that I
shouldn't have gotten my hopes up, but I was so sure he would say yes." I cried again at the memory.
" oh. Well you have to understand him. He gave you so many chances and you didn't do anything. And now that he has a girl friend you finally decide that you want to be with him?" He tried to reason with me.
" Whose side are you on?" I demanded.
" No one's, but you have to understand him too." He explained him self. There was a knock on the door which caught my attention.
" Door's open." Frank said.
" Hey your mom said to-" Could this day get any worse? standing by the door was Gerard. Great. " Sorry." He apologized.
" No need I was just leaving." I said as I got up. I grabbed my things and tried not to make eye contact with him. I pushed passed him and went down stairs and through the door that I had come to so many times. Once outside I sat down on his door step. I cried one last time before I got up and left. No more crying for me.
Gerard POV
I felt horrible. As I saw her leave my heart dropped to the floor. Why now? God damn it I gave her so many chances why now?!! Why did I reject her? I knew for a fact that I wanted her so badly to be mine. But I had to let her know how it feels to be rejected. It's not that I believe in revenge, it's just that I really need to think about this. It wasn't fair to Shauna who has been here for me when I needed her to be. Ahhh this would only happen to me. I decided that I needed to talk to someone and the only one that I could trust was Frank.
I walked over to his house a few minutes after Bella left. It was cold, but that didn't matter since I had just rejected the girl that I have liked since almost me whole life. I knocked on the door and his mom greeted me.
" Hi Mrs. Iero is Frank in?" I asked politely.
" Yes he is. He is in his room with a friend." She smiled as she let me in. I walked up the stairs knowing the way to his room by memory. I knocked on the door and waited for him to answer.
" Door's open." He said through the walls. I opened the door and stepped in.
" Hey your mom said to-" I stopped in my dead tracks. I should have known that the friend was Bella. She looked at me once and shock clearly flowed through out her. " Sorry." I apologized not knowing what else to say. Bella stood up ad grabbed her stuff.
" No need I was just leaving." She said with out emotion. She tried not to get eye contact with me but I could clearly see that she had been crying a lot. Bella wasn't the girl that would cry that often. The only other time that I saw her cry was when her dad passed away. This only made me feel even worse. I really must have crushed her. It tool all my strength to not run up to her and grab her and hug her with all my mite. I saw her leave and I almost wanted to cry. Once she had shut the door I broke down. I couldn't take this much pressure and emotion.
Bella hadn't come to school all week. She wasn't answering the phone and no one had heard of her since before the day I rejected her. I called her every day trying to see if she was okay, but nothing would work. I walked into class and sat where I usually sat down, which was next to Shauna or where Bella used to sit down before Shauna showed up. Everything changed since Shauna came.
After school I went over to Frank's house because during class I got a text saying he had something important to tell me. I walked into his room and he sat on the edge of the bed. He had something in his hands it looked like a letter.
" Its for you." He said.
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