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So Much Drama

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Woah. What?

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I just sat there, extremely curious. How many other lies have they told me?

Frank paced the room, while Mikey cowered, and Gerard steamed. Ray didn't prepare me for this.

"You already know the biggest one, so I'll just start from least important to important," Frank decided. I simply nodded, still speechless.

"Me and Mikey have had crushes on you yes, so every time we acted like we were happy about your relationship, we really weren't," He continued to pace the small room and stopped for a second to give Gerard a cold stare. It scared me to see them hating on each other like this, Ray was right, maybe getting our relationship back wasn't such a good idea.

"And Mikey's the one that stole your barbie back in grade school, but that's not as important as the next one," Gerard's fist clenched, threatening to punch Frank if he got any closer. Mikey whispered an apology about the barbie.

"After you and Gerard had been dating for a long 3 months, we took him to a party, he got really drunk, and can you guess what he did Leda?" Frank smirked not giving me a chance to answer. "He made out with every girl there, and at one point of the evening he disappeared. Me, Ray, and Mikey searched around the house for him, we even walked in on a couple of people, um…you know, and just as I walked by this one door I heard a couple being quite loud. Even though the music was loud, I could still hear one word being screamed louder than anything else and guess who's name it was? Gerard's. I opened the door and found him fucking the head cheerleader's brains out he was moaning he name back just as-" I threw my hands over my ears.

"Frank I don't wanna hear anymore of this!" Profound mental images were making my eyes tear up. Frank's mean features immediately softened he knelt down in front of me.

"Leda I'm sorry, but you had to know. Please don't cry," He said. Before I could say anything he was tackled by Gerard. Gerard straddled him while enclosing his hands around his neck and choking him as hard as he could. Frank kicked him in the balls and he fell over moaning in pain. Frank took this vulnerable opportunity to punch Gerard a couple of times, stand up, and kick him. Mikey jumped in to try and help his brother, but not planing to hurt either of them. He pulled Frank back, resulting in Frank getting defensive and elbowing him in the stomach. Mikey jumped on his back and Gerard got up, punching Frank. I screamed for them to stop and tried to pull them apart but that resulted in me getting randomly slapped in the face by a random hand. I fell to the ground with a hard thud, making them stop in mid-swings. I looked up at all of them with a sad expression. Tears were still falling.

"Oh my god are you okay Leda?" Gerard and the others knelt down beside me and tried to comfort me, but I pushed them all away and stood up. I threw open the door just as Ray was about to walk in, he took a look at the guys, blood stained and bruised, and my sobbing. "What..the hell….happened?" He fumed.

I pushed pass him and made my way up the stairs. Gerard used his super speed to catch up with me.

"Leda, please let me explain."

Frank followed behind him, "Leda, I'm sorry."

Mikey raced in front of me, "Leda, please forgive us for keeping this from you."

I ignored them and stormed into my room, locking the door behind me.

I collapsed on my bed, sobbing into the pillows until I drifted off into a restless sleep.


(the next day. Gerard's training day)

I woke up and stayed in bed, all morning. Each of the guys knocked on the door, asking if I wanted breakfast or anything. I never replied. At one point someone came up and just stayed there for a long time, not saying a single word and left quietly.

I decided that it was a good time to get up around noon. I couldn't put it off much longer, my plan was to just get this training done smoothly with no interruptions. I cleaned myself up and walked down the stairway with confidence. But I stopped when I heard someone talking, it sounded like Gerard and Frank. I hid behind the wall at the top of the stairs and eaves dropped.

"She'll forgive you…… she always does," Frank's depressed sounding voice spoke.

"It was not your place to tell her. I should've been the one to do it," Gerard scolded.

"And when were you planning to do that? After you got married? After you had children?" Frank argued, his voice sounding shaky and cracking.

Gerard got quiet, "Frank, did you actually think you would have a chance with her?" He chuckled sarcastically.

"N-no I j-just hoped-…… I wasn't thinking." Frank meekly stuttered.

"She loves me, she said it herself. She doesn't like you like that, man."

Frank gulped, "B-but you never know, she might-"

"Don't even try, Frank. If you even try to hit on her again, or pull another stunt like that, I'll have my mother banish you back to the other side." Gerard said a little louder.

I decided now would be a good time to show myself. I crawled quietly to the very top of the stairs and stomped down, making it sound like I had just left my room. I got to the bottom and ran up to Frank and hugged him. What he did was out of place, of course. But he also saved me from yet another one of Gerard's lies.

I could see Gerard giving Frankie death glares from the corner of my eye. I whispered thank you to Frank and gave him a small kiss on the cheek. Then, I pulled away and walked up to Gerard.

I crossed my arms, "I think it's about time we start our training for the day."

Gerard looked like he waned to say a million things but I slipped pass him and out the door to the clearing.

He caught up to me in a quick second, "Can we forget about the past? I was drunk, I didn't have any control over my actions. I swear."

I stopped walking when we got to the clearing, "But you could've told me! We were dating for 4 months, Gee, and so you cheated only a month before we broke up, which is when you cheated on me again. How am I supposed to trust you?"

Gerard took in a breath, clearly taking time to think,"I was going to tell you-"

"-There you go lying again!" I cut him off. "I heard you talking to Frank you weren't going to tell me, and you know what? Don't tell Frank to back off, you have no right to do that because we're not even a couple! And Frank has more of a chance with me than you at the moment."

Gerard's face flashed sadness and anger but more anger than anything. I was going to start ranting again but I was cut off with a sudden numbing pain in my cheek that sent me falling back. I hit the ground clutching my bruised cheek.

"D-did y-you just hit m-me?" Tears were streaming down my face as I looked up at Gerard. His face was expressionless for a second, but a look of pained realization dawned on his features. He knelt down in front of me and tried to look at my cheek.

"L-leda I'm so sorry, I-I don't know w-what's happening to me," he stuttered.

"What do you mean?" I asked, shying away from his touch.

"My emotions are going crazy. For some reason, they're heightened."

Out of no where Mikey appeared. Before Gerard could realize he was there, he was punched in the face by his brother. I screamed, in shock.

"You hit Leda! Gerard, I'm sorry but you've gone way to far, bro," Mikey ran next to me and helped me up.

"Leda, Are you okay?" He asked, hugging me. I nodded, "I'm fine, just a little in shock still."

"Mikey you don't understand, something's wrong with me, I would never-" Mikey shushed his brother, "yeah. there's something wrong with you. You're so lucky to have a beautiful girl like Leda and you go and mistreat her and she forgives you and then you mess it up again and you hit her, not cool." I could practically feel the anger in his words. But the whole "beautiful" comment made me smile through my tears.

"Brother, you no I would never do that to her. I just can't help it my emotions have been really enhanced and negative lately." Gerard protested, picking himself up.

"Why are your emotions so messed up?" Mikey asked. Gerard was about to shrug but he seemed to realize something in that split second.

"Mikey, I'm turning into- like my dad." Gerard stuttered out nervously. Mikey's jaw dropped. I gasped.
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