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Out of the Corner of your Eye

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New kids and new looks.

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Notes: Who actually reads these? So I've finally decided to come out of my little hole and put something on the internet. I'm a little nervous about writing with other people's characters, so if I completely warp their personalities, please forgive me. I'll get better with time. Other than that, please enjoy.

Disclaimer: I do not own Class of the Titans. Please don't eat me.

That Hero Business

Chapter 1 - In the Corner of your Eye

New Olympia was a relatively small city located on the southernmost stretch of British Columbia, Canada. It was large enough to have everything anyone needed, but small enough to afford only two high schools. One was a small, private catholic school by the name of St. Mary's, and the other was New Olympia High, the public school which most students attended.
It was the school that Principal Trevrep presided over. He was a balding man in his late forties, who had only taken up teaching because he had no other career aspirations. Well, he did have one; illegitimate career aspiration, but he had given up on it for reasons he would not disclose.
In any case, being a principal meant receiving new students, which was something he seemed to be doing a lot of recently. This one was likely to disappear completely from his notice, however, considering he couldn't even figure out how to say her name.
"Kiralia." She repeated patiently. Trevrep rolled his eyes at the futility of it all.
"From Alberta?" he asked again. Kiralia sighed, that's what it said on the paper in front of him.
"You a cowgirl?" he joked, thoughts wandering to a magazine in the third drawer. Kiralia raised a slender, copper colored eyebrow at him.
"What is the relevance of that question?" she asked.
'Nope, no trouble from this one' Trevrep thought, passing the young girl her schedule. She was a corner student, who would quietly achieve good grades, make some fiends, and go on to life with a white picket fence.
Kiralia left the room as silently as she had entered, although Principal Trevrep wasn't observant enough to notice the lack of footsteps. Yes, Kiralia would go unnoticed, that was the way she liked it, after all.


Throughout thousands of worlds, within hundreds of universes, and in various alternate realities, there is one commonly accepted belief among adolescents; history class is the most boring occupation of time ever invented.
Jay was caught between telling himself to pay attention and watching Neil openly preen himself in the front row. He was almost sure the blond enjoyed having the teacher telling him to pay attention. The teacher paused in his lecture to write something on the board and there was a polite knock at the door.
"Ah, you must be our new student, come in and find a seat. We're right in the middle of World War II." The copper-haired youth sat in the row to Jay's left, a few seats back. He could see her out of the corner of his eye and watched as she pulled out a notebook and pen, starting to write the notes down immediately. Jay turned back to the board and continued to copy the notes. His nagging sense of worry was acting up again. After Pan and Medelia, the option that this new student was Cronus related was still open. Jay sighed inwardly; he couldn't afford to just relax, to just be curious about a new student for normal reasons. No, he had to wonder if she was going to try to take over the world with an army of plants, amazons or flying zombies. He stopped that thought process in its tracks. Best not to tempt fate. Glancing up at Neil, he noticed that the blond had finished his fashion analysis of the new girl, and had gone back to doing something with his nails. Jay shook his head; he'd never understand that man.


"Jay, there's something weird about that new girl." Theresa said as she sat down beside him.
'Dammit,' Jay thought, squashing the idea that she might just be normal, and he could stop fretting and concentrate on his upcoming history exam.
"Do you sense something about her?" he asked, dismissing his own wishes and reverting to thoughts of his responsibilities.
"Not sense," Theresa shook her head, "its just that, when I look at her out of the corner of my eye, she seems, well, fuzzy."
"Fuzzy? Are you sure you don't just need glasses?" Archie remarked, pulling out a chair and offering it to Atlanta. She didn't notice, and took the chair beside it, provoking a slightly exasperated look from Archie as he sat down. Theresa scowled at him,
"No Archie, nothing else is fuzzy," she turned back to Jay, "and it's really just around her head."
"What's around who's head?" Herry asked, joining the table with Neil.
"Theresa's sensing something strange about that new girl," Jay replied.
"Oh," Herry said, "she's cute."
"Yeah, but way too young," Neil put in. Jay and Herry looked at him quizzically, and he continued, "what, you didn't notice how young she looks?"
"She does seem a bit young for a senior..." Herry thought aloud.
"She could have just skipped a grade," Odie's arrival completed the seven. He was also young for his grade, but, as the team genius, this was to be expected.
"And Theresa needs glasses. See, there's a logical explanation for everything. So, we can go on to more important things, like trying to be normal while not letting Cronus take over the world." There was a sigh of agreement at the table, it had been getting difficult to just appear normal (being normal was impossible by now).
"Theresa's visions aren't something we should disregard, Archie" Jay replied to his dismissal of the problem at hand. Herry jumped in,
"So do you want us to follow her?"
Jay nodded, "It doesn't hurt to be careful."
"Being careful will have to wait though guys," they turned their attention to Odie, who was checking his e-mail, "Hermes needs to see us immediately after school." The seven friends by circumstance nodded in understanding as the bell that ended lunch sounded.


Jay was the first to make it through the janitor's closet, and through the portal that took him to his mentor's side. As such, he was the first to know about the change. The queen of the gods, while still unmistakably Hera, appeared to have lost at least twenty years, her now dark brown hair cascading over her shoulders.
"Miss Hera? Um, I know gods can shape shift..."
"This was not my doing, Jay." Hera interrupted, "and I don't know what has caused it, but, I am much more powerful than I previously was, all of us are. Which makes me worry that Cronus is feeling the same effects."
"More powerful?" All Jay's concerns about history class and new students disappeared with the thought that Cronus may have even more of an advantage over them.

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