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Fame Is Now Injectable

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A/N: It's short. And sort of vague. It should pick back up next chapter. R&R. xoxo, k

Consoling a hysterical man is already a difficult task, but consoling a hysterical man who believes the love of his life is in danger… that’s an entirely different level of “difficult.”
Spencer was doing the best he could with Brendon, but it was becoming increasingly difficult.
“I need to help him, Spencer!” he screamed, fighting against the strong arm’s Spencer had wrapped around his waist.
“It wasn’t real! Brendon, it was a dream! Brendon! Stop it! It wasn’t real!”
Brendon took a swing at Spencer’s face, which he easily dodged. “Yes it was! He needs me! He needs me, Spencer!” Brendon sobbed, turning and crying into Spencer’s chest. Spencer rubbed Brendon’s back soothingly.
“He’s fine, Brenny. He’s fine. Wherever he is, Ryan’s fine. You’ll see. He’ll turn up sooner or later.”
Brendon clung to Spencer, tightening his grip even more. “I just hope you’re right, Spence.”
The man flicked the needle, the bubbles of air rising to the top of the liquid. “You lost your band, Mr. Ross. I’m sure you are devastated.” He paused. “How would you like to join us? Our coven. We can help you regain that feeling of… fame. What do you say?”
Ryan stared at the man for a long time, taking every inch of him in with his large hazel eyes. “Will I ever get to see Brendon again?”
The man smiled. “In due time, yes. You will be permitted to visit with him. But first you must prove yourself to us. This may take months, or maybe just a few days. That is entirely up to you, Mr. Ross.
Ryan looked at the needle. “Are your…. tests… going to hurt?” he asked.
“It all depends, Ryan. The final test is usually painful, but more so emotionally than physically. Are you up for it, Mr. Ross?”
Ryan looked at the needle again. “And that is…?”
“Just a sedative, Mr. Ross. You need a physical examination if you intend to join us. You will be asleep and will feel absolutely nothing.”
Ryan sighed. “Yes, sir. I’m ready.”
The man smiled. “Very good, Mr. Ross.” He pushed the needle into the vein in the crook of Ryan’s elbow and injected the sedative.
“You’ve just taken the first step towards fame, Ryan.”
Ryan smiled sleepily, his eyes drifting shut. “Who knew fame was injectable?” And then he blacked out.
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