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Set the Fire to the Third Bar

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After I have travelled so far We'd set the fire to the third bar We'd share each other like an island Until exhausted, close our eyelids

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Hey there!
haven't updated for a while but I edited a few things so my story looks a little better now!
the title is Snow Patrol.
Megz/CD xxx

Gerard's P.O.V

"Sam!Sam,Wake up!" We all tried helplessly to wake her up.
"It's no use Gerard" Frank said. Bob, Ray and I carried on shaking her and Mikey was sat with his head in his hands and I think Frank was crying.
"No it's not!" Bob said as Sam's eyes fluttered open.
"W-wha??" Sam asked trying get up but falling back down again.
"Sam?" Mikey said from the corner.
"Sam!!" Frank screamed running forward and hugging her.She winced at his touch.
"I thought you were dead!" he said which made her chuckle.
"Um guys?" she asked.
"Thanks for looking for me"
"S'ok" we shrugged.
I then sighed and said
"You want me to carry you?" she nodded.
I picked her up and we all walked back to our house.We saw a police outside nextdoor.
Me and Sam exchanged worried glaces.
"Did you?" Sam asked and I shook my head.
"Take Sam inside and I'll go ask what's going on" Bob said.
So we all nodded and walked into our house. I brought Sam into the kitchen and the guys followed.
"Who's gonna clean her up?" I asked.
"I will" Mikey said and we all nodded.
"Can I ask her something first?" Frank said and we all nodded again.
"Was Carly one of them?"
"I-I don't know who Carly is?" Then her eyes widened."Wait yes,she gave me this" she pointed at her black eye "And said I was a worthless Emo freak and that had got to you"
He sighed and put his head in his hands and walked into the back room. We all followed and left Mikey to clean up her up.

As we walked into the room Bob ran through the door.
"He killed someone!" Bob yelled.
"What?!"we all gasped jumping up.
"He ran some girl over in his with his car and now he's been arrested!"
"Oh my God!" Frank yelled.
"I'll tell Sam" I said walking to the kitchen only to see Sam and Mikey in mid kiss!

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