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My Raggedy Doctor.

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bad things were happening all over the world suicide rates were higher than they had been in the last 50 years and everyday new people were been taken into homes for the mentally disturbed (Dr.W fic)

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Frank Iero was 21 living in England Sutton Coldfield his interests consisted of eating pooping and more eating he worked in his local Wilkos and still lived in his parents basement any education had been wasted on him as he spent his days idly scrolling through the internet he had a few good friends that he watched movie marathons with most weekends and played guitar in a failing band.

Frank lived a dull repetitive life but the routine made him feel safe bad things were happening all over the world suicide rates were higher than they had been in the last 50 years and everyday new people were been taken into homes for the mentally disturbed that were popping up all over the country. Internet freaks were going mad with conspiracy theories about the homes but Frank kept as far away from the abnormal reality as possible loosing himself in comic books and war games, zombie movies and his vast collection of music on iTunes.

In fact Frank was so lost in these things that he didn’t notice the wurring noise filling his room he didn’t see the blue box flashing in and out of existence in the corner and he didn’t acknowledge the two men stepping out of the blue box once it had finally settled however he did notice when the red haired stranger pulled out his headphones “hey what the hell?”
Frank seemed more bothered by the rude interruption of his music time than the two strangers standing in his room “Are you by any chance Prince Zar ruler of the withering planet?”
Frank blinked a few times and shook his head the red haired stranger sighed and turned towards his blonde companion “Told you, you had got it wrong!”
Scolded the blonde Dracula Frank coughed “Its my screen character, for this Internet game”
“Ah games love games me! Let me have a look?”
The red haired man turned back towards Frank and leaned on the back of his chair looking at the laptop screen on Frank’s desk he looked at the pixelated character on the screen for a second before scooting Frank’s spinney chair away on its wheels and crouching down in front of the desk and took the mouse in his hand and clicked around a bit, when the character simple walked to where he had clicked he gave up and pulled out a weird long electrical thingy he pointed it at the screen and it buzzed as the characters information was pulled up onto the screen the stranger quickly read through this information and looked back at Frank “So it is!”
The man grinned and stood up “But your real name is Frank Iero were on...”
The man stuck his finger in the air then sucked on it “Earth England Sutton Coldfield 16th of August 2017 and its 19 degrees C”
He finished with another grin Frank swallowed and nodded “Um yeah… who are you?”
He looked between the two strangers “oh how rood of me! I’m the Doctor and this is my glamorous assistant stroke brother Kobra!”
Frank nodded “and what’s that?” he gestured towards the magic stick thing the Doctor was slipping into his jacket pocket Frank realised only now how strangely the two were dressed.

The Doctor in grey tight jeans and a blue leather jacket witch read ‘Dead Pegasus’ on the left breast witch a picture of a horse and a star next to it he wore black biker boots his jeans tucked into them. Kobra was in similar gear dark jeans and a read jacket only his was hanging open to reveal a tiger striped loose top he wore dark shades covering his eyes and hadn’t smiled since arriving.

“Oh this?”
The Doctor pulled back out his magic stick Frank nodded “Sonic screwdriver!”
The Doctor waved it in the air a smug look in his face “Good for pretty much everything ‘part from training turtles, they don’t like the noise and swim away”
The Doctor looking down lost in his own thoughts for a second and a nostalgic look crept over his face Kobra coughed “We should get going”
The Doctor’s head shot up and flashed Frank a grin “See you around Frankie!”
And with that The Doctor and Kobra got back into the blue box once the door was shut the box began to flash in and out of existence like it had before (not that Frank knew this) and once again Frank was left alone gobsmacked and hungry.

A/N So short starter off chapter :3 what do you think? Where do you think its going? What did you have for Lunch? –Hat xxxx
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