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A Terrible Beauty is Born

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Tsuzuki takes the game to another distrubing level with a twisted lolicon image.

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Chapter Thirteen: A Terrible Beauty is Born:

Pink and black.

She fluttered her eyes open to the devil’s warmth. The room gave off a love hotel vibe. Black, pink, and Hello Kitty puked themselves onto the walls. Dolls, stuffed animals, and other toys all stared her down. She looked and noticed the pink cage around the pink and black Hello Kitty sheeted bed. A big stuffed Hello Kitty sat in a swing in the corner above her head. She made a strange face.

“What the…” she began to ask. She paused and looked down at herself.

She was dressed this time. But, in a frilly-lacy black and white baby doll dress with black stockings. Her hair had been put up into two pigtails with black bows. She let out a forced chuckle.

Okay… This is creepy…

“You’re awake,” she heard someone say. She looked all around her. That’s him, alright. But, where was he?

“Okay,” she said. “What is all of this?” Violet eyes flashed in her mind.

“Uh-uh,” he said. “Daughter does not ask questions.” She blinked wildly.

“Daughter?” she asked.

“Yes, yes. You are the child and I am your daddy!” he said. She shook her head.

“Oh hell no!” she barked. She got up to try and leave the cage.

“Don’t move!” he barked. She sat back in place. Her eyes shifted around the childish Hell.

“And why should I?”

“I can see you!”

She tried to keep a brave mask as she looked around. “Where are you?”

“Daughter should not ask questions!”

SLAP! She fell back onto the pink and white bed.

“Ow!” she cried. SLAP!

“What the hell?!?” SLAP! She only whimpered this time. He gritted his teeth.

“You don’t talk back to me!” he barked. His hands wrapped around her pale throat. “You understand me?!?” She gagged in reply. He smirked at her and forced a kiss on her lips.

“Good girl,” he said. A terrible beauty is born.

“Aww,” he cooed. “Why so sour?” Her eyes looked so cold to him.

“Don’t look at me like that,” he said. “Daddy wants you to smile.” She didn’t speak.

“Smile for Daddy,” he commanded. She only looked on with contempt.

“Smile for Daddy!” he screamed in her face.

“Go to hell!” she hissed.

“Smile, you bitch!” he shrieked. SMACK! Heavy pressure to her chest. She didn’t understand it. I can’t see him, but why can I feel him?/, she thought. Another smack came to her chest. 2x4 force too. She drew in a hard breath./

“SMILE FOR DADDY!!!” he yelled. She forced herself to do so in pain. He drew back, smiling.

“Good girl. I would hate to get blood on your pretty clothes.” He sat on the bed. A terrible beauty is born.

“In fact,” he spoke. “You’ve been a naughty girl.” He flipped her onto her stomach.

“You need a good spanking,” he said. She glanced up at him, but he pushed her back down. He grinned to himself. Not exactly sex, but good enough.

He flipped up her frilly black and white skirt. The pink Hello Kitty panties screamed, “Hit me!” to him.

Oh, I sure will!/, he thought. He pulled out his belt and looped it together in his hand. Slowly rising up…/

Whack! The first hit made her scream. The sound stirred him awake in the pants.

“Yes!” he yelled. “That’s it! Scream for me!” Second whack. Third. Fourth. Fifth. Tenth. Thirteenth. Twenty-seventh. The hits kept coming too.

These weren’t little, flirty hits to the bum either. His eyes filled up with blood when the whole concept of this first entered his brain. The man went to town with the beating. His “daughter” tried to stomach his animal-like panting and moaning. Each hit drove him faster with the belt. She cried out when she felt herself bleeding.

/“Take it, slut!” he shouted. More whacks followed behind. Drops of blood hit his cheeks and forehead.
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