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    (#) Gerardwayiscute 2011-09-21 05:33:11 AM

    Real name-Jasmine Price. Killjoy name-Colourful Shadow. Age-25. Looks-long straight dark brown hair with multi colored streaks, dark brown eyes, pale skin that tans easily, has black nail polish on, has cuts on wrists and scar on neck, 5'4 and really skinny. Costume-a pink floral tank top, black shorts with fishnet tights underneath, red knee high boots, black and white striped wrist warmers that have a skull on them, yellow sunglasses, a silver heart shaped necklace and silver skull earrings. Ray gun is black with wristing in red that says beware the CS. Personality-sometimes nice, gets pissed off easily, has a strong punch for a girl, a good fighter, smart, thinks of good advice, also a party animal. Back story-ran away from home because BLI came and took her parents. shes been living in the zones ever since. Anything else-sings, play piano, and loves roses.
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    (#) AhoyMikeyo 2011-09-21 05:38:00 AM

    YAAAAY AUDITIONS ..... time to make up some weird ass character :3

    Name:Nettie George
    Age: 15 (you can change it)
    Kill Joy Name: Chasing Pheonix (cause its my favourite book at the moment)
    Looks:Auben/reddish brown hair up in high bunches with small black brais in and chains in a block full fringe and long peices of hair down at ether side of it not unusualy pale but dosent tan much dimples in cheeks and usualy has smokey eyes and clear/shiney lips ears peirced once usualy had perl earings in average height and has a scar on her color bone from a bast fight painted black nails
    Costume: a black tank top with a red punk girl style skirt fishnet tights and creepers with red playing card symbols on (hearts diamons clubs etc) black knetted wrist gloves that reach just below her elbow has an old leather jacket but only wears at night or in the cold
    Personality: tough girl and hard to befriend, no fear isnt afraid of deathbut wont wrisk her life without good cause likes punk and j-rock

    Think thats about it... :3 happy writing
  • Auditions

    (#) AhoyMikeyo 2011-09-21 06:34:35 AM

    ALSO she is lesbian... if that's important at all...
  • Auditions

    (#) LoveLustAndPixieDust 2011-09-21 07:17:06 AM

    Name:Ethel Harte
    Kill Joy name: Time Bomb
    Age: 21
    Looks:Tall and tanned with blonde hair with blue under her bangs reaches to just below her shoulders heavily straitened and very layered blue eyes and pink ish lips long legs and kinda busty
    Costume: Blue bordies (very short) with high grey socks and powder blue dms a grey vest top (spagetti strap) and a faded denim vest jacket a white drama mask hair up in a high pony tail
    personality:a little ditsy and zones out alot easily ofened and often blames heself when things go wrong kind and motherly and is the teams medic

    Her sister

    Name: Nora Harte
    Kill Joy Name: Cosmos Kid
    Age: 20
    Looks: dark brown/black hair beach waves very long no fringe or bangs pale and dark brown eyes that look slightly reddish is some lights full lips, very skinny flat chested boyish figure
    Costume: Black shorts with black floral netted tights underneeth ballet pumps tied with ribbon up her leg (black) black coptop covered with white stars and a black leather jacket with her kill joy name in studs on the back ray gun in holister on waist
    Personality: Cut throat and snappy dosent trust people and a ruthless killer but kind at heart hates her sister and blames her for alot of things, dosent eat so she can keep her stick thin figure and hates BLi and all dracs with a feasome passion loves screamo and punk music, could maybe have some conection with Kobra?

    You can use either or none of or whatever ;3 xx
  • Auditions

    (#) MCRkilljoy 2011-09-21 09:20:54 AM

    woah ficwad really been havin a lot of auditions. aw well its fun.

    Name: Alexa Skye

    Killjoy Name: Deathly Avenger

    Age: what ever you like

    Looks: Extremly long black and red hair. 5'1. skinny. blue eyes with a black edge

    Costume: Black cropped leather jacket. tight red vest top. Black skinny jeans. Black and red studded belt with matching braclet. red and black converse

    Personality: Really bitchy, dark evil mood. can be very happy when shes with her team and never shows fear. she would kill anything at anytime and will give herself up to help her team without a second thought. complete dare devil. loves animals. loves emo music and cuts. never cries or admit deafeat and will fight right up until her death. will lose her patience in a instint. and shes bisexual.
    ummm if you let me in the story could i maybe a have a little romance with someone

    you dont have to use me cause im gonna read it anyways

    good luck and happy writing
  • Auditions

    (#) MCR_Vampire_321 2011-09-21 11:30:23 AM

    Name - Hozzie (Hollie) Bareham
    Killjoy Name - Artistic Accident
    Age - What ever fits
    Looks - Dark brown hair with red highlights, blue eyes, contact lenses but if I can't be bothered then black glasses, pale skin, really long finger nails that people think are fake but they're not.
    Costume - Pink tartan jeans, My Chemical Romance Danger Days Tee-shirt, rainbow leg warmers, Peppa Pig key-ring, pink doc martins, grey arm-warmers just above the wrist.
    Personallity - Really shy, not good at standing up for herself, talks a lot around people she knows, kind of a crybaby, hates any kind of prejudice, loves listening to music, gets worked up by even the littlest things.

    Could I possibly go out with Kobra Kid? :3

    ~ Hozzie
  • Auditions

    (#) Gerardwayiscute 2011-09-21 11:38:31 AM

    Also could my person have a little romance with one of the killjoys?
  • Auditions

    (#) GotSparkle 2011-09-21 12:50:15 PM

    Neon sun is all yours. You read KJA, so you know who she is :)
  • Auditions

    (#) XxxFallenAngelXxxx 2011-09-21 01:06:24 PM

    Hi, looking forward to this a lot. I have two best friends, aguy and a girl, but if you only want to use one (or none) that is perfectly fine. Hope I can help
    Toxic Faith. Nicknamed Toxic
    Real name-James but hates it and used to go by Jamie or sometimes Jay.
    Age-whatever fits but is about 18, 19 okay?
    Looks-natural black hair, thick fringe falls forward into face, electric blue streaks through it. (Toxic Rose`s idea) Cut into choppy layers. One eye is a blue grey colour, the other a blue green. (sometimes people do have different coloured eyes. I read it somewhere.) The fringe falls over the blue eye, which is the left one. Eyes are normally outlined with smudged black eyeliner. Often surrounded by dark circles from lack of sleep. Tall, very thin-suffered with eating disorders. Lots of scars cover most of his body (his parents abused him and he used to harm himself) the worst scar is a thick partially healed cross cut into his back.
    Outfit-black jeans-not skinnies just normal ones, an old, faded, bloody, muddy band tee (the Cure, green day or Iron Maiden) red converse his best friend and her sister scribbled on. A black leather jacket covered in badges and patches. Always keeps a guitar pick in his pocket-he got it at a concert he went to with his best friend (Toxic Rose) a silver chain is worn lose around his neck that has a silver pick on it with a “D” on it. (The first initial of his friend’s real name) wears it tucked into his shirt so you can’t really see it, if you stand close enough you may catch a tiny glimpse of the silver chain. Covered in tattoos and piercings-plugs in ears, a rook and a helix. Has snakebites, his tongue pierced. Arms are almost covered with tattoos and lots on his chest. It looks a bit scary/weird though as he is so thin.
    Personality-kind but thinks worst of himself, and often the world. Either very loud or very quiet. Is either extremely low, or hyper and super happy. Flirts a lot but would never cheat on someone. Has had his heart broken several times by people he truly cared about and is scared to get too close to someone again. Would die for his friends. hate being told what to do, especially if he knows it’s wrong. Loyal friend but doesn’t trust easily. Doesn’t like being without Toxic Rose-worries about her a lot. Secretly in love with her. Funny and very sarcastic.
    Ray gun-black with a “gothic” silver cross going all the way around it-he finds it rather funny, as he hated religion and his parents tried to cram it down his throat.

    Past-he grew up in battery city and was best friends with Dakota “(Toxic Rose) and her little sister (rose) his parents treated him badly and when they found out what they were doing to him the three of them ran away together and became killjoys.
    Anything else-bisexual parents didn’t accept him, used to be a drug addict and drank too much, but Toxic Rose helped him stop. Because of this he doesn’t drink anymore. Smokes a lot-she tried to make him stop but eventually gave in. he is a good fighter-knows some Tae kwon do, quick thinker, keeps calm under pressure.
    Toxic Rose nicknamed Rose.
    Age-whatever fits but is a year younger than Toxic Faith
    Real name-Dakota Nyx (Dakota means friend or ally, Nyx means night)
    Looks-waist length black and red hair-black underneath red on top. Cut into lots of different layers, never too neat. Threatens to cut it off as it annoys her but Toxic Faith won’t let her. Is either left down or tied into a messy ponytail or sometimes two bunches/pigtails. Emerald green eyes often outlined with black or red eyeliner, red lips, pale. Average height and weight but very underdeveloped-no hips/breast. Very self conscious of this and Toxic Faith teases her about it sometimes. Tattoo of a rose on her foot and the name “Dakota” on her left wrist and “Rose” on the other. (Rose was her little sisters name) nose, tongue, lip, belly button and ears pierced-twice on the lobes and the top part of one.
    Outfit. Black skinnies, black knee high studded boots-keeps a knife in left one. A black top with random bits of silver and a bleeding red rose on it surrounded by skulls. Wears a silver necklace with a “D” an “R” and a “J” on it. (her, her sisters and her best friends initials) red wristband saying “fuck all authority” written in black.
    Personality-kind but thinks worst of herself. Loyal friend. Crazy and random, morbid. Not someone you want to get on the bad side of. Don’t piss her off if you enjoy living, as she will kill you, slowly. Seeks revenge a lot-doesn’t forgive easily. Very protective of her friends. Very sarcastic. Can be quite violent and doesn’t always think things through before acting. Speaks her mind. Secretly may be in love with Toxic faith-not really too sure as she has never been in a relationship before as her parents didn’t work out well. Has a bit of a trust issue but is a good person to know.
    Ray gun-matches her top-skulls and bleeding roses on it.
    Past-same as above pretty much, her sister is no longer alive though she got killed in a fight by a drac. The two of them both feel guilty for her death.

    Anything else-used to be a strict veggie but now will eat meat if she has to. She will complain about it very loudly though. Misses her sister terribly. Fast on her feet, can talk herself out of tricky situations and good aim.

  • Auditions

    (#) fatherfuckingmeese 2011-09-21 02:34:59 PM

    Real name: Tanner Riley (I made that up haha :))
    Killjoy name: Demolition Bunny
    Age: 14
    Looks: Big brown eyes, black hair in ringlets- tied up in high pontail with side fringe, small, has tan skin.
    Killjoy outfit: White leather jacket, White tank top that says 'RUN BUNNY RUN RUN', white ballerina tutu with fake blood splatters on them, ripped white tights, white converse, turquoise raygun with a cartoon bunny on it and 'DEMOLITION LOVER'. Also wears fake bunny ears.
    Personality: Demolition is really excitable, always bouncing up and down, acts like a bunny- gets freaked out easily, tries to be a loyal friend, always goofing off, kind of a romantic person. A little loud sometimes. Doesn't usually break down.
    Other: Is very small, good at acting innocent, can dodge bullets easily. Escaped from BL/I with older brother, but he was killed by dracs. Likes to hang out with Fun Ghoul. if that's okay. :)
    I read your story and it was really good. Like, really good- way to make me feel jealous haha. :) hope my audition gets picked. :3

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