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One - First Impressions

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A stranger is introduced

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Stripped. That is how I would describe myself. Stripped of all happiness. I have not laughed, nor smiled, in what seems like an eternity. I have tried to end my life, ended up in hospital twice, but I seem immortal. Either that or a cat, with nine terrible lives to endure. However, I will keep trying until I am successful. Hopefully, that will be soon.

I think an introduction would be fitting at this point. I am a non specific being, my short hair is a no-colour, the odd shade that straddles blonde and brown. My eyes are a curious mix of blue and green, I am generically ‘small’ with my peers standing several inches above me. I am not beautiful
(he called me beautiful)
(he must never be named)
I am plain, your average teenage girl. My parents saw fit to call me Alice, but you can call me any insult you like, I have heard them all. I almost pity the lack of originality which is to be found in their catcalls. Pity, if they did not sting me so, ripping every last inch of dignity out of my soul.

Today is a Saturday, which for me involves being shouted at, with my step-father threatening to assault me if I do not do as I am told. I hate him, my mother thinks we get along fine but she does not know, I dare not tell her the truth. How he despises me enough to hurt me, the colours he has turned my skin, from pale white through scarlet to deepest purple. The last set of bruises are only just fading from my thighs, punishment for drawing rather than cooking the foul beast his dinner.

My bedroom is non descript. Shabby black carpet, once white wallpaper, that is now filled with song lyrics and drawings. A pine wardrobe which holds my clothes, shoes and things I treasure most deeply. Matching pine chest of drawers, with my CD player and television perched on top. A wooden desk, homework hidden under a pile of drawings. Above my desk, three shelves filled with a combination of CD’s, DVD’s and books. Under the window, my bed, black sheeted, unmade, with a box of tissues hidden under it. I must use more tissues than anyone in town.

I look out of the window, onto the street. His car is gone, thankfully, I am to be alone today. I quickly dress, with no particular attention paid to my clothing and go downstairs. Maybe I can escape this house and go to the river and draw today? I love drawing, it is the only thing that allows me to escape from myself. I am just about to make myself some toast, one of the few foods I will allow myself to eat, when I hear a knock at the front door.

I go to answer it, panicking slightly, ever since him I hate social occasions. Even something this simplistic. I open the door, and a stranger is standing in front of me.
“Hello, I’m new here and I thought I should introduce myself” he said, with a friendly smile on his lips “I’m Mikey, Mikey Way, and I just moved here last night”
I noticed several things about Mikey during his short introduction, the most prolific being how I totally relaxed in his company, he made me want to smile.
“Alice” I replied, “It’s a pleasure to meet you”
Which it was, I surveyed him, taking in his awkward pose, thick glasses and his hair, which was a similar colour to my own. I looked at him, and for the first time in months I thought my life may, somehow, not be quite so difficult.

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