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Unforgivable Acts

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I woke up in a cold, stoned jail. A dungeon. There was no bed, no furniture of any kind. I curled up in the corner, trying to warm myself up, I was still in my tank and sweats.

Hours went by until I heard the dungeon doors open. A hooded figure stepped up to the bars of my cell and opened them with a key. He roughly grabbed my shoulder and pulled me out of the dungeon. We went up a small flight of stairs until we came to a simple wooden door. He opened it and we ended up in a hall way. He pulled me right, left, and right again. We finally found the door he was looking for he opened this one slowly.

"Master I brought you the prisoner," He bowed to a lizard-like man.

"Very good, sit her down," The 'master' said from his thrown.

"As you wish, sir," The lizard bowed again and pushed me into a chair that was in the middle of a small pit, to make it lower than the master guy's.

"Hello there Lina, it's nice to finally meet you," The man slithered his tongue.

"It's Leda," I whispered, letting my fringe fall over my eyes.

"So it is, but I prefer your birth name, hmm why so sad chosen one?" The man rested his head on his hands as if we were friends having a normal conversation. I kept my mouth shut and my eyes on the floor.

"Is it because of your little boyfriend? The head demon's son? He's turning out lovely don't you think? Soon he'll be more powerful than his father and take over all of humanity… "The demon drifted off into a faraway gaze, thinking of the horrific things that Gerard could do.

I couldn't stand the thought of Gerard being like these guys. "He can't be all that bad, I know him, he'll find a way out and choose good over evil." I lifted my head, confidant for the first time.

"We'll s-" The master was cut off. "Don't be so sure of that Lina," A grinning Gerard cut in, stepping out of the shadows.

"Gerard, what the fuck happened?" I stood up from my chair.

Gerard kept his grin, "Fell asleep and woke up with…. bad thoughts." He and the master guy chuckled.

"Where are the guys?" I asked.

"Probably searching the realms to try and find us, I doubt they would even dare to set foot in this realm, though." Gerard stood in front of me now, his hands behind his back.

"You won't hurt them if they do, will you?" I asked.

Gerard smiled again, "Maybe torture would meet their standards."

I stared at this evil Gerard trying to look for any signs of good, but there was nothing.

"Over my dead body," I said, not backing down, he was getting closer.

"What are you going to do to me?" I almost stuttered. Gerard was now less than a foot away from me.

"I don't know what shall I do first," Gerard walked around me, staring me down like a lion. He seemed to be the one calling the shots here.

"Hmm now that I notice, you are a pretty little thing, aren't you? Straight, soft, blue hair. Soft, milky white skin. I like you, if Gerard wasn't the one calling the shots, you'd be locked in my room right now." The creepy, 30 something year old master guy said, licking his lips. I took a mental note to stay FAR away from that guy.

Gerard snapped his head to the direction of the Master guy. "Enough!" He ordered.

He turned his attention back to me.

Gerard suddenly grinned wickedly. "Send her to MY bedroom, we'd like her to be warm and comfortable, I mean, she is our guest." The master sighed, he nodded to a demon guard and the guard hauled me away.

The guard pulled me though corridor, after corridor. And after what seemed like weeks, we had finally gotten to Gerard's room. The guard threw me in and shut the door. I took in the entire room. The walls were a relaxing gold color and there was a king sized bed in the middle, it was a blood red. The floors were a glittered black. There was nothing else, but a door to what I assumed was the bathroom, and a closet door.

I couldn't look inside them because of my hands being tied around my back, but I assumed they looked like the bedroom. I sat on the bed, feeling weak. Even though I had just been sleeping not too long ago, I was weak in this realm, my energy was drained here. I sat there alone for about 5 minutes, trying to not fall asleep. Until the door silently opened.

"Hello, beautiful," Gerard's red hair couldn't be mistaken, even under the mild lighting. I didn't respond, I didn't move at all.

"Aww baby what's wrong I thought you were into the bad boys," Gerard pouted, taking my chin in his hand.

"Fuck off," I said, obviously pissed off.

"Is that anyway to treat the person that cared enough to get you a comfortable sleeping arrangement?"

"It's not comfortable with you in it," I said with no emotion.

"I thought you loved me Lina," Gerard let go of my face and sat on the bed, next to me.

"I did, but after finding out you cheated on me, while drunk at a party, I'm not so sure anymore," I scowled. He chuckled, leaning in so close, that I could feel his every breath.

"That was the old me, now, I'm all yours baby. Just on one little condition, you rule alongside me."

"And kill off the human race? I don't think so," I spat.

"Maybe I need to show you what your missing out on, then." He closed the gap between us before I could say anything. His lips pressed roughly against mine, too rough, too hungry. I couldn't push him away with my hands around my back so I tried to lean back, away from him. That only made him push me back onto the bed. I tried to roll away, but he held my shoulders down, probably bruising them in the process. I kicked at him, only to make him straddle me.

He finally broke away for air, I sucked in a lungful of the lovely oxygen.

"I'm pretty sure you know what's happening tonight, sugar," Gerard laughed maniacally. A single tear made it's way down my cheek. How was I ever going to be able to forgive him? If he makes it out of this evil state of being and becomes himself again, I won't be able to look him in the eye.

He ripped off my clothes in a second, followed by his own, "Stop, please," I begged through tears. He leaned down for another kiss, this one much softer.

"I'm sorry," He whispered, before shoving himself in.
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