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Ninja drama

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Finally, another chapter. Quite angsty.

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I'll have to thank Megan for pushing me to write this. :3

Sean's POV:

I woke up, dazed, to find my roommate sat by my bed with his hand placed on mine. His eyes were bloodshot and he looked worried for me.
"thank goodness you're okay Sean" he sighed, stroking my head. My head was bandaged, crap.
"umm, whats happening?" I asked him, Ian I think. Ian Watkins. He nodded and took his hand away from mine, leaving me cold and suddenly feeling more weak. 
"sorry Sean, this may seem really surreal and freaky at first but I'll explain what happened to you before I explain whatever else you need to know" Ian whispered, smiling fondly at me. I remember I had only met him once, when i moved into my room, and he was a little too friendly then, but this is weird. I nodded and left him to explain. "Spencer was trying to escape and his friends were creating a diversion. Dallon threw you out of a window as the diversion and you cracked your skull and broke your arm. You had some internal bleeding as well but that's okay now, you'll be okay, Sean" he smiled. He put his hand back on mine and I felt better again. This is some weird shit. 
"and how come you're being all touchy feely and nice?" I asked, a little too harshly. Ian sighed and took his hand away again.
"I will explain to you at some point when were totally alone but for now can you just deal with it?" Ian asked. His eyes were really pretty, even though he looked like he was crying, and they sparkled. He was really very pretty, beautiful even. 
"what about school?" i asked quietly, dreading to think what obscene amount of homework and extra training I would need to catch up on.
"you have to spend the next couple of days here, but don't worry about anything, you won't have any trouble keeping up afterwards. There aren't exams here, just learning, no sequence. You'll be fine, Sean" he smiled in almost a sad way and brought his hand to my face; stroking it softly. He had some kind of weird hold on me, so I nodded and took his other hand myself. He grinned at my confidence but at that moment my annoying friends barged in. 
"dude, how's things hanging?" Snoz roared.
"did you hang from the window?" Bob snickered. Everyone laughed at Bob except for Gavin, who rushed up to me and hugged me awkwardly. Me little boyfriend. 
"Jesus Christ Sean, you scared me" he sighed, looking me up and down. I dropped Ian's hand in embarrassment and Ian slouched back, smirking at Gavin. Rhys and Matthew were at my other side, playing with some bandages, in their own little world together. Gavin carefully kissed my forehead then turned to Ian. Ian got up hesitantly, looked at me then left quite slowly. I absolutely hate when Gavin does that to people. 

Will's POV:

"Crawford, I didn't tell anyone!" I protested as Ian held me up against my door roughly. It hurt a little, as my feet weren't even touching the ground. He snarled in an almost feral way before letting Dallon intervene.
"then why am I being questioned? Everyone is saying that while you were being questioned you ratted me out" Dallon growled at me, holding his fist in the air as if he was about to punch me. I shrugged nonchalantly and waited for Gabe.
"I did get questioned, but if everyone is talking about this, how do you know it was me and not someone else? It's a small school, you guys" it made sense in my head, but it didn't matter anyways. Gabe had appeared from behind Dallon and Ian, with a piercing glare on his face. It scared me a little but I was sort of used to it. Ian groaned in pain and dropped me, my feet landing on the floor with a relieved thump to match my breath. Dallon endured for another couple of seconds before making a squeaking noise and scuttling off. Gabe stood still with his eyes tightly shut for a couple of moments, digesting the situation.
"I told them it wasnt you, I told them to leave you alone" he muttered, keeping his closed and his voice as even as he could. Gabe was always in a tight and unpredictable mood after using his power. What he was capable of always scared me but I trusted him. 
"Gabe, it's okay, I'm fine" I sighed in relief as he moved closer to me and put his warm hands on each side of my face. He smiled at my smile and opened my door from behind me.
"you've been drawing again, I see" Gabe stated as he entered the room after me, laughing when a paper butterfly landed on the tip of his nose. I closed the door before any butterflies had the chance to escape and shrugged. 
"I just got my stuff back, and the room seemed dull" I gestured to my art books and supplies that had recently been confiscated and looked up at the butterflies.
"well, they're really beautiful" Gabe sighed, crossing his eyes to examine the butterfly perched on his nose. "are you sure you're okay?" he asked, finally batting the drawing away and sitting on my bed. I sat down with him and took his hand. 
"i got called into Buzz's office last night" I started, avoiding Gabe's intent stare. "and she gave me some bad news" I stuttered, choking on my words. The paper butterflies fell to the floor, dead. What always happens when I'm sad.
"what happened, Will?" Gabe whispered, using his free hand to guide my head so he was looking into my eyes. 
"she said my mum had died" I whispered, feeling hot tears run down my face. "I thought I'd get the chance to see her once I got out of here and apologise to her" 
"you know that's never the case, were away from our families forever now" gabe sighed, pulling me into his lap and rocking me back and forth. I sighed and nodded into his leg.

Ian's POV:

"how's your head Sean?" I asked quietly, moving over to Sean and stroking his forehead. He smiled and shifted closer to me, taking my hand.
"better now" he said, looking into my eyes. He sat up out of bed and tugged at his hospital gown. "are you going to tell me how you got here and why I feel so close to you how? He asked quietly. I smiled slightly and nodded, kissing his soft hand.
"yeah well, I tortured people by using my emotions, because that's my talent. I was jailed for it but the academy saw my potential. Thats why I'm here, I control peoples emotions. Come to think of it, why are you here?" I asked him, suddenly wondering.
"im an assassin. With Gav, Snoz, bob, Rhys and Matthew" he replied, quite nonchalant. 
"oh, okay" I didn't quite know what to say. I wiggled his hand about and he smiled in the most adorable way.
"so you know when people belong to eachother?" Sean asked me, looking at our hands.
"well, yeah. And about Gavin-" Sean stopped me.
"Ian, I love him, I don't know, I don't know anything" Sean moaned a little bit. I sighed and put my arm around him, smooshing my head into his chest. He smelled so good. I loved him so much.
"I'm not going to make you leave him, I'm not going to mess with your relationship with him in any way, if you want to stay with him. I just want you to be happy, and I know it sounds crazy seeing as we've known each other for only a few days, but I love you so much" I sighed. It was hard to say but it was true. It wasn't worth him being with me if he wasn't happy. 
"but, I like you" Sean whispered in my ear.
"Sean, we belong together, yes. But don't let that change anything between you and Gavin" I kissed his lips as carefully as I could, avoiding his head. I heard the hospital curtains move quietly and a gasp follow.

"Gav, it's not what you think, it's complicated" Sean moaned, tugging at Gavin's sleeves. Gavin was facing me, tears and anger in his eyes.
"you kissed him, how dare you?!" he pointed at me and shuffled closer to me, Sean trying his best to pull him back. 
"Gavin, just give me a second to explain" I spoke calmly, trying to settle his emotions.
"don't use your stupid mind tricks, stop trying to tell me that you're meant for him cause you're not! He's with me" Gavin yelled. Sean wrapped his arms around Gavin and managed to swing him around and sit him down on his bed. I stood in front of them both, giving enough distance between Gavin and I but still being able to try to calm him down. 
"Gavin, I know it sounds like total rubbish, but Ian knows his stuff" Sean tried to explain, holding both of Gavins hands. 
"so you're just going to leave me for your roommate, that you've known for barely a week?" Gavin protested.
"no, no Gav, I'm not, I don't know!" Sean moaned, looking up at me to say something. 
"then what's going to happen? Ian claims that you belong to him but youre saying you're not leaving me, so what's happening?!" Gavin sighed and wiped his eyes, shuffling away from Sean. 
"well, I'm meant to be with Sean" I stated calmly. "but I'm not going to get in your way, Gavin" I waited and watched Gavin work out the options. He sighed and leaned on Sean, kissing his cheek.
"you know what? I don't find you a threat. Sean really likes you and if it wasn't for you trying to claim Sean, I would like you too" Gavin spoke quietly. "just, I know you love him, and I know what that's like"
"what are you trying to say? That we should both be with him?" I asked, sort of confused to how well Gavin was taking this.
"well, it makes some kind of sense. I don't know? I just don't want to lose him" Gavin sighed.
"I wouldn't ever take him away from you, Gavin" I replied. I sat next to him and smiled slightly. Sean smiled sweetly at us both.

Thanks for reading ^.^
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