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BAby Frerard :) It's cute,Gerard is five and Mikey is almost 4 and Frank is 3

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okay so first one-shot :),Baby frerard!

"Gerard"Donna said."Gee sweetheart wake up"
Gerard woke up and rubbed the sleep from his eyes.
"Why I don't wanna et up Mommy"
"Oh c'mon Frankie and his mommy are coming over"
Gerard rushed out of bed and ra to little Mikey's room.
"Aww Gee I don't wanna get up"
"You have to or I'm not leaving."
"okay Okay!Dont get youwr pwanties in a twist!"

Gerard and Mikey sat on the sofa watching Spongebob,When the doorbell rang.
"Hello Linda!Hiya Frank."Frank was hiding behind Linda.Gerard ran out "Frankie!"
"C'mon me and Mikey are watching sponge bob!"Gerard grabbed Frank's hand and pulled him to the sofa."My Mommy said we are going to the pawk"
"That even better!Mikey!"
"Yes Gee?Hi Fwankie!"
"Hi Mikey"
"Mikey we are going to the park!"
"That's what my Mommy said."
They went to the car so they could go to the park.
When they got to the park,The saw the swings.
"Oh Look!Frankie theres the swings!Want me to push you on them?"
"Okay Gee,What about Mikey?"
"He going on the slide"
"okay!Let's Go!"

Frank and Gerard got to the swing set,when Mikey ran over."GEE!GEE!"
"Yes Mikey"
"I made a fwiend!"
"Hi,What's your name?"
"SineadYES I KNOW ITS ME!!!"
"I'm Gerard and this is frankie"

years later
"When the sun shines we'll shine together,told you I'll be here forever"Gerard sang to Frank,letting Frank know just how he meant to Gerard.
"Said I'll always be your friend"Frank sang.
"I love you"
"I love you too"
Then Sinéad burst into the room,shouting something The boys didn't quit catch.
"He proposed!He PROPOSED!!"

We will live on together,with suspisious minds
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