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Sweet Oblivion

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When Sasuke first notices Naruto, a longing is held inside his heart. He wants him...needs to love him so badly.... and when he follows him into the forest, he doesn't know what Naruto will do. Wil...

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~Theme Song: Faceless by Red~

It was the first glance at Naruto that first stole my heart. His waist was slim, his chest toned, and his soft yet firm lips were pressed in a line as he waited outside Ichiraku Ramen, his heart broken. I saw him tremble once, and then twice, as he shook in rage. He bit his lip, trying to seal his emotions inside of him.

I peered around the building and sighed contently. My eyes stopped on the blonde before he swiftly turned around and ran; to where I wasn’t sure. I decided to follow him. I was in hot pursuit, and I used Sunshin no Jutsu to transport myself to where I predicted he was. Sure enough, Naruto was leaning against a tree, his back scraping against the bark. He was in a forest, not far away from where the village was.

His feminine-like traits never ceased to amaze me; they only turned me on even more and as I perched up on a tree branch, steadying myself with a hand on the trunk, I saw Naruto sigh, slumping to the ground. I knew he had gotten his heart broken by Sakura Haruno, and I hated her for doing such a stupid, idiotic thing to him.

It hurt his feelings, and it hurt mine even more. I gritted my teeth as I saw him cry out in pain, his tears finally betraying him. I so wanted to be there for him, to put a hand on his shoulder. I could imagine myself leaning in to catch his lips with my own pink, soft lips, and I imagined him sigh against my touch as my hands wandered, tugging at his jacket, his heart beating.

Suddenly, Naruto looked around, startled. My foot slipped, and I hurriedly grabbed onto the branch so he wouldn’t see me, but it was too late. “Sasuke? Is that you?” Naruto looked up and I caught his gaze before landing on the ground with a soft thud, no damage sustained.
He looked at me suspiciously. “Were you spying on me?” he asked, his voice agitated slightly, and I knew he was slightly mad at me. I had made him mad... I bit my lip. I regretted answering him, but I wanted to give him the honest truth; no one likes a liar, and I was too easy to read.

“Yes,” I meekly replied. Naruto inched away from me, towards the tree trunk, and his back hit the trunk with a thud. I moved closer, resisting the urge to lick my lips. “I saw got your heart someone,” I said, a painful lump in my throat growing bigger and bigger. I swallowed. “I don’t know who it was,” I whispered, lying, “but whoever it was, was stupid enough to do that to you.”

“ don’t have to apologize,” Naruto answered, staring at the ground. "I'm not mad at you." I noticed he didn’t look me directly in the eyes. “It was my fault. I should have seen it coming.” He then looked up.

“No.”I slammed into him and put my hands on either side of his body so he couldn’t move, or escape. Naruto’s cornflower blue eyes stared into mine, and he blushed.

“You’re too close,” Naruto whispered, and I felt his breath on my cheek.

“Am I?” I said teasingly, my face inches away from his. “Don’t be scared, Naruto. I won’t hurt you like she did.”

“Wha-” Naruto’s question was caught abrupt as I placed my lips on his gently, softly kissing him. To my surprise, he kissed me back, hesitant at first, but then with more feeling. I felt awake, and I could hear his heart racing, thudding with excitement underneath me. I put my leg in between his and when he moaned, I smirked.

"I want you...I want badly," I murmered against his skin.

I lifted his shirt up with my hands. While I was busy sucking in his neck, I noticed that his nipples were perked in arousal, the pink nubs sticking out like a sore thumb. I bent down and was about to lick one of them when Naruto protested, squirming slightly. I knew he wasn’t used to this, so I motioned him to not move, but just to enjoy. He complied, his legs slacking.
I took one of his nipples in my mouth and nipped and sucked at the flesh, and Naruto shut his eyes, pleasure taking over. I moved onto the other twin peak, lathering it with my saliva, dripping wet. My hand moved down from his chest to his belly, and then it darted down to his pants, where I grabbed the waistband of his orange pants and flicked it.

“S...sasuke...” Naruto gasped.

My smirk grew wider as he helped get his pants off, chucking them to the side, over near where some deserted trees were. His boxers covered in pictures of ramen, (I had to chuckle at the attire that he was wearing,) were covered in pre-cum, wet and silky. But soon, they had to go.
I rubbed my leg up against his arousal, forming a tent in his pants. He was so hard and so wet already, and I hadn’t even begun the torture yet. He bucked his hips in response and bit his lip, quivering. I bent over. Naruto’s eyes widened as he saw my teeth rip his boxers off, down to his ankles. They were still wide as he saw my lips move closer and closer to the tip of his cock, earning a hungry gaze from the blonde as he realized what I was about to do.
I torturously gave a lick up his cock, to see if he was alright with it.

“Nnn-god-” Naruto threw his head back, closing his eyes. 'Sasuke,' he thought in building ecstacy.

“Heh.” Oh I was waiting for this moment when I would claim his as my own. And he seemed to be enjoying it. ‘All the better,’ I thought wickedly. I grabbed his length and put it in my mouth, darting my tongue between the tip, pre-cum leaking onto my sensitive tongue. I shuddered. The bitter taste tasted so fantastic, like something I had never tasted. It tasted so good-he tasted so good...

Then I ran my hand in circles upon his navel as I tortured him with my tongue, flicking and licking him faster and faster. I felt him tense, and then he came, panting, calling out my name. So much cum was coming out, as it splashed all over my face, droplets dropping out of my black hair onto the ground.

Naruto stared at me with wonder, mesmerized. “Did you like that, Naruto-kun?” I purred, using my other unoccupied hand to stroke his throbbing length again, shaking. He gasped and nodded his head rapidly. “What would you like me to do to you next?”

“T-torture me Sasuke-kun,” Naruto whispered quietly back, his eyes shut. “P-please,” Naruto begged, whimpering when I made no move to.

“Naruto, could you do me a favour?” I whispered seductively, and he cocked his head.
“What is it, Sasuke-kun?” He asked, his voice dripping with desire. “I’ll do anything for you...just name it and I’ll do anything...”

I dropped my pants and turned around, my boxers down to my knees. “In that case,” I said, wiggling my sexy ass near him, “fuck me.” Naruto’s eyes glinted and he smirked mischievously, positioning himself near my entrance. It wouldn’t hurt-I had done it before, but Naruto paused and stared at me, concerned as I looked over my shoulder to see what was taking him so long.
“Are you sure?” Naruto asked, hesitating as he spoke. He paused. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

I laughed, and he glared at me. “I know, Naruto. I’ve been your best friend for years; I know what you’re like, and I have waited for this moment ever since I had laid eyes on you.” I turned around, and as the seriousness of the words sunk in, Naruto’s eyes widened a fraction, his mouth agape.

“R-really?” he stuttered in disbelief. “So I’m not just a play thing for you to toy around with?”

I looked at him, mortified and wounded and I grasped his shoulders tightly. He blinked at stared at me, fear replacing disbelief. “No!” I growled, baring my teeth. “You would never be my play thing. Got it?” He nodded slowly. “To me, you’re more than that, Naruto-kun. Because Naruto, I...” I swallowed. Confessions were always hard. I had to go through with this. I could do this. It was Naruto for god’s sake! But I still couldn’t stop my heart from beating so fast, pounding in my ears. My hands fells from his shoulders to my sides. “I love you.

Naruto’s eyes lit up and he hugged me so tightly I couldn’t breathe, before he let go. “Sasuke, I-I’m so happy!” Tears of joy fell from his eyes, and I stared at them blankly before wiping them away with my fingers. “I can’t explain what I’m feeling right now-I’m so happy I could die!” I placed my hands around my neck as he kissed my happily, and I felt the fire gather in the air.

The soft kisses were now replaced by longing, desperate and passionate kisses as Naruto kissed me back so passionately it took my breath away, and my heart melted. His tongue demanded entrance into my mouth, and I let him explore eagerly, opening my mouth slightly. I felt his sweet tongue run over my teeth, dancing sensuously with my own tongue, exploding fireworks making my mind hazy.

I let him work me hard. It was his reward; he deserved it. He was mine, but I wanted him to claim me as his own too. Otherwise it wouldn’t be fair in any kind of sense. He had me trapped in a sweet oblivion. Naruto grabbed my throbbing member and moved his hand up and my shaft and I moaned, crying out his name in a hoarse whisper as he made me wait for myself to tumble over the edge. Within minutes, white stars fluttered in my vision as I came all over his hand, my white load shooting everywhere in his grip.

“Ahh Naruto-kun!!!” I screamed, my head thrashing wildly as he flipped me over with surprising strength so now I was the one with my back against the tree, and he placed a smothering, hot trail down my neck, panting.

After my heart beat had calmed down to a halt, Naruto stroked my cheek, sweat dripping off my forehead from the exertion. I stared at him lovingly.“Can I...put it in now?” he asked, daringly.

I replied with a nod, smiling weakly. “Yes Naruto...” And then, my eyes blazing, I added in a low, sultry tone: “I want you inside me.”

Naruto groaned and held my body possessively, before whispering fondly: “This might hurt a little.”

It fely odd being the uke. I swore that I always longed to be the seme, but Naruto was now in control, and he was doing a pretty good job of it too. I guess it was my demanding, silent personality that made me think that I would be suited to be the uke. But look at Naruto! He was the complete opposite to me; warm, funny and cheerful.

I grimaced, and then smiled reassuringly. I could handle this. “I-I’ll be fine,” I said weakly. Naruto grinned and kissed me on the lips before putting his wet cock at my entrance, moaning as he felt how tight I was. He probed me a little, before getting me to stretch myself wider so it wouldn’t be too uncomfortable. But I was wet enough, so this was an easy task to do for him.
Even still, the pressure building up inside me came to a standstill as nervous thoughts ran through my head.

‘What if it’ll hurt too much?’ I thought worriedly. ‘Does he even know how to do it properly?’ I shook my head.’ Of course he does,’ I reasoned, ‘he’s experienced enough; now anyway...’

Naruto saw me shake my head and he stopped, his eyebrows crinkling in worry. “Is everything alright, Sasuke-kun?”

“Of course,” I replied quickly, shaking my bad thoughts away. It was useless to worry. I had nothing to be worried about, anyway! Naruto glanced at me, before he stretched my entrance, and then I felt pain as he entered inside me.

While I felt pain, Naruto felt undeniable pleasure, and he gasped, a low moan resonating from his voice box as he swallowed. I saw his adam’s apple bob up and down as he did so, and he began to move inside of me slowly, carefully, so as not to hurt me. I grounded my teeth together and steeled myself for the pain as he thrust inside me, my walls clenching together.
I blushed, and I saw Naruto blush too, as we stared into each other’s eyes, the world coming to a stop. We were conjoined; we were a part of each other now, and nothing could bring us apart. “Nnn...Ha ha...ha-” Naruto panted, biting his lip in concentration, beads of sweat forming on his forehead. “You’!”

“That feels so good!” I cried out, my screams muffled by his loud moans as he thrusted hard inside me, his back arched as I wrapped my legs around his tanned waist. He shifted positions, and hit my sweet spot. I felt a tingling sensation as my prostate was hit, and saliva drooled out of the corner of my mouth onto my chin. “N...Naruto...kun...” Naruto’s devious ways were starting to secretly thrill me; I never knew he could be so spontaneous in his love-making towards me.

My nails raked against his back, leaving red welts and scratches. I felt blood ooze out of the marks, and with my back scraped and stinging, I hissed against the crook of his neck as I bit down to stem the pain. The crooks of my knees were up on his shoulders so he could access me better, and I blushed at the thought.

And thrill me he did indeed. Naruto’s hips picked up the pace, slamming into me so that I saw stars; a white hazy fog of temptation swirling around me, enthralling me, wanting me to reach that stage. “So close,” I warned him, and by this time, sweat gathered on our bodies, and I smelt the musky smell of sex around us.

Naruto replied with more eager thrusts and he pulled me closer towards him. I felt his wet cock slap against my ass, making me shudder at the friction. With a few more thrusts I came, and he came shortly after, screaming my name, drowning in our combined pleasure we felt towards each other.

Exhausted, he pulled out of me and waited for our hearts to calm down, before he placed a fleeting kiss on my lips. “Sasuke,” he called my name out quietly with a pout, “how are we going to tell Sakura that you’re mine now?”

I laughed. “Is that all you’re worried about?” I wondered. “Why don’t we make use of your chakra a bit more,” I suggested, winking and wiggling my eyebrows up and down.

Naruto got the point. “S-Sasuke,” he whimpered softly in my ear as I took my turn of indulging in him.

Love had never gotten so addictive.

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