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auditions! o.O

by Death-wish 13 Reviews

ok these auditions are over but it dawned on me that i should probably tell you people the results

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  • auditions! o.O

    (#) MemoryWolf 2011-11-21 01:10:18 AM

    hair color: Black
    eye color: black with ring of dark forest green
    killjoy name: Wing Apocalypse
    "real" name: Faith Oh
    what your killjoy looks like: short black hair that's soft to the touch, slightly tanned colored skin, black mask with neon-green claw marks at the left side, neon green and black hoodie/jacket style thing, black skinny jeans with forest green feathers. Black combat boots. Black fingerless gloves with a neon green wing at each side.

    personality: doesn't smile a lot, smiles fakely, cares for his friends, rather get hurt himself than let his friends get hurt. Really good at computer codes and hacks and stuff. :)
  • auditions! o.O

    (#) Apocalyto 2011-11-21 08:43:43 AM

    Hair colour: Dyed yellow (not blonde) with dyed black fringe.
    Eye colour: Blue with brown tinges and sometimes turn pale green.
    Killjoy name: Apocalypto
    "Real" name: Chloe Walsh
    What your killjoy looks like: Below the shoulder-length, spiky (dyed) black hair with yellow fringe (bangs if you're American), naturally pale and doesn't tan, 5'5 and average weight. This jacket with sign- radioactive sign and gasmask in the middle- sewn onto each shoulder and on back, yellow corset top, black skinny jeans and black combat boots. This mask, these in yellow and always on head and radioactive design contact lenses.
    Personality: Funny, cocky, hyper sometimes, sarcastic, shy around strangers, slight insecurity issues, quiet at times, talkative, but sometimes doesn't talk to anyone at all for ages, kind, motherly to kids, blushes really badly when embarrassed, protective over twin brother, smart and book worm.
    Anything else: Talks in harmony a lot with her twin brother(like the Ouran Highschool twins, but no incest) and English.

    Hair colour: Dyed bright red.
    Eye colour: Same as above.
    Killjoy name: Upside-Down Mushroom
    ”Real” name: Ashley (Ash) Walsh
    What your killjoy looks like: Straightened (His hair is naturally curly), short, spiky (dyed)bright red hair, naturally pale, does tan, 5’6 and skinny. Red tiger striped skinny jeans, black converses, black t shirt and red leather jacket with the sleeves ripped off and his sign-flying rainbow turtle- sewn onto the back. Has the same mask and goggles (but in red) and red contact lenses.
    Personality: Funny, cocky, hyper, sarcastic, shy-ish around strangers, talkative, kind, protective over twin sister, smart and energetic.
    Anything else: Talks in harmony a lot with her twin brother(like the Ouran Highschool twins, but no incest) and English.
  • auditions! o.O

    (#) LoveLustAndPixieDust 2011-11-21 09:02:28 AM

    hair color: Pastel mint green
    eye color: Green
    killjoy name:Kyrptonite Kid (or kyrpto for short)
    "real" name: Nala Allen
    what your killjoy looks like:very tall and pale very skinny flat chested heart shaped face and big eyes
    personality:Tough and out going brutal in battle and used to be a complete outlaw so her people skills arent very good

    Let me know if you need more! C: xo

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