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"This is Brendon, he is..."
"Dead." Bryant interrupted Ryan.
"Well, yes but that's not what I was going to say. I was going to say that he is staying with me for a couple days and we need somewhere to stay." Ryan spoke to Bryant but it seemed he was to interested in his flamboyant shoes.
"My feet hurt, my shoes have gotten to small. It's funny how even though my feet are to big they still slide into them anyway." Bryant said as he slipped his shoes off. Apparently they had bothered him enough to take action.
"Well okay then. You haven't had any prey in a while have you?" Ryan asked Brendon with sincere concern. bryant shook his head and stared at his clothe covered toes as he wiggled them in time with the faint music.
"Have you gone out and looked for someone or have you juts been sitting on your ass waiting for it to come to you?" Ryan asked shifting his weight from one foot to the other and placing his hand on his hip.
"Unfortunately the second one." Bryan said sadly as he sniffled.
"Well then take action. Honestly sometimes I wonder about your mind." Ryan said shaking his head in disappointment. In a flash Bryant was holding Ryan by the neck against the wall.
"My mind is perfectly fine you asshole. I don't need your fucking help, i can do anything I need to. Maybe you'll be the person I have to find. And I... I got it!" Bryant yelled looking at the ceiling. The corner of Ryan's lips turned upward in a crooked smile that looked really sadistic.
"I know who it is. I don't know the name but I know the face and tomorrow in the morning I will go find them." Bryant said his angry look melting away into excitement.
"So do you still hate me?" Ryan pouted and laughed.
"Yes... no. Not right now, but watch your back you know that I would change like that." Bryant let go of Ryan and brushed off his chest.
"Thanks. See I got you thinking, that was my goal." Ryan smiled patting Bryant's shoulder. Bryant growled faintly and looked over in a different direction.
"Because you helped me think you can stay. You and your little pet can stay in my guest room for as long as you need too. There's only one bed I hope you don't mind." Bryant said turning his attention to Brendon for an answer.
How could I mind sharing a bed with this gorgeous man.
"It's fine." Brendon said ignoring his inappropriate thoughts.
"That's just fine thanks Bryant." Ryan said giggling because his thoughts were probably something along the lines of Brendon's.
"What do you do that you have to find people?" Brendon asked, his curiosity getting the best of him. Bryant turned to him, his dark eyes practically shooting draggers.
"What? Why do you want to know? Are you a cop or something. I really don't think it's any of your business." Bryant hissed at Brendon as his veins became more visible.
"I just wanted to know." Brendon suddenly felt fear and something he hadn't felt in a while.
Like he was going to die.
"Well you don't get to so get over it hun. No wait I'm sorry, but I don't really want to tell you. Please forgive me." Bryant said with a sweet smile. Brendon raised his eyebrow in confusion and realization.
"He's bipolar, and he just might have multiple personalities disease but we haven't figured that out yet. But until we can fix him he has medication, he doesn't take it but he has it. He usually just takes a bunch of pain pills and dopes out. He seems to have lived through it so we don't worry about ODing. Other than that we have to keep close eye on him. And I'll tell you late about what he does." Ryan said quietly to Brendon. Brendon nodded in acknowledgement. A boy was walking up to them. He had a Florida tan and golden brown hair. With jade eyes that completed his look. he was tall and thin. He had freckles scattered over his face. he had a white mask over his eyes that was scattered with red. He was wearing white formal pants and a white button up shirt that were both scattered with red. He wore a black vest over them. He had a thin face that matched his body. He smiled showing shining white teeth, and exceedingly long canine teeth. Fangs more properly.
"There he is. What's his name again?" Ryan snapped his fingers as he tried to remember the boy's name.
"Antonio." The boy smiled.
"Exactly." Ryan said giving Antonio a big hug.
"Why is there red splattered all over your clothes?" Brendon asked as he sized up the boy who stood in front of him.
"What color of red is better than blood no?" He asked with a laugh.
"What?" Brendon said as he took a couple steps back. Suddenly he felt a hand on his back that pushed him forward.
"He doesn't bite... Hard." Bryant smirked and Brendon gasped in fear. Antonio took a step closer and put his face up to Brendon's. Jade met chocolate and Brendon began to sweat.
"Your scared, don't be." Antonio said as he moved back. Brendon furrowed his eyebrows in confusion.
"I'm not scared." Brendon said with a gulp.
"I can hear your heartbeat has gotten faster, but you don't have blood so I can't hear your blood flow. I'm surprised you even have a heart. But to find love I guess you need it." Antonio laughed as he put his hand on Brendon's chest. His hand was warm so it made brendon sweat even more. Ryan pulled Antonio's hand away and laced there fingers together.
"Your scaring him. He thinks your going to eat him. Ryan whispered to Antonio.
"Oh, I'm sorry. i only eat humans that are alive." Antonio said as he patted Brendon's shoulder.
"I can sense life and the presence of spirits so when I saw you I got confused." Antonio said as he studied Brendon. Brendon shivered as fear struck him under Antonio's gaze.
"So your a vampire?" Brendon asked Antonio without looking at him. Antonio nodded and smirked at Brendon.
"Then why are you so tan?" Brendon asked as he admired Antonio's perfect skin tone.
"You've been watching to much Twilight, kid. That's all bullshit. Your skin tone doesn't change and you don't get cold. Well, you can, but I'm not because I drink every night so I always have some sort of blood." Antonio flashed his sharp and threatening fangs.
"So, I'm human, and alive, why haven't you killed me?" Ryan asked squeezing Antonio's hand. He smirked and leaned into Ryan's ear.
"Do you want me to?" Antonio asked seductively.
"Maybe." Ryan purred. Lupita and Alyssa were giggling in the background and Bryant just rolled his eyes.
"Are you coming on to me?" Antonio asked hopefully. Ryan giggled lightly and let go of his hand.
"You wish." He winked and stood next to Brendon once again.
"Explain how you different form the other vampires people read and watch?" Brendon asked completely confused.
"Okay. I am dead, and don't have blood. Well I do. I can't turn people, only the king can, or the leader, president, or what whatever term you want to use. I can only drink them, and even if I don't completely drain them they still die. There's a certain poison vampires inject into them and that kills them maybe an hour after the drink. then, their blood is what keeps us going, other people's blood is what courses through our veins because we don't have any of our own. When I haven't drank in a couple days my skin will go white and I will get cold. It takes a couple months of dehydration for us to die. But eventually I will, and a stake through the heart and silver bullet or whatever else the shit is will kill me too. but no one has that stuff so I have no need to worry. But that's the basics, oh and we don't see blood and go crazy. We have self control, unlike some humans. But on occasion if some ones blood smells real sweet then we just can't hold back. And we are very persuasive, people will just believe vampires or will do what we say because of our voices or something." Antonio finished and smiled.
"Oh, and the fangs, they grow in. We loose the regular canines and grow fangs. So, until we get the fangs we have to drink hospital blood bags or get it some other way. Also until we get the fangs we don't have poison either." Brendon stood, eyes wide and his brain hurrying to comprehend everything it just heard. Ryan laughed and looked to Bryant.
"Where is the room? We have to be off to bed now. Big day tomorrow." Ryan smiled and rocked on his heels.
"Past the door. You know how this house works." Bryant smiled, apparently his temper had gone on vacation.
"Thanks. Have and easy trip back to heaven Alyssa. And don't piss off Lucifer again." Ryan chuckled and grabbed Brendon's wrist.
"Come on, I want to show you the room. It changes every time." Ryan pulled Brendon by the arm. Almost dragging him actually. Brendon followed, like he had any other choice. Ryan led him up to a wooden door that was poorly painted black.
"Open it." Ryan nudged Brendon with his shoulder. Brendon reluctantly took the door knob in his hand. It was cold and obviously hadn't been touched in awhile. Brendon pulled the door open to see a room with no light. Except for the candle lit in the middle of the room. It was hanging from the ceiling like a lamp would be. It lit the room enough that the didn't trip over their own feet. The wallpaper was black with gray stripes on it with a fleur de lis repeated on it. The bed was king sized and was canopy. Above the bed was a mirror looking down on the mattress. There was nothing else in the room, at all. Just a bed, and the mirror above it and the candle lamp.
"Simple, I really like it." Brendon smiled as he walked slowly into the room.
"It smelled like Christmas, cinnamon and apple cider mixed with pine. It was inviting.
"Last time I was in here it was Victorian looking. Very light and elegant. I like this way more. Dark and simple." Ryan stated as he peeled off his shirt. As he started on the button of his jeans Brendon's eyes got wide.
"What are you doing?" Brendon asked him with one eyebrow raised.
"I sleep in my boxers. Of that bothers you I can keep my clothes on." Ryan said reaching for his shirt.
Of course not I don't mind looking at that, or sleeping close enough to feel your body heat.
"No, no. If that's how your comfortable then you can stay like that. It doesn't bother me." Brendon smiled as he took his phone out of his pocket. He set it on the floor as he climbed into the bed. He looked up to see the himself. Tat was going to take some getting used to. He tore his eyes away from the mirror to see Ryan standing in front of the bed. He started to walk over to the bed, disturbingly slowly. This boy was toying with Brendon's hormones, whether he knew it or not.
Stop taking so long just walk fucking faster and get your perfect ass in this bed. Maybe perhaps you should remove that last shred of clothing you have on as well.
Brendon gulped the lump that had formed in his throat. Ryan pulled back the deep purple comforter and slid into bed.
"What's up with that Bryant kid?" Brendon asked staring at the mirror above them Ryan looked up and saw their reflections. Ryan looked at the reflection Brendon and spoke to him. And Brendon watched the reflection Ryan speak.
"He is like the angel of death, he kills people but only when it's their turn to die. He can sense it. Young or old, if it's their turn to die Bryant stares at them, snaps his fingers, and they die. There are many other people like him but I only know him. Because he was the last face I saw... Never mind. But yeah, that's what he was talking about. He has to kill people to stay alive. He kills them and takes their soul. He sucks it up like water and it keeps him alive. When he hasn't a soul in while he gets a little weird." Ryan smiled and pulled his stare away from Brendon's reflection and to him.
"So yeah." Ryan said looking at him.
"Okay. Goodnight." Brendon said closing his eyes as he lied there on his back. He was partly asleep in a couple minutes.
"Goodnight, sweet dreams." Ryan whispered to Brendon. He turned over but didn't fall asleep. Ryan turned back over and looked at Brendon's peaceful body. How his chest rose and fell without command. Fascinating really, breathing is. Ryan slowly scooted closer to Brendon until he could feel Brendon's breath on his cheek. Ryan paused in fear and in thought. What were his planned next moves?

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Notes: Italics are the characters thoughts.
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