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Chapter 9

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A.N. noticed that I put the name Ryan in the chapter a couple of times: I was watching (more like listening) to a Panic! At The Disco interview at the time. My bad D:< I'm such an idiot

Lily's POV

"Umm....did I interrupt something?" Gerard asked, glancing back and forth from Bob to me. In an instant it appeared as though Bob was away from me and on the other side of the kitchen. I was still frozen in shock, but he nonchalatnly said a quick, "Nope, we were just discussing possibilities."
Possibilities. What the fuck? I snapped back to my old self and glared at Bob. He returned it with a smile, and Gerard seemed catch on that I was pissed off.
"Okay, well I think it's time we left now..." Gerard said kind of awkwardly while grabbing my arm and leading me out of the kitchen. I just barely noticed Alisha brush passed me, with a smile on her face, as Gerard pushed me out the apartment door.
"So, any guesses as to where I'm taking you?" He asked with a grin.
I raised an eyebrow at him and shrugged. "A theater? That's where people usually take each other for dates, though I've been there a million times already." I glanced back up at Gerard and saw him shake his head.
"Nope, not even close." He smiled.
"Thanks Gee, you make me feel so good about my guessing skills." I rolled my eyes as we walked out onto the sidewalk. We strolled down the street for a few minutes before I began to seriously wonder about what we were doing. We weren't going to walk to where ever this place is? Were we?
"Well, I guess that's far enough." I suddenly heard Gerard say from beside me. I turned to give him a confused look, but suddenly my legs went out from under me.
I yelped as I fell, and then I felt two skinny arms hold me above the ground. I brought my eyes up to meet the mischievous face belonging to none other than Gerard Way. "You are not-"
"-But I am," He said cutting me off, and then took off running down the street with me in tow until we reached a Trans Am. Gerard opened the door and then set me down in the passenger's seat. I inwardly gulped as he sat down in the driver's seat. Gerard kissed me and said “I bought this off a guy a couple years back.” I don't recall vampires having legal driver's licenses....


Bob's POV

I smiled to Alisha one last time before I entered our bedroom, shut the door, and then crossed over to the bathroom. I stared at myself in the mirror for a moment before slamming my head against the mirror.
"You disgusting prick," I whispered to no one. Suddenly, I felt somebody grab my hair and peel my head away from the cool glass.
"Bob my pal, just what do you think you're doing?" A monsterous voice asked in a very clean and innocent tone. I immediately recognized the voice. I was the voice of the man who'd pulled me from my insanity and brought me back to this world. It was the voice of the devil. I didn't need to ask how he got in here, he could go anywhere he pleased. He made me sick, him and his voice. It disguised what he really was on the inside, terrible.
"I'm trying to bash my brains in," I answered lowly. He was going to get me for that, but then again, if I hadn't answered he'd get me anyway.
"Now why," He began and slammed my face back into the counter with more force than I had been capable of, "would you do that?"
"Because I don't want to keep doing this," I muttered into the counter, my teeth painfully mashing together as I spoke. My hair was tugged back and my face ripped from the surface yet again. I locked eyes with the most horrifying person I had met since William Beckett.
"You don't want to keep doing what?" He questioned with a faux congeniality. I swallowed and the taste of metal mixed with my saliva.
"I don't want to keep hurting people," I responded in a moment of defiance. He smiled. He smiled wider. He smiled so wide, and I swear my instincts sent out signal flares that would light up the night sky for the crazy amount of danger I knew I was in.
"Really Bob? You of all the damned I've known, do not want to hurt people anymore?" He let out a hearty laugh and then I felt my head connect with the counter again. "Well," he lamented, "that's too bad. Because you and little miss Lily were born just for that reason and neither of you can resist it. It is your destiny."
I painfully turned my head against the counter and looked up at his wicked yet pure face before saying, "I don't believe in that shit."
He broke into another fit of laughter and then I noticed a cup placed right next to my face. I inhaled the scent. Type O. Delicious.
"If you don't believe in it, then why are your eyes turning black? Why did you tell Lily what is going to happen?" He said tauntingly through his brown hair.
I couldn't answer him though. I was too busy diving into the evil drink placed before me. Only four thoughts could survive in my head. How much I lusted for more blood. How awful I am for betraying Lily. How I hoped Alisha wouldn't come check on me. And finally, how I hated the monster, Henry Prince .


Lily's POV

"Gerard Arthur Way, I want this damned thing off me now!" I shouted as I struggled to see through the blindfold over my eyes. Gerard insisted that he "surprise" me with our destination. Now this wouldn't be such a problem if he hadn't insisted on blindfolding me, then driving, I'm sure, 30 miles over the speed limit to get there, and finally on carrying me the rest of the way. We'd actually made into a building and he was climbing some steps while simultaneously giving me a heart attack.
"Oh c'mon, stop being a baby, we're almost there!" Gerard giggled lightly as he continued to carry me, being unsteady on purpose.
"I swear to God, if you drop me-"
"-you'll stake my sorry ass. Yes, yes, love and I'm sure I'll be just the most sorry pile of dust around." Gerard finished while chuckling. I huffed and rolled my eyes beneath the blindfold for good measure. Suddenly, I felt Gerard shift his balance and heard a door get kicked open. I went dead silent and then I felt myself get placed on a cushioned bench. I waited quietly.
"Oh so now you're quiet." Gerard half-laughed and then removed my blindfold. My eyes immediately scanned the room I was in. However, it was not necessary, I already knew this room perfectly. Even in the dark of the night outside, I knew this room down to the missing splintered canvases that used to be littering the floor.
"The art room," I whispered.
"You have so many bad memories of this place because of me," I shifted my eyes over to where Gerard was standing with a tray of some sort. "I thought I might change that."
I couldn't help but grin as he sat down next to me on the cushioned bench in the darkness of that room and pulled back some foil on the tray he was carrying, to reveal some delicious looking frosted brownies.
"It's not exactly fancy but I figured if I brought you some where fancy you'd just tell me I was wasting my money on a bunch of overpriced food that tastes only half as good as the cheap ramen noodles we could make at home." He explained while pulling out a knife and cutting the brownies.
"You know me well, except you're wrong about one tiny thing," I told him with a smirk.
"Oh? What's that?" He asked and took a bite out of a brownie.
"That expensive food taste less than half as good as those cheap ramen noodles." I clarified and dug out a piece of brownie. Gerard laughed and then shook his head while standing up.
"I almost forgot the second most important thing here!" He exclaimed and then hurried over to a corner in the dark. I saw a low light come from in front of him and then suddenly soft music began to play. It sounded old and from what I could hear, I think it was a record playing on a turntable.
Gerard finally turned around and I saw that he was holding a candle. He walked back over to me and then sat on the ground next to the bench, placing the candle on a nearby chair to cast a dim light about the room.
"Come sit with meeee!" He pleaded like a little kid. I laughed quietly and then slid of the couch to sit next to him. He just stared at me.
"What?" I questioned, feeling somewhat self concious. He cast his eyes downward and shook his head.
"Lily," He said with a dramatic sigh, "you are not very good a following instructions."
"I'm sitting next to you aren't I?" I retorted, feeling confused.
"Yes," Gerard answered me slowly, as though talking to a small child. "But that is not what I asked you to do."
Cue a long arm slinking around my waist and pulling me into a certain vampire's lap.
"I said sit with me, not next to me," Gerard explained and slid the hand around my waist just beneath my shirt, resting on my hip. "Don't feel bad though, it's a common misunderstanding."
I rolled my eyes in the dark and felt a soft kiss on my cheek. I began to play with his hair.
I think for once, through Gerard alone, I may be allowed to be happy with something. If for only this night.

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